Be Lazy or Live a Little – MMMM

Crazy weekend we had.  Mother Nature was in her psycho element, which seems par for the course for her this year – while we had torrential downpours and tornado warnings (unusual for our area here in PA) with branches flying … Continue reading

Still Waiting for Spring: Wordless/Wordful Wednesday

I had every intention of having some fun spring photos to share today, only Mother Nature keeps going off her meds and hasn’t given us enough warmish weather to promote spring growth.  So maybe I’ll have better luck next week.  … Continue reading

Princess Nagger Thinks This Should Be Titled “My Post” – Random Tuesday Thoughts Rebel

Looky here, third week running and I’m still a rebel. I’m hoping Keely’s hiatus isn’t going to last much longer though, because we miss her wit, humor and randomosity.  She might be collecting more blog fodder though, since she got … Continue reading

When the Lights Go Out – Aloha Friday Follow Fun Galore

Mother Nature really needs to get her act together.  Waffling from delivering snow last Friday to 81 degrees on Monday, followed by a wild, windy and chilly Tuesday through Wednesday that knocked out power for a day-and-a-half really shows she’s … Continue reading

April Fool Snow, Satellite Dog, Cool Dragon: Random Tuesday Thoughts Rebel

Second week and I’m still a rebel. I’m hoping Keely’s hiatus is going well, and knows that we miss her.  My cartoon me is still patiently waiting for Keely’s return, so she can relinquish her sign and return to the … Continue reading