Mother Nature decided to open the flood gates yesterday, sending us a deluge of rain.  During a ‘normal’ year, that would have calculated into lots of snow, since February and March are typically the snowiest months for our area.  Except for this year.  We were shorted by Mother Nature on the snow levels this year, and she decided to wrap things up with a major downpour that included flood warnings issued across the entire state.  I’ve been keeping an eagle eye on our basement, since it tends to invite excessive water into its depths, hopefully to be unceremoniously kicked out by the sump pump.

We’ve learned (the hard way) that sometimes the sump pump will decide to give up and stop working, which means a watery party going on in the basement – not a fun party for me.  Especially since I keep all my wine in the basement, being that it used to be the root cellar back in the day, and keeps the wine at the necessary cooler temperatures.  I have all pertinent items stacked on pallets to keep them off the floor, but if the sump pump gives up the ghost, the water doesn’t limit itself to the few inches below those pallets.

Along with keeping an eagle eye on the basement, we have to deal with things like this:

Mud puddles.  Which then create these:

Rolex (on the right) is like a little kid that loves to run through and jump in any and all mud puddles.  Travis, on the other hand, is less apt to horse around in the mud.  He has to be coaxed out into the rain to do his business to begin with.  At the rate we’re going as we make that fast approach towards ‘April Showers’, we’ll be working overtime with doggy baths.

Growing up in the Seattle area, rain is a common denominator.  Though it’s really a myth that it rains there all the time, it just rains there when it’s snowing elsewhere.  Except they got the snow we usually get this past winter, we got their rain.   I don’t mind rain, as long as it doesn’t last for days, and leaves my wine alone.  My question for you this week is:

How’s the weather in your area? Do you like rain?

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Sunny skies and 60’s! And I am loving it!! No rain and only received 2 inches of snow on the past Monday. Very cool!! I hope this means spring is here?? It has been very windy though…up to 60 MPH winds!!! Yikes!!

  2. I’m not a fan of rain at all. At least if it’s snowing then I don’t automatically get drenched! I’m sure ready for spring though, it can’t come fast enough this year.

    Thanks so much for joining us for Friendly Friday, have a great weekend!

  3. Aww, little Travis is a grown up pup now! I can’t believe your entire basement floods, that’s insane! I’m just jealous that you have a basement since we don’t here in FL. We had horrendous thundery rains the other night but today is a gorgeous day.

  4. I t has been raining like crazy and then it snowed last night so I have a flooded back yard with spots of snow, my dog is not happy about it. I only like rain in the summer when it is warm.

  5. Don’t like the rain ever since I got caught in it & caught pnemonia ICK, BUT today is sunny, but don’t let that fool ya it’s freezing outside. On my way to the hospital for an outpatient procedure. Just sitting around now waiting t0 leave. Won’t be around the rest of the day, but I wanted to stop by a few special places before I go and wish you a great weekend!

  6. I do love when dogs get all excited to play out in the rain (or snow) like kids do.

    I guess the bright side is just 1 of the 2 really likes to get dirty?? 🙂

  7. Great to have you on board with Thursday Two Questions. I didn’t see a link back to TTQ or any mentioned that you are participating. I will have to delete your link for now until we can sort it out. Thanks.

  8. your basement sounds just like mine. We also keep all our wine down there, and since we live by the beach, we have to have 2 sump pumps going at all time. We have battery backups for both, and an alarm that calls us if we lose power. Years ago, we had major flooding and had to carry up ALL the wine, plus everything else. So many bottles lost their labels. It ended up being a little fun not knowing what we were drinking….

  9. It poured here the other day — so much that there were flash floods. Today was really nice if not very sunny. I don’t mind rain too much — I’d much rather have rain then snow. I’m so done with snow for this winter! 🙂

    Your dogs are so cute! I grew up with a Shetland Sheepdog named Benji — yes, I named him after the movie Benji — it wasn’t very inspired but I young 🙂

    Our dog, Lady, hates rain/storms and refuses to go outside if it’s doing much of anything — she’s part Brittany Spaniel but you’d never know it based on her dislike for water!

  10. The rains have been awful. We had a lot of flooding around here last week but managed to do OK this one.

  11. It poured yesterday in Delaware, but the sun shone brightly today, hurray. And oh my, what cute puppies you have, even when they’re probably very smelly from playing in the rain. ^.^

    Btw, I’m following from Tara’s Hop!

  12. it rained the last 2 days…the river is up about 8 feet right now, crazy…nothing like what the japanese are dealing with right now…today was cool but sunny…

  13. You can have some of our snow. We still have tons. 🙂 I love rain, especially thunderstorms. Hope you don’t get any flooding in your basement!!
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  14. i love playing out in the rain. and your doggies are so super cute! i would love to go out and play in mud puddles with them! 🙂

  15. i love rain! but i don’t love my dog when he goes out in the rain. but i love the smell, the look, the feel of rain. feels like the whole world is getting reborn!

  16. We had a rainy day Thurs, but fortunately it’s supposed to be sunny and in the 60s this weekend. I love a good thunderstorm, but rain for days it just depressing to me.

    Hope you have a great weekend and stay dry!

  17. I’m so late 🙂

    The weather is in the 70s here and nice for light jacket during the day and a bit chilly at night.

    Yes I love rain. I just wish people would respect it enough to take their shoes off when they decide to visit my home.


  18. Running late. Had surgery yesterday. All is well so far. Doing some tests & they’re letting me know this week. Anyway, was just listening to the weather. It was freezing today cold tomorrow, but getting warmer all week, and woo hoo Thursday is going to be 57 can ya believe it. Come on Spring! Don’t forget to change your clock tonight. Spring ahead, and Fall behind! Have a good night.

  19. I don’t like rain at all exactly for the reasons you portraited. I used to live in Louisiana, and it rained, hurricained, flooded, etc. it depressed me because I like the outdoors, the flowers and the greens.
    We had rain and still expecting rain, as a matter of fact, my post yesterday was about how rain destroyed my backyard.

  20. Living in England you kinda get used to the rain, but I still hate it! Thankfully ours isn’t at flood levels

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