Happy April Fool’s Day! Today is a day that will be filled with pranks and all sorts of fun shenanigans.   Princess Nagger is all about playing pranks – especially on dada.  Last year I encouraged her to do simple non-destructive things like put a piece of clear tape over the light of hubby’s wireless mouse – it took him quite a while to figure out why his mouse wasn’t working.  She also put a whoopee cushion under his usual spot on the couch – when he sat down, she exclaimed:  “Nice one!!”

Short and sweet, my question(s) for this week:

Do you play April Fools Day Pranks on anyone? What’s your favorite prank?

Have a great weekend!

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  1. It’s been awhile since I played any April Fool’s jokes. We did when the kids were kids.
    Hey your blog was awarded the most excellent webby blog award by the country of Namibia. – see it doesn’t work on blogs. have a good day you fool.

  2. Nope! I don’t. I know. Spoil sport!! Sorry!! I did play them when I was younger as well. Especially on my brothers.

  3. Hi Stacy, I don’t play April Fools on anyone, not sure if I can even be humorous enough. 🙂
    I guess April Fools to me is just another day but on April. 🙂
    Thanks for linking up and playing this week.

  4. I am banned from pranking, since MJ was a baby and I told my sister she was hurt and in the hospital (she wasn’t). My sister freaked out and went to three different hospitals, she actually found a baby with the same first name. My sister and hubby ganged up on me and banned me. I’m ok with that. I encourage my kids to do non-hurtful pranks too. Bubba made some cards and goofs of his own.

  5. I did a few in my younger days! Now I’m afraid of what the guys I work with would do Back!! So depends on who’s around! LOL

    Have a wonderful weekend, Stacy!! XOXO

  6. I haven’t played any pranks in a while…maybe it is time to start back up again! My favorite prank that was ever played on me was one time my roommates and I woke up (at about 2am) to scratching sounds and a strange smell coming from our front door. After a while of waiting to see if it would go away I finally went to the door. I caught the prankster in the act! He’d lined the outside of our door frame with butcher paper and was filling the space in between the outer part of the door frame and our door with popcorn! He had hoped that when we opened the door popcorn would come spilling into our apartment! Well, we let him have his fun, and I went back to bed without letting him know that I’d seen him. He got his laugh in the morning when he came over to our popcorn filled apartment. 🙂

  7. Nope I am not a prankster… I never even can remember that its April Fools Day : )
    Also participating in Feed Me – (msrheinlander902 at gmail)

  8. Great minds think alike with our question huh? 🙂

    I am terrible playing pranks since I can’t keep a straight face! 🙂

  9. I just read one that was place a bowl of water in the freezer, and then pour cereal over it so that the spoon has no where to go when the victim tries to take a bite. Thought it was good – funny and no one dies.

    Happy Friday to ya!

  10. My sister in law got me one year with the pregnancy news! I use to play pranks but now I just don’t seem to have as much time. Bummer. lol – I signed your linky incorrectly. I thought it was for Aloha Friday, sorry.

  11. I don’t play any pranks on people because I prefer they don’t do it to me. 🙂 This is one holiday where the golden rule is nice to live by. lol

  12. I’ve never really been into April Fools jokes, but had to play one on my husband yesterday. We recently had our 4th baby. He said after 3 we were DONE. So yesterday I sent him a text with an old picture of the positive pregnancy test from our last baby. He tried to remain calm, asked a few questions, then figured it out. Fun stuff. =)
    New follower from Feed me Friday! Would love a follow back! Enjoy your weekend!

  13. I usually make my kids a funny meal. Last year was cupcakes that looked like meatloaf. Two years ago it was mock sphaghetti and meatballs (strawberry glaze, whoppers, pound cake and vanilla frosting). We need a good one for this year, still working on it because of illness didn’t get to do anything good yet. Planning on surprising them yet.

    New follower from Friday Blog Hop, so your blog!!! Come visit us at http://www.krazykuehnerdays.com

    Have a great week

  14. I’m not a fan of surprises, ever, so I definitely don’t encourge them in the house. Plus, after the stressful couple of weeks my husband’s had at work, now would not be a good time to trip him up. 🙂

  15. Ha!
    I think we did it when we were younger, but not anymore..
    actually almost forgot about it this year! (We did not do anything though)

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