Good news – things are finally starting to bloom.  Bad news – it’s been raining cats and dogs, so I haven’t been able to go out and take pictures.  So I thought I’d share actual cat and dog pictures instead.

Meet Link* – he showed up on our back porch during the really cold weather back in December.  He was scared, ravenously hungry, and looked to be about 6 months old.  We couldn’t leave him out in the cold, so we invited him in where it was warm.  He ate a can of cat food like he hadn’t eaten in weeks, and took up residence under our dining room table, hissing at anything that dared come near.

It took him about 3 weeks to finally figure out that the two-leggers in the house weren’t a threat, and has become a cuddly, playful part of the family.  He was quite happy that Princess Nagger had draped the leopard print fuzzy liner from an old winter coat across the ottoman:

His favorite past-time is to walk up to either of the dogs and rub up under their chin…then swat them with his front paws.  You can imagine him snickering when he pulls that prank on either of them.  He also loves to play with their tails when they wag them – it’s like he assumes they’re inviting him to attack.  Travis is his favorite – probably because he doesn’t paw at him or chase him like Rolex does, just puts up with him, so Link follows him everywhere.

Rolex gets jealous when I’m taking pictures of Travis, he yips at me until I focus my lens on him:

Our other cat, Zelda*, is not all that happy with Link’s presence.  She’s 2-years older than him, and he seems to annoy her like any little brother tends to do.  She is quick to slip out of the main house and head straight to where us two-leggers are hanging out in the Summer House.  Last week she was inspecting the shelves our hot carpenter friend built above my desk:

She finally found what she was looking for – a little patch of sunlight on the shelf below my desk:

Ah, the life of a dog or cat.

*Princess Nagger named the cats after the Legend of Zelda games – Zelda for the girl, and Link for the boy, naturally.


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  1. Uh-oh! Being as your Post is about Dogs & Cats don’t that beat all! My Post is all about the new members in my family, “FISH”! LOL Have a great day!

  2. Ha! My post yesterday was about a dog and a duck. You’ll have it. I included a picture of Mt. Rainier.

    We seem to have pets just show up at our house. It’s like they know that we’ll take them in. Your cats are beautiful and the dogs are really sweet to put up with the new one.

  3. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh, this was such a treat meeting Link. And all your furbabies. As I love cats AND dogs…but only have the pleasure of cats in our home [a boy and a girl also…Tahoe and Winston] And beautiful creatures you have too…I’m in awe of their beauty and handsomeness!!!

    My Wednesday Post:
    Still Waters Run Deep

    Hope your day is going well for you. Thanks for visiting with me.

  4. The cats are beautiful; we don’t have any because I’m allergic. 🙁

    Princess Nagger would get along well with my sons – they are both huge Legend of Zelda fans.

  5. Gorgeous photos of beautiful animals. I especially like the earth tones in each pic with leopard blankie bestowing royalty to Linky. Bubbles is a great added effect, too. GREAT post!

  6. Cats are so funny. We have two and they are always doing random things. They like to chase each other through the house. Even though they act annoyed with each other, I think they’d be bored without the other one! Great pics of your pets!

  7. PN is really lucky to be growing up with these pets. 🙂 My kids have been after us to have a pet. We’re starting them out with a plant each… for now. 🙂

  8. I really loved your pics & animal stories – esp because I didn’t post my babies today, thanks for giving me this week’s fix! Also, how did I not know you had a WW linky going? Adding you to my list for future hook-ups now!

    Have a fabulous Easter weekend Stacy!

  9. I stumbled upon your blog, wanted to say hi, and became a follower! I’d love if you follow my blog too!!

    Your pets are cute! And so tolerant of each other 🙂

  10. Adorable! I have 2 of them, mother and daughter, who fight constantly I might add… you would think I had dogs instead of cats by the way they growl at each other!

  11. I think your animals are adorable. It has been pouring here too! Hoping for some sunshine tomorrow. I am your newest follower from the Alexa blog hop! Nice ot meet you!

  12. Once again my point is proven: cats automatically rise to the top of the hierarchy. Also the top of the shelves and just about everything else.

  13. One of my dogs has been missing since Monday morning. I’ve been calling in the night to see if we could hear her. Tonight she answered! My little Sunshine looks like an old dustmop with burs stuck all over, but she’s quite happy to be home safe.

  14. That’s a heck of a houseful!!
    It’s raining here too. Again. Which would be great if I had stuff in the actual ground instead of under the greenhouse. Oh well, the grass looks awesome from behind this window 🙂

    Thanks for riding the train, I’m just now getting around to visiting and following back!!
    The Survival Mama

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