Can I just say that I truly hate when the time change makes us ‘Spring Ahead’?  I wish they’d just pick one and keep it that way year round instead of giving us an extra hour in the fall, then yanking it back in the spring.  Not to mention that they extended the period of time when we lose that hour; taking it away earlier and giving it back later.  If we’re going to be subjected to saving daylight, why not do it year round?  I never seem to get caught up until it changes back again.  For now, expect lots of yawning to be going on over here!

Remember when I posted this picture:

Apparently the ‘fighting fish’ really should be a catfish…only because he seems to have multiple lives.  Our cat Zelda loves drinking the water from the fish bowl – sometimes she’ll stick her paw in there and bat at the fish, since she doesn’t have claws the fish just laughs at her.  Or so I assume.  And yes, Princess Nagger named the cat from The Legend of Zelda – which means the rescue kitty we found on our back porch is now named Link.   I moved the fish bowl to the kitchen where it’s warmer during the winter and for a while it seemed that Zelda was leaving the poor fish alone, save for the occasional stolen drink.

One day last week, I was upstairs getting ready to head to the store when the dogs started barking – I assumed it was they’re typical “FedEx is here!  FedEx is here!” bark, so I pretty much ignored them until I was ready to come downstairs.   When I went into the kitchen, I was horrified to see that the fishbowl had been knocked completely off the counter – water all over the floor, the bowl on its side and the fish laying on the floor motionless with Zelda guarding him.  Poor fish.  I thought for sure he was a goner.

I swooped in and righted the bowl, grabbed a paper towel and gingerly picked up the fish and plopped him back into what was left of the water, figuring it would be easier to send him to his watery grave down the toilet from the bowl.  Only he started moving.   Good thing I didn’t dump him in the toilet from the paper towel.  He would have been a goner for sure.  I’m thinking about getting one of these:

You’re seeing that right – it’s actually a wall-mounted fish bowl!  That might allow the fish to keep his other 7 or 8 lives.  I’m just surprised he’s survived this long – the other fighting fish Princess Nagger has had in the past didn’t fare so well.  This one sure is true to his name – a real fighter!  I kept thinking as I was cleaning up the mess “I really should have taken a picture for the blog”.  But it’s probably a good thing I didn’t, or the fish may not have stood a chance.

Princess Nagger found her Kindergarten journal she wrote and was mocking how she used to write ‘way back then’.  You know, a year-and-a-half ago.  Apparently she was correcting herself on spelling and grammar, and making fun of her own drawings.  She said “Looks like a little kid wrote this!”  Um, yeah – a kindergartner, actually!  I’m looking forward to seeing how she views her current journals she’s been writing – wonder how many spelling and grammar errors she’ll be nit-picking about, or how she’ll view her own drawings later?  Should be fun!

The boys made some great headway on the Summer House renovation on Sunday while I was busy racking and bottling wine.  I’ll be taking pictures soon, but suffice it to say, I sure wish we had thought about doing this project sooner rather than when we’re making plans to sell the house and move back to Seattle in the next year or two.  It would have been nice to have enjoyed it in its beautified state it’s quickly becoming.  Stay tuned for pictures – hopefully next week!

That’s enough for this week – not quite as random, but at least shorter than ‘normal’.  Don’t forget to head over to The Un-Mom – the queen of randomness who never disappoints. Feel free to get your random on and join in the fun!


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  1. That wall-mounted fish bowl is so very cool! Poor fish. I’m glad he’s ok though.

    Kids are so funny, aren’t they?

  2. Laughing at the cat and the adventures of the fish bowl. Wall mounted idea is smart though. I wonder how long it would take the cat to figure out a way into it?! LOL

    Happy RTT!

  3. I guess if you have a cat, the wall-mounted bowl’s a good idea. But won’t the cat just jump up there? I’ve seen cats do crazier things… Happy random Tuesday!

  4. Poor wee fishy! I used to have fighting fish (in separate bowls of course) and loved them. They are the only live fish that don’t freak me out. Indy has a medium size fish tank in his room and the fish in there scare the beejeebers out of me. I don’t t know why, they’re just angel fish, but still! Ack!

  5. Zelda and Link – very good! What’s the fishey’s name? Or is it’s days numbered and it’s just fish? Cute wall bowl, but I can forsee water spots on the wall and the bowl looking murkey and not too cool to look at. At least at my house. We had a couple of fish that lasted a year and a half, then we went on vacation. They are resilient.

  6. Oh, the wall-mounted fish bowl? I WANT ONE.

    And don’t get me started on the whole “Spring Forward” thing. Just…don’t.

  7. Love the wall mounted fish bowl! It’s not the cat who kills the fish, it’s me! I’ve tried multiple times to have one in my classroom and have finally given up…mind you it could be the water…I can’t drink the stuff @ school.

  8. I’m a new follower!

    I am SO with you on time change. Usually people start to hate me because all I can talk about for a month is how it’s really an hour earlier than the clock says. And complain about I’m tired. And whine about how it’s pitch black outside when I wake up. And how is anyone supposed to wake up happy and ready to tackle the day when it’s still totally dark?

    I’m a real treat these days, let me tell you 🙂

  9. I loathe the time change. There were a few years that it didn’t bother me too much. Then I had kids. That hour change really messes with little kids. Why do we still need to “save” daylight–can’t it look after itself?

  10. Thanks for stopping by- I give myself 3 days of mourning and witchiness to get over myself and my lost hour. I think the whole concept is dumb and wish they would give it up already. I never seem to mourn when we gain the hour back, though. 😉

    Poor fish- We had to get rid of a gigantic fishtank, but not from animals- when Kyra learned to walk- she used to scale it and climb up the stand then try to pull herself onto the tank.

    Bwahahaha Ian (4) says things like when I was a little boy and back when I was little – yeah, kid, you’re so ancient now. I guess they grow up so fast that they don’t have to earn the right to say back in my day.

    I’m following you, also. 🙂

  11. I agree with you about the time change–leave it alone, one way or the other!

    I loved the photo of the cat/fish. I’m glad your fish is a fighter 🙂 Perhaps he might like that wall mounted fish bowl!

  12. Dang, that fish had his out and he didn’t take it. He loves Zelda! It is a friendship that could be called a real fish outta water story. My sides…I slay me.

    Love that PN is her own best critic. That rocks!!
    Happy RTT!

  13. You have a Super Fish!

    I would be afraid of the wall mounted fish bowl. Well, what I would really be afraid of is that I hung it wrong and at any moment it will fall.

    Happy Tuesday!

  14. I can’t believe the fish survived….and that the cat didn’t have it for a little snack!

    Love Princess Nagger’s self evaluation!
    Happy Tuesday!

  15. the wall-mounted fish bowl is awesome. I can’t believe your cat didn’t eat the fish. and how funny that your child critiques herself. One summer I spent a lot of time copying out of textbooks to improve my handwriting.

  16. That fish is a real fighter. I wish mine had been that feisty. Then I wouldn’t have the nickname and reputation of “fish killer”. It’s sad.

  17. Even the wall-mounted fish bowl wouldn’t have saved our childhood fish from the wrath of my sister and a golf ball…

    In that case, it was a 70-gallon aquarium and I tried to save those fish, but the trash can bottom blew out and all hope was lost.

    My sister hasn’t played golf since…

  18. I love the fish bowl. That is So awesome!

    And? Squee! I didn’t know you lived in Seattle! I’m originally from Spokane and there’s been talk around here, serious talk, about moving to Seattle if we find the right job. That’s be cool if you were there. Yay!

    And also oddly enuf your site loads really well on my phone but not my computer. That’s just odd!

  19. Wow, I’m shocked that the fish survived… good thing you were home to stick it back in the water! That wall mounted bowl looks cool but hard to clean.

    Can’t wait to see the remodel pics!

  20. The fishbowl is WAY cool! Of course, I’d expect no less in a Princesses house! 😉

    How I loathe daylight savings time…Gah!

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