Do you love pizza?  We’re definitely pizza lovers in our house.  Princess Nagger would eat it every day if she could.


I was honored to be asked to review Dr. Oetker’s Ristorante frozen pizzas.  They arrived packed on dry ice – and looked oh so yummy!

Two different kinds of pizza:  Pizza Funghi and Pizza Mozzarella.  Both looked delicious just from the pictures on the boxes, as well as the ingredients list.  Notice how the Pizza Funghi box looks a little worse for wear?  The pizza was sort of in pieces when I took it out to bake it:

No biggie, I was impressed with how fresh the mushrooms look (well, you know – ‘fresh’ for being frozen that is) and I pieced it together like a puzzle and got it ready for it’s trip inside the oven:

In about 11 minutes, it was ready for it’s premiere:

Doesn’t that look yummy?  Princess Nagger was happy to take the smaller pieces off my hands immediately, and was actually more excited about that one than she was for the Mozzarella one, since the Mozzarella one had spinach on it:

It was also broken during shipping, but only in two pieces rather than several.  No problem, that one got to ride around on the Pizza Go ‘Round while the other one was in the oven:

It finished cooking in about 10 minutes, and looked amazingly good:

We divvied up the two pizzas between us – Princess Nagger even accepted a slice of the Mozzarella one, as long as I cut it creatively to make sure no spinach was on her slice.  Silly girl.  She did ask if it was spinach or basil, since I’ve fooled her into eating spinach on pizza in the past by saying it’s basil, but I knew I couldn’t pull a fast one on her this time because 1) she read the box and 2) it was more obvious of it being spinach than other pizza’s.

I was pleasantly surprised at how wonderful these tasted.  Not only do the ingredients look fresh, they tasted fresh, too.  The crust is phenomenal, and the sauce is not overbearing like you tend to find on other frozen pizzas.  Perfect!

Of the two, the Mozzarella was definitely my favorite, and I honestly could have devoured the whole thing myself.  I was pleasantly surprised by the mushroom one, though, because the mushrooms weren’t sad or soggy as typical to other mushroom pizzas I’ve had, so it won me over.   The thin crust on both stood out as exceptionally good – soft yet crunchy and very tasty.  You could tell the Mozzarella cheese was absolutely fresh, and I enjoyed the combination of the rich creaminess of that combined with the tangy pesto with chunky tomatoes and spinach.  Heaven!

The only minor complaint that was heard in the room was from the hubby and a friend who had stopped by to join us that for them it was more like an appetizer – they each could easily have eaten a whole pizza.  Princess Nagger not only gave them two thumbs up, but two toe-claws up, too!  (for those that are scratching their heads on that one, think dinosaurs, specifically Velociraptor).

Here’s a little tidbit about this cool company:

Dr. Oetker (urt-ker) is a fifth-generation family-run business headquartered in Bielefeld, Germany. Begun in 1891, it has grown into an international food business leader and a market leader in many of its product lines. In 1985, Dr. Oetker launched Ristorante frozen pizza in Germany with only two varieties. Today, Dr. Oetker is the market leader of frozen pizza in Europe and sells Ristorante in more than 30 countries – and Italy’s #1 frozen pizza is now available in your area, giving you Italian restaurant style pizza taste without paying restaurant style prices!

From their website about the two specific pizzas I had the privilege of trying:

Pizza Funghi

The most preferred vegetable pizza. Enjoy this vegetable pizza with its many aromatic mushrooms, fruity tomatoes, tasty cheese and fine mozzarella cheese.

Pizza Mozzarella

The wonderful aroma of fresh cheese provides this pizza with its elegant taste, combined with tomatoes, Edam cheese and a delightful mixture of herbs.


Hungry yet?

Buy It

Check out which stores near you carry it by clicking here, or you can order your own through their online store – it doesn’t appear that they’ve added the pizzas to their online store yet, but it’s coming!

Win It:

One lucky Stacy Uncorked Reader will Win a Dr. Oetker prize pack that will include a Cooler bag, Pizza cutter, Apron, and Dr. Oetker coupons:

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A big thank you to Dr. Oetker’s Ristorante for providing me with delicious pizzas for review and giveaway, and to TheMotherHood for making this review possible.  The opinions are of my own personal experience and not influenced by any outside source.  Disclosure policy here.

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    Lots of yummy love,
    Alex aka Ma, What’s For Dinner

  3. I didn’t eat dinner tonight so this post? Makes me hungry. They both look delicious. I’ll have to look for them in the store.

  4. I love your creative cutting skills to keep the Princess from getting the spinach..I’d have to do the same for my lil guy!

    I’d love to try the Pizza Vegetale.

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