We’re still rockin’ the rebel at week five. Keely’s hiatus is still droning on in full swing, she started her new job yesterday and Alfred got an internship, so that means they’ll be on ‘human’ schedule vs. ‘zombie’ schedule.  Be sure to head over to harass congratulate her – but wait until you finish here, don’t leave yet!  While you’re there, though, be sure to tell her that my cartoon me is really jonesin’ to give up the sign and revert back to the wine glass.  After her hiatus is over, I’m going to needs lots of wine.  Meanwhile, join in the rebellious mode, won’t you?

Stacy Uncorked Rebel

I noticed many of you were adding the badge I created as you play rebel along with me – so sweet!  For those that were confused on where to get the badge, I made it into an actual linky badge so if you want to utilize it, knock yourself out.  And thank you.  (Note: For some reason right-click isn’t working on my page, so when you highlight the code, simply CTRL-C to copy. Email me if you’re having trouble)

Princess Nagger was all excited about decorating Easter eggs this past weekend – I even hard boiled a dozen eggs to make sure I didn’t forget.  Want to see how pretty they turned out?

You guessed it.  We forgot to decorate eggs.  So I have one-dozen hard boiled eggs in my fridge.  Good thing Princess Nagger loves hard boiled eggs and egg salad.  That’s not the worst of it – I even ordered a cool decoupage kit online that came with 6 real goose eggs to decorate.  We didn’t even do those.  And, if that weren’t bad enough, I blew eggs last week to have six hen eggs to add to the goose eggs for variety (don’t ask me how many eggs were lost in that process).  After emptying six egg shells the hard way and feeling like I had just blown up 600 balloons, you’d think I’d remember to make time to decorate.  Major Fail.

But at least I redeemed myself by securing that HOP basket Princess Nagger wanted – she was hopping with excitement when she saw it.  She was so excited that the Easter Bunny brought her not one, but two baskets this year, since I had already bought the stuff to put an Easter basket together for her before she mentioned she was hoping for a HOP basket.  I think she’s on to me, though, she inadvertently said “When you buy an Easter basket this year…I mean when the Easter Bunny brings a basket this year…”  Ahem.

At least with all the extra goodies even she forgot about decorating eggs…until about 9:30 p.m. on Sunday night.  She was trying to convince me to agree to do them then, you know, while it was still Easter.  But it was just a ploy to stall going to bed like she had effectively done already for half an hour.

You know how hubby finally joined the geekdom and bought us SmartPhones?  He’s now hooked on Angry Birds.

He’ll play it for hours.  We both downloaded the original version of Angry Birds, plus Angry Birds Seasons, and the newest one, Angry Birds Rio.  Princess Nagger’s hooked on the Rio one, since we did see Rio in the theater over the weekend (loved it – definitely a must see if you have kids…or even if you don’t – just borrow a friend’s kid and go see it!)   Of course now Princess Nagger is hoping Santa will bring her a SmartPhone for Christmas.  Or an iPad.  Just so she won’t have to keep begging me to borrow my new phone to play Angry Birds.  I wonder if someone will start any ABA meetings?  You know, Angry Birds Addiction.  Might be necessary.

Mother Nature is still messing with us – after starting off spring with very cold weather, now she’s gone the opposite end of the spectrum with 80-90 degree heat and humidity.  The kind of stuff we tend to get in August, not April.  Maybe she has her months mixed up.  I just wish she’d get it together, I want a ‘normal’ spring, not dive right into the summer heat since I tend to wilt.

That’s it for this week – feel free to be a rebel with me and get your random on! Join in the fun – link up!


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  1. What is it with this Angry Birds.. my boys too love playing it since their dad downloaded it to his smartphone last week.. our Easter was really fun.. the kids had an egg hunt/pool party.

  2. I hate it when we go right from winter to summer, which often happens in MN.

    Totally had to laugh at your egg decorating fail but only cuz it sounds like something I’d do.

    My mom is addicted to Monopoly on her iPhone. She gets really into it and actually yells at the computer if she doesn’t like what it does. It’s hilarious. 😀

    Happy Tuesday!
    Raven would like you to read ..Totally Tickled about Rampant Randomness-Random Tuesday ThoughtsMy Profile

  3. I can’t believe you didn’t color your eggs! To be fair, I forgot until Sat evening, so who am I to talk. We colored 8 eggs. I made deviled eggs for Easter, but dropped the salt shaker in the filling and they were way too salty to eat. Boo!!!
    I wonder how much longer we can hold the magic of holidays for Indy. It makes me sad to think about when he learns the truth.
    The weather is crazy in Europe too, so don’t feel bad. We’re just hoping it will hold out for the big wedding. I’ll be sad if it rains.
    BTW, I tried to copy your button code and it wouldn’t let me. Sadness.

  4. My oh my!! You have a lot of eggs to decorate. Might as well do some….I mean, seriously!!! I didn’t do eggs this year either. No one came over for Easter this year and the baskets I gave the grands had no eggs…just candy! They were happy as clams! Ha!
    And they are all teens now! Wow! Where has time gone!

  5. OMG, I can’t believe she forgot about the eggs until Sunday night… We boiled some eggs sunday for egg salad, and all I could think of was how I wished we had some food coloring to make easter eggs (Yes, I am an overgrown kid). The weather is just so mixed up. Here it is one day really, really warm, then the next, freezing! Happy Tuesday!

  6. We didn’t do eggs either. The house smells like dog farts enough thanks to the dog without adding eggs into the mix. LOL

    Have an awesome Tuesday!

  7. I actually boiled eggs with no intention of decorating. I didn’t want to deal with the mess and my son didn’t seem to care about it after all the Easter basket stuff anyway. Happy RTT! As always, thanks for continuing to host. 🙂

  8. We tried a new egg decorating kit this year….it had paint type coloring. Well now all the eggs are sticky and paint rubs off on your hands when you take one out the fridge. Yuck… I love decorating eggs though.. I think when mine are grown I still might do it! LOL

  9. Leo decorated the eggs with some of his cousins this year and they had such a good time. But I had bought stuff to do them ourselves if we hadn’t done it with them. He would have forgot but I wouldn’t have!

    And then my uncle had Angry Birds downloaded on his phone and Leo got hooked on it. He kept saying he wanted to play mad birds. I may have to download it.

  10. I’m not addicted to Angry Birds like everyone else is… I play it for a bit and then get bored. I guess I’m one of the lucky ones! I heard Rio is adorable and can’t wait to see it. And I can’t remember the last time I decorated eggs… maybe next year?

  11. Some of the eggs that were hid for Turbo were hid quite a ways off the ground. Yesterday Turbo came to me and said he knew who the Easter bunny was. My heart dropped, but I kept my cool and asked him who he thought the Easter bunny was. His response: “I was reading about Kangaroos and they can jump over buses sometimes, so I think the Easter bunny is a kangaroo. How else would he have been able to hide eggs so far off the ground?” I said maybe a kangaroo came to help the Easter bunny, but no, Turbo is sure the Easter bunny is a kangaroo. Dodged that one for another year.

  12. Word on the street was that you were a rebel RTT leader…

    Angry Birds, they could stick subliminal ads in that game and control the world. I actually posted an Angry Birds Star Wars pic today.

  13. At least PN got baskets. You could dye eggs any day.
    My kids were questioning the reality of EB, so we had to one up the situation and EB put his paw print in chocolate on the wall where Bubba had left him a note. (since bunnies can’t write)

  14. My husband finally got a smart-phone a few weeks ago. Of course, now he’s hooked on Angry Birds. J-Man is awesome at it and is always taking my phone to play. Sissy wants an iPad too! But I want one more.
    Elle would like you to read ..Random Tuesday ThoughtsMy Profile

  15. LOL! Well, take comfort in the fact you boiled the eggs…I didn’t even make it that far…I suck, I know!

  16. I suck so bad at Angry Birds that I don’t see everyone’s addiction! LOL

    I have to load the pics I got from our Easter egg decorating. Time is hard to come by. GRR.

    We forgot to do an easter egg hunt tho!!

  17. Okay, Mommy’s are allowed to make a mistake once in a while, but I’m sorry to say that you’ve used up your quota this year! ~snicker~ So no more boo’s boo’s for you! Have a great day! Dang girl, I’m surprised your daughter didn’t remind you about the eggs. Hmmmm!

  18. I was so looking forward to some egg salad and deviled eggs…really and truly excited. However, I did not get far enough in the thought process to realize that we’d have to cook (and of course subsequently color) some eggs in order for those cholesterol-riffic dreams to come true!

  19. I think I’m probably the only person in the world that hasn’t played Angry Birds.

    Thanks so much for allowing the Random to continue!! 😀

  20. I enjoyed reading your post and you can always be a real rebel and color eggs when it isn’t Easter (LOL)
    I’m already following you but wanted stop in and say Hi.

  21. You’re a hoot!!! Loved your post – and I’m so glad to see I’m not the only one that failed in the whole Easter accoutrement area.

    Thanks for joining the Tuesday Train!

  22. I’m a bit afraid of Angry Birds myself. Sadly, I don’t need another addiction. 🙂

    My Easter Fail? I gave the boys an easter scavenger hunt. The first clue hung on their door, so when they got up, that clue led them to the first egg, then that egg had another clue to lead them to the second, and so on.

    The hunt started at 630am. The parenting fail part? I didn’t even get out of bed for it. I heard them tromp around, rolled over and went back to sleep. I got up around 9am to see the sugar carnage on the living room floor. 🙂

  23. Oy! Angry Birds is an addiction that John has. Although, I think his addiction is social. He only really plays when one of his friends challenges him to a match. Then he’ll keep playing for a few weeks before letting it go again. Until the next match.

  24. I’d rather have two Easter baskets and no dyed eggs any day! Re: Angry Birds – A family that plays together, stays together. I see no problem! 😉

  25. We didn’t do eggs this year, either. Sigh. Can’t you save all the kits and the blown eggs until next year? Save yourself some trouble next spring!

  26. Oh shit. I forgot that I linked up then ran away from my computer without leaving a comment so I came here today to comment and just linked up twice. I’m a mess. I love your egg fail. I’m so sorry but I laughed so hard. You never fail. You’re so wonderful. I love you.

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