Easter is only three weeks from Sunday, so I’m already planning ahead on what Easter Dinner will be.  Luckily my friends Xmas Dolly and Lori from The Shewbridges of Central Florida are having fun with recipes, so it’ll be the perfect opportunity to check out some cool new recipes to peruse.

Since both hubby and Princess Nagger are hams love ham, I’ll be making my usual Slow Cooker Glazed Ham.  I’m not a big ham fan, especially when I’ve had it at other people’s houses or eating out and it’s either been too salty or too dried out for my liking.

Over the years I’ve experimented with different types of ham and many different recipes. Finally, a couple of years ago I created a combination of several recipes that worked so well, even I love this ham, and Princess Nagger will eat it until the cows come home – or in this case, the piggies.

Slow Cooker Glazed Ham


1 (6-8 pound)
bone-in country ham or spiral cut ham
whole cloves
3+ cups
apple cider, or as needed
1-ish cup
brown sugar
1-ish cup
maple syrup
1 Tablespoon
ground cinnamon
½ Tablespoon
ground nutmeg
1 teaspoon
ground ginger
1 teaspoon
ground cloves
1 Tablespoon
vanilla extract (optional)
peel of an orange



  1. Line the crock pot with foil or one of those handy-dandy crock-pot liners (that I always forget to pick up, so I end up just lining with foil. Just be sure to do either, because it makes clean up so much easier). Layer the bottom of the lined crock-pot with brown sugar.
  2. Press whole cloves into the ham so they are evenly distributed. You may score the ham for easier insertion if you wish, or go the ‘easy’ route and get a spiral cut ham like I do and push the whole cloves randomly into the sliced sections.
  3. Place the ham in a slow cooker cut (flat) side down.
  4. Pack the brown sugar on top of the ham, pressing into the cloves. Pour the maple syrup over the ham – some of the brown sugar will get washed away, but what stays on is a bonus. Sometimes I’ll sprinkle more brown sugar on after I pour on the maple syrup.
  5. Season the apple cider with cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, ground cloves and vanilla. Pour into the crock pot until you get to the fill line. Preference is that you only want about 2 inches of ham above the surface, but if your ham exceeds the top of the crock pot like mine usually does, it doesn’t always work out that way. Add the orange peel to the pot.
  6. Cover and set to Low. Depending on the size of the ham, and whether or not it’s fully cooked or uncooked, you’ll want to cook it anywhere from 4 to 10 hours. Usually I get a spiral cut pre-cooked ham and it’s usually ready in about 3-1/2 to 4 hours on low.

If your ham is too big to fit in your crock pot, you can cut it to fit, or when you line the crock pot with foil, make sure there’s enough extra to basically wrap over the top of the ham. When the ham is that big for my biggest crock pot, I’ll cover the top with foil, then set the crock pot lid on top just to make sure the heat is contained.

I also check the ham frequently, and if there’s any part that sticking up out of the liquid, you want to either baste it frequently to make sure that part doesn’t dry out, or if you’re all about ‘easy’ (like me), just turn the ham over every so often to make sure every surface has a chance to be covered. I’ll usually turn the ham after about 2 hours, then flip it back about a ½ hour before it’s time to eat.

So there you go! Want to join in the fun? Head over to Xmas Dolly and Lori’s places to sign the linky and start collecting some amazing recipes!

The recipe is available for download here:

Slow Cooker Glazed Ham




  1. Yummy looking ham!!!
    Just wanted to let you know I sent a few email replys about the Mozaik giveaway! I am not sure if they went through. Let me know =) Thank you!

  2. I am going to have to try this. I’m in love with my slow cooker and doing it in the oven makes it sooo dry.

    Have an awesome day!

  3. Having made this recipe, I can testify as to how utterly delicious it is. Stacy knows how to make a ham!!

  4. You’ve just made Easter simple, but yet NUMMERS! mmmm Crock Pot WOW! You are a guru of the kitchen. I knew there was something special about you that I love. That’s what we’re having for Easter. Thanks!

  5. I love spiral ham, but hubby doesn’t like ham, so I’ll be coming to your house for Easter. =)
    This recipe sounds SO good and so simple. I love my crock pot and use it all year long because it makes great stews & soups during the winter and then doesn’t heat up the kitchen here in the summer.
    Thanks for joining us agian… HUGGLES!

  6. What a timely recipe!
    I never thought of cooking a whole ham in the crockpot…. but it is pretty genius, since it is so easy for ham from the oven to dry out. Although- I am not sure my crock pot is large enough!!! This may be worth investing in a new one!

  7. Oh my!! I am drooling here. It is breakfast time but I want some of that ham for sure. I have bookmarked this page. I am definitelt using this recipe.
    Thanks so much

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