Still a rebel at week four. Keely’s hiatus is still in full swing, I think she wants to admire the awesome picture that the uber-talented Michele painted for her.  I’m hoping she’ll be taking up the reins soon, because my cartoon me is getting a little annoyed that her wine glass has been replaced with this sign.   Join in the rebellious mode, won’t you?

Mother Nature is still up to no good.  Enough said.


Hubby recently got hooked on Desperate Housewives – there aren’t that many shows we watch together, but now that he caught up on all the past episodes from Season 1 to now, we can.  Except that I have to wait until Wednesday evening when he’s not working late or at band practice to watch, instead of seeing it Monday with my morning coffee.  I just think it’s funny that that’s the show he got interested in, rather than something more ‘manly’, like Justified (I love that show).  I’m not complaining – it’s fun to hear him talk about the characters like they’re real people.


Apparently Pennsylvania changed the booster seat laws in 2007.  It used to be that a child had to sit in a booster seat until they reached either 80 lbs or 4-feet 9-inches tall.  Hubby and I had researched when Princess Nagger was an infant, making sure we had the best and safest seats for her, from the ‘blob’ days with the baby carrier car seat to the 5-point harness infant/toddler seat, to the really nice booster seat.  Apparently now the booster seat only applies to kids who are between the ages of 4 and under 8.

Since Princess Nagger is now 8, she was challenging me on my determination to keep her safe in a booster seat – she is, after all, a slight little thing.  But I was wrong, she was right.  Now she can ditch the ‘baby seat’ (as she calls it) and ride like a big person.  In fact, she took great delight in riding shotgun with me the other day (I had to explain where that expression came from) when we finally went to see the second Diary of a Wimpy Kid.  Where is the time going?  I’m still searching for the pause button.  I haven’t found it.  And I keep forgetting not to blink.


It’s really annoying how early stores change the seasonal stock.  Next year I need to make sure I shop much earlier for Easter for Princess Nagger than two weeks before.  You’d think two weeks would be plenty of time to get the cool stuff.  Like me, you’d think wrong.  Apparently Wal*Mart had exlusive rights to sell HOP the movie easter basket – the basket Princess Nagger is hoping to get this year.  I noticed that it was no longer available online, and figured if I couldn’t get it in the store, I’d at least be able to get the HOP exlusive items and put together an Easter basket on my own.

Again, I was wrong.  There were no HOP items at all.  Nada.  Not even a spot on the shelves to indicate they were ever in existence – probably cleaned out the day they came out, which apparently was March 17th.  Sorry, but I’m not thinking ‘Easter’ on St. Patrick’s Day.

So in order to make sure there isn’t a disappointed Princess Nagger (and to keep the magic of the Easter Bunny alive and well along with Santa and the Tooth Fairy), I had to take my search online – and pay more than twice the price just to make sure we have one happy Nagger on Easter.  I’ll have to figure out a great hiding place so next year I can shop the minute Easter items become available so I won’t have to pay highway robbery, while not risking Princess Nagger discovering the stashed goods.

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  1. I’m not so sure about the booster seat ruling here but am going to keep my 7yr old in his as long as I can. My little girl recently changed to an infant/toddler seat as she has already outgrown her infant capsule at 6mths.

  2. My husband would never admit it , but he loves to watch Real Housewives of New York City with me. I rarely shop at Wal-Mart so I didn’t know that they had exclusive rights to some Hop merchandise. Glad you were able to find Princess Nagger the cool Easter basket. She’ll be thrilled.

  3. I can’t believe how early seasons change at retail stores. I hadn’t even finished shopping for Christmas and all the Valentine’s Day stuff was out. Followed shortly by St. Patrick’s day, then Easter and now summer is already in full force in all stores. I just want to buy a cardigan without having to go online. It still gets chilly in April here!

    And the seatbelt laws are so crazy. To have to stay in a booster until age 8 is so long. I can’t imagine being in 3rd grade and still ride in a booster.

  4. I’ve become a regular visitor since reading about your journey towards having ‘Princess Nagger’.

    I ‘ve awarded you a ‘Versatile Blogger’ award and I’m hoping you’ll join in the fun and also discover some of the interesting blogs I read.

    The details are available from my blog if you’d like to accept

    Cheers, Fi

  5. My husband watches almost all the Housewives shows–neither of us liked DC or Miami, but we don’t do desperate.

    I’ll work to remember to join your hop next week. However, I will not join your Hop basket craze ’cause 1) I used the same one each year, and 2) my son is almost 25. Gulp. At 6’2″ no booster needed, but he’s still a slender one!

    Come see me, I hope, and answer my question of the week. Please?

  6. your husband reminds me of my dad…. When VCR’s first came out, my mom announced we were going to tape the soaps that she on and off followed and I grew up with. This was met with his grunts and growns. Before I knew it, If he was home in the day, he would tell me, “just wait until what happens tonight – I c had to watch!”

  7. My daughter won the booster seat argument too. She’s a slight little thing. I would still have her in it now as she’s only 62 pounds at 11 yrs old. She could hardly wait to ditch it. I still won’t let her near air bags though.Air heads I have no control over. LOL!

  8. Sucks you had to pay more but that HOP basket is sweet. Lol @ the blob phase; that’s what we called it too. Florida apparently just changed the rule about rear-facing being only until 20 lbs/a year but I am totally putting Isaac in a regular 1 year old seat soon. Maneuvering a kids out of a rear-facing seat is a serious pain! Happy Tuesday.

  9. Turbo is turning 8 next month (ack–where did the time go?!) I’m sure he will be arguing about the booster then too. Bruiser still uses a seat, but Turbo is less inclined to use one.
    That basket looks like it will bring lots of Hop happiness to PN. Happy Easter!

  10. Ugh, I HATE the the stores change seasonal products so quickly. I was in a store on NY Eve and they were putting up Valentine’s candy. I was very annoyed. Couldn’t we get THROUGH the next day at least before they started with all the pink hearts?
    I have not yet bought one thing for Indy’s basket. Darn it. We don’t do prepacked though, so at least I don’t have to worry that I can’t find “the one.” He’s happy with whatever. I suppose I should go look for whatever, huh?
    Tell Princess Nagger, that here in Germany, kids have to be in boosters until they are 12 or 4’11” so she’d have to be in one FOREVER over here. Indy is still in his and will be for a while, even though he’s 8, 4’7″ and 82lbs.
    Will be randoming up later! Have a great day.

  11. I LOVE that your hubby watches D.H. with you….I make mine watch Real Housewives & Bad Girls Club. Don’t tell him I told you though.

    Ahhh, the Princess is going to be Queen before you know it! I can’t say I blame her. She IS 8 now, Mom. Who wants a baby seat? 😉

  12. Hi Stacy,
    Stopping by for FMBT to say hello. thank you for joining us. I love Desperate Housewives and it took a bit to get my boyfriend to watch it with me but now he’s hooked.. Now if I could only get him to not ask so many questions while its
    Have a great week,

  13. It is really crazy that we have to think of Easter BEFORE Valentine’s day. UGH! I hate how the stores force us into being so consumer driven. But they’re playing on that guilty mama thing and deliberately keeping the shelves stocked low. They’ve got the rules of the game all figured out and we’re the fools for playing along. Bastards.

    Anyway, I’m sure Princess Nagger will love her basket. It is really cute and I would have bought it too if my kids hinted they wanted it. Happy Easter to you and yours!

    BTW…I’m expecting a house renovating update tomorrow! 😉

  14. J-Man will be 9 next month and he is still in a booster seat because he’s so small. I’m 5’10” and hubby is over 6′ so we’re hoping he gets his height eventually. Fortunately he is okay with the booster seat and doesn’t give us any problems about it.

    Too bad about getting ripped off on the Hop Easter Basket. We use the same baskets every year and fill them ourselves. I do need to go out and finish because last year they ran out of Cadbury Mini-Eggs and that was a disappointment.

    Thanks for carrying the random banner!

  15. The Easter basket is very cute. I am glad you were able to find one. Apparently all the baskets were bought up by people selling them on Ebay. I still have my 8 year old in a booster seat. She wants to come out but our state says she has to be a little bigger.

  16. You should be shopping at our Walmart, I was hard pressed to find anything that wasn’t Hop related. If you need more, I can still send stuff, there was tons, including the bunny that pooped jelly beans. I almost got that, just cuz, well, it was a bunny that pooped jelly beans (I haven’t seen the movie or even heard much about it because I am very lame and spend all my time doing nothing, really)

  17. Thanks for joining the Tuesday Train!

    I don’t miss the days of creative hiding places – at all. I used to have an SUV that had a screen that covered the back area – it was great for hiding Christmas presents. No clue how the girls didn’t figure that out 😉

    Hope to see you again soon!

  18. Booster seat here until 9yrs with the same weight and height thing, but no kids in the front seat until 12yrs because the air bag will hurt them. All kids in the back here.

  19. Hi Stacy! 🙂

    I hope you have a great Easter! 🙂

    I love Desperate Housewives, I really need to catch up on the new season soon!

    We actually don’t have a “booster seat law” here.. 😛 The only law we have regarding children in the car is that they can’t seat in the front seat until they reach 9 years old. 😛

    I’m still with you in the rebellion! 🙂

    Happy Tuesday Stacy! 🙂

  20. My husband was totally into Sex & the City back in the day. I had actually never seen a single episode of it until he made me aware of its existence. However, he never got to the point of being like, “ZOMG I need to see the movies,” and I am eternally thankful for that.

    That’s so cool that Princess Nagger doesn’t need the booster seat anymore! Maybe a little scary, but still pretty cool nonetheless…

    Thank you for rebelling and hosting RTT!! 😀

  21. Maybe the Halloween Peeps will be out soon enough for you to use those in a fine Easter basket! Crazy stores with their bizarro timing.

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