Second week and I’m still a rebel. I’m hoping Keely’s hiatus is going well, and knows that we miss her.  My cartoon me is still patiently waiting for Keely’s return, so she can relinquish her sign and return to the comfort of her wine glass.  Join in the rebellious mode, won’t you?

Mother Nature played an April Fool’s joke on us by sending us snow for April Fool’s Day:

Luckily it was only a dusting, and disappeared when the weather warmed up a smidge and turned into rain instead.  Of course Mother Nature had another hot flash yesterday, it actually hit 81 degrees – but it was only a one-day thing, because we’ll be lucky if we get to the mid-50’s today.  Mother Nature is whacked.

Poor Rolex had some snip-snipping done last week.  Princess Nagger had fun calling him ‘Satellite’:

She also had fun using him as a basket ball hoop by encouraging him to sit pretty while she tossed her multiple squinkies into his satellite dish.  Such a patient dog to put up with that.  Notice there are a lot of dings on the collar – he didn’t let it slow him down going after the cats and Travis.  He caused lots of laughter as he tried to maneuver his way around – especially when going up the stairs.   He’s back to ‘normal’ now.

Princess Nagger had some fun with clay this weekend, making a great dragon:

Isn’t it cool?  I had to do a little doctoring on it right before taking the pictures, though – it’s air-dry clay, and she didn’t smooth some of the pieces together to the main part, which resulted in the poor dragon dropping his wings and some of his spikes.  Hopefully with the doctoring, it’ll be ready for her to paint in a few days.  I’ll be sure to share the finished product when it’s all done.

Keeping it fairly short and sweet for this week – feel free to be a rebel with me and get your random on!  Join in the fun – link up!


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  1. Great Random Stacy…love Princess Nagger’s dragon. He is great!! I am with you as a rebel Randomizer!! Hopefully my link works…wouldn’t let me paste. Had to enter it the old fashioned why…one character at a time. Ha!!

  2. Happy Rebel Tuesday! Your poor dog! But Rolex does look cute. My dog always had to wear one of those things – we called it a lampshade. She used to look so sweet, but I couldn’t help but laugh when it got in her way and she didn’t quite clear a corner….

  3. Poor Rolex. Coco got the girly snip snip a few weeks ago and had to wear “the cone of shame” (if you haven’t seen UP, you need to).
    Very cool dragon!
    Come on over and see what random thing happened to me!

  4. Our weather has been wacky too although we haven’t had any really warm days yet. That dragon is fabulous. I can’t wait to see it painted.

  5. Hope Rolex is feeling better. That dragon is really cool. We have more snow predicted for the next week or so it seems. Gotta love “spring”.

  6. We’ve been having the heat on during the night, air during the day here too it’s crazy.
    Poor Rolex. 🙁
    Love the dragon- can’t wait to see it when it’s finished.

  7. We had snow on Monday morning but none of it accumulated, thank goodness. But it’s been very cold. I’m so ready for 60 degrees. Not so much 80s though, I hate it when it gets that hot.

    We had a dog that had to wear a satellite for a while and every time he walked by someone he’d bonk them in the leg with it.

    Love the dragon, very cool!
    Raven would like you to read ..When You Cut Me I Bleed Randomness-Random Tuesday ThoughtsMy Profile

  8. I like your one woman revolution to bring back Keely! She’ll come around, keep trying.

    Princess is quite the artist, love the dragon. Poor Travis, not only did he get clipped but he also got made fun of. 🙁

  9. I love when the pets have to wear the cones. There is no better entertainment in the world, and I will admit to putting them on sometimes just to see the hilarity that will ensue for a few minutes (please don’t call the SPCA, the dog is actually very happy and well cared for, she really has more fun trying the chase the cat through the dog door with the collar on… really)

    Thanks for carrying the torch. Much appreciated.

  10. From snow to 81 degrees? That’s CRAZY! Mother Nature definitely pulled a fast one on you. Our dog, Lucy, gets fixed this weekend and I bet she gets the same fancy collar. It’s all the rage this spring. 😉

    Princess Nagger’s dragon is so cool! That girl has some mad skillz! When I first read about your assistance with her dragon, I thought your said “dragon droppings”. I had to reread that part! lol Glad you were merely fixing some pieces so there were no dragon droppings. lol

  11. Our weather has been weird too, one day its seventy, the next day thirty! I am your newest GFC follower from follow me back tuesday. Drop by and check out my blog when you get a chance! Have an awesome week.

  12. Love the dragon! She did a good job…even if the wings required a little doctoring.

    And that is a fabulous dog you’ve got. Can’t believe he let your little girl throw toys in his cone!

    By chance, I did a random post yesterday, so I linked it. The coincidence just cracks me up!

  13. We had 5 inches of snow two Saturday’s ago after a week of 75ish degree weather and had a hard frost last night after breaking a record with 90 degrees on Sunday…this spring is awesome!

    The dragon’s fabulous…is it named, yet?

    My 4.5-year-old has been getting more and more crafty with his art work…it’s fun watching the increasing detail in the drawings and ‘board games’ he keeps bringing home from preschool. We’ll have to play with clay soon.

  14. This is too weird even for me! Everyone has their dog or pet on WW today! Don’t you find that odd? I remember when our old dog had to wear one of those collars poor thing!!! Hope he’s better soon.

  15. PN is so talented – the dragon looks great! I am impressed!
    Poor Rolex, I cried over every one of my puppies getting snipped. Don’t have any now, but I feel for him.

  16. Hi!! Just stopping by to thank you for joining the Tuesday Train!!! Poor Rolex!!! He does look like he’s taken it well though.

    Thanks again for joining the hop – hope to see you back soon!!!

  17. A cruel, cruel, joke from mother nature for sure.

    I used to have a three legged Collie…no lie!

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