Looky here, third week running and I’m still a rebel. I’m hoping Keely’s hiatus isn’t going to last much longer though, because we miss her wit, humor and randomosity.  She might be collecting more blog fodder though, since she got the job she was pining hoping for.   My cartoon me is still impatiently waiting for Keely’s return, so she can relinquish her sign and return to the comfort of her wine glass. Join in the rebellious mode, won’t you?

Mother Nature is still up to her tricks – after our April Fool’s Snow followed by summer heat followed by a very cold wet windy week, she decided to repeat last Monday’s summer heat with even hotter temperatures yesterday in the mid-80’s.  Someone needs to send Mother Nature a memo about true spring weather.  Shave off ten degrees and I’m a happy camper.

At least the weekend was fairly decent, we bypassed the threats of thunderstorms and were able to get some work done outside as well as on the Summer House. We have this one big tree whose branches hang over where we park our cars – so of course our cars have been subjected to excessive amounts of bird poop now that the birds are back enforce.  We’ll be building a carport in the next month or so, but in the meantime our hot carpenter friend offered to climb the tree like a monkey and eliminate the branches that were directly over our cars.   I was a bad blogger and didn’t take advantage of the photo op, sorry.

The hubby was awake at 4am on Saturday (crazy, I know!) and decided he’d finish up the first floor floor that he has been sanding off-and-on over the last couple of weeks.  He finished it up Saturday morning and put a coat of poly down, then a final coat that evening.  Turned out great!

Even the dogs seemed happy with it.  Notice my wine cooler’s new (temporary) home?  Our hot carpenter friend had to raise the entire top of my new desk-in-progress in order for it to fit:

I say ‘temporary’ home, because when we get ready to move back to Seattle, that puppy is definitely coming along for the ride.  At least it’s not crammed in a corner any more.  You know, easier access and all that.  Plus it’s nice to look at – it was a Christmas present from my hubby a couple of years ago.   Cool, no?  The only drawback to raising my desktop is that my chair doesn’t get quite high enough, so I feel like a kid sitting at a big and tall desk.  I’ll either have to get a different chair, or start sitting on something to boost me higher.  I’m opting for a different chair.

April 2nd was the hubby’s birthday – Princess Nagger wanted to take him to see a movie (apparently a birthday tradition that started with her first foray into the movie theater for her 4th birthday).  The movie of her choice was HOP.  She thought it was funny that the bag of baby carrots I bought for the roast I made on Sunday was an advertisement for HOP:

Amazingly enough it made her actually interested in eating them without too much cajoling on my part.  Thanks cute little bunny!

Seeing HOP has also gotten Princess Nagger really excited to decorate Easter eggs this year.  I had mentioned how I used to blow eggs out of their shell so the decorated eggs could be kept forever – should have kept my big mouth shut, now she’s anxious to have me blow out some eggs so she can decorate them and keep them forever.  It’s been years since I’ve done that, let’s hope I haven’t lost my touch.  As a back-up plan, though, I found some already empty (but whole) goose eggs in a decopage kit online, so I ordered it to be here before Easter.  That way if I mess up the hen eggs, we’ll at least have a half-dozen goose eggs to make pretty, and we can still do the whole hard-boiled egg decorating mode, too.  I’ll keep you posted!

Now that Rolex has discarded his cone of shame, it’ll be time for the stray adopted kitty to wear one.  He was dropped off this morning for his snip-snip.  Do they make cats wear the cone of shame?  If so, there will definitely be some hilarity ensuing here over the next few days.  Might need to pick up some more cat nip to really drive him crazy.  I’ll be sure to take pictures.  We had to make sure he didn’t eat or drink anything after midnight, which meant putting away the dog foot and water, too.  I even put the fish bowl in the oven overnight – just in case there was some desperation mode happening while we slept.

That’s it for this week – feel free to be a rebel with me and get your random on! Join in the fun – link up!  We had an internet outage in the middle of the week last week with some wickedly wild storms – so my apologies to those that linked up that I haven’t gotten around to yet.  But I will. When you least expect it.


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  1. I love that your keeping this going while Keely’s on hiatus!
    We had temps in the 90’s this weekend so I feel your pain. But, I’m in Florida and seasons never make sense here.

  2. Gorgeous floors. Gorgeous wine cooler. Jude has suddenly decided that he “doesn’t like” carrots anymore – and they’ve pretty much been the only vegetable that he’ll eat! So maybe I’ll hunt down those HOP carrots!

    Thanks for carrying the banner for Keely!

  3. I love that you are a rebal (with a cause). I hear you about the weather. I am so done with it. One day sunny & hot, then cold and rain or snow. Can mother nature please make up her mind already???? Love the cooler!

  4. We, too, have been experiencing schizophrenic weather. It’s back to normal for this time of year, though – very cool and cloudy (and dreary).

    So glad Rolex is out of the Cone of Shame – please post pics of the kitty wearing it. 😀

  5. Is that why she cut us off? A new job? I’m so out of it. I should just stalk her or simply ask her but I am so remarkably lazy. I can’t wait to get my hands on – uh, I mean MEET – your hot carpenter friend. Check out the pic I put up on FB. I’m all legs. Show him. *giggle*

  6. Even if it made my son want to eat carrots, I am not sure I could endure Hop. Something about a rabbit pooping out Easter candy on that guy’s car that, well, irked me.

    We also had 90 degree temps here in N. Florida this weekend. I loved it! We went hiking.

  7. The dogs do look happy! We saw Hop this past weekend as well. Pretty cute. Thanks for keeping random tuesdays going!

  8. Stacy, how do I delete my #11 entry? I typed the link to my RTT post incorrectly, and had to enter it again (#12 should be correct).

    P.S. Those floors look great! Your hubby really did a nice job.

  9. I’m avoiding Hop. Turbo wants to see it badly, but I’m not wildly thrilled at the prospect. Hopefully something else will come along that he’ll want to see.

  10. The weather here in the midwest is crap!

    You need to send your husband my way…getting up at 4 am to do household projects? Where did you find him?

  11. Hey Stacy! 🙂 Count me in on the rebellion, I love your cartoon.. Oh and I love your cartoon boobs too, like Julie does.. 😀

    I plan to see HOP with the kids too.. 🙂 We don’t do the whole easter egg thing really, because we celebrate Easter quite differently over here, it’s more of prayer and abstaining from meat and other stuff.. 😛

    My kids love carrots and other veggies, I however don’t like it, isn’t it weird? I’m the parent and I don’t eat veggies.. 😛 it’s nice that PN ate some without you having to force her.. 🙂

    Happy RTT Stacy! See you next week! 🙂

  12. I tried to leave my link , twice accidently and both times it doesn’t work!! Ha!
    Great Randomizing today!!

  13. Ahh, the Cone of Shame! Kitties don’t usually have to wear them unless they have had some pretty major surgery. If it’s just a simple neuter, then he won’t even need sutures and shouldn’t be too bothered. However, you can get some stuff called Bitter Apple from your local pet store and put it around the area (not on it b/c of the alcohol content) and everything should be golden.

    But the Cone of Shame will be infinitely more amusing, and will provide better photo opportunities 😀

  14. How do you get any work done with the wine that close? LG liked the Hop carrots, too. Best marketing scheme ever. No, cat’s don’t usually get the cone.

  15. Yay for rebel Tuesdays!!
    I LOVE that you have a wine cooler as part of your desk. I need one of those.
    Indy is dying to see Hop and Rio. I love having a kid so I can see all the kid movies without looking weird. We’re counting down the days to Cars 2 and Kung Fu Panda 2. I’m not sure who’s more excited about Kung Fu Panda 2-James Bond or Indy (or maybe me).
    Summer Heat=suck.

  16. I want your floors AND your wine cooler! I have been asking for a wine cooler for years. I think I might be getting it for myself for my birthday this year! I just decided. 🙂

  17. The floors look awesome. Putting the wine cooler next to your work station is a good idea.

    Putting the goldfish in the oven would be such a bad idea at my house. I’m famous for forgetting stuff is in there and then turning it on. I would hate to explain that to the kids. Good luck to the kitty.

  18. Love the floors! They are gorgeous! My girls are desperate to see Hop too. I think we’ll make that an Easter must do after coloring eggs, of course.

    We just had our dog fixed last week. She’s healing nicely too. Thanks goodness!

  19. It’s nice when your kids will eat healthy foods without you having to fight about it! And your floors look great!

  20. Hello! Just linked over here to check out the latest in Random Tuesdays! So glad you are hosting, and enjoyed both your new hardwood floors AND the placement of your wine fridge! I tried to check out follow me back Tuesdays, but I think my brain checked out about an hour ago, so I will try to read those directions earlier in the day next time (or after a nap…or post chocolate binge)…I am completely confident it was not that difficult!

  21. I’m not sure what they did to Harry, but he had his manliness taken in a different way. I remember we dropped him off in the morning. He was ready in the afternoon, no cone needed. Where his boys used to be was just a flap of skin, no incision done. They told us the skin would just retract back as time and the lack of appendage went on. True enough, it looks like nothing was ever there. He was back to running and being himself immediately!

  22. The hardwood floors are amazing looking. Hardwood is nice, especially is hotter climates. Today it was over 100 in my city,..I had to go where there was cooler weather.

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