I’m a rebel.  Even though Keely is taking a hiatus from hosting Random Tuesday Thoughts, I’m carrying the torch.  Just because.  Or, in this case, a sign of the fugly button.  Here’s hoping she’ll have just a short hiatus and take the torch/sign back, because the cartoon me is complaining that it’s heavy to carry, and she wants her wine glass back.

You know you’re a winemaker when your day is totally made with the delivery of these little doohickeys:

What are they?  I’m glad you asked!  They’re called a ‘bidule’.   Still don’t understand?  Well, they are going to make my life easier when it comes time to do the dégorgement of the champagne I’m making.  When I’m doing the riddling stage, the bottles will be upside down to allow the yeast sediment to collect in the neck of the bottle.  These little bad boys will help collect the sediment, so when it’s time to dégorge, when I remove the crown cap this will shoot out with most, if not all, of the sediment attached to it.  That will make the dégorgement a little easier – and hopefully a little less messy.  Here’s one in one of the bottles as I bottled the champagne for their next step:

Perfect fit!  Then I added a crown cap:

I bought a special crown capper to make sure the seal is tight.  I now have 30 bottles of champagne-to-be resting comfortably on their sides for the next two months.  Then it’ll be another month of riddling before I can get to the really fun part of shooting the bidules out of the neck, topping the champagne off with the dosage I’m working on, and corking them with real champagne corks and wires.  I’ll be recording that step on video because it might end up being funny, if not interesting.

I received this box in the mail yesterday:

Nice to know the post office takes such great care of packages.  Good thing there wasn’t anything fragile inside.

Speaking of fragile things, I had to go pick up a few things at the store last week, including a wicker basket and a dozen eggs.  Since the cashier didn’t want to put the eggs (or the wicker basket) in the same singular recycled bag with the other non-fragile stuff, she asked if it was OK to put the eggs in the basket to carry out that way – I was fine with that, and had to take a picture when I got home:

Because before I left, I jokingly held it up and said “I’ve apparently got all my eggs in one basket!”  I swear there were crickets chirping.

Our hot carpenter friend got creative and built me shelves for my new desk:

Aren’t they cool?  Now to figure out what to put on them.  We’re still deciding on what we want to do for the desktop itself – I’m looking forward to everything being finished!

Hubby’s Man-Loft Studio is almost complete:

Hubby sanded and varnished the floor – isn’t it beautiful?  He also decided on using a low-pile carpeting for the top of his desk – that way he doesn’t have to worry about scratching guitars he might happen to be working on.  Genius, no?  There’s just one small section left to add sheet rock to, then he’ll be ready to paint. He decided on a parchment-type color, which will compliment the Vino color I’ve chosen for the downstairs.  Trimming is being done in a cool green color that is almost exactly like the original color of some of the areas from way back when.  Excitement is running high as we get closer to completion!

Random picture of the Dork Dogs:

Random Conversation with

Princess Nagger:

PN:  “Keep an eye out on the mail, I’m getting an invitation to JR’s birthday party.”

Me:  “OK, cool – did she tell you you’re getting invited?”

PN:  “Of course! She’s inviting all her friends.  She can’t bring the invitations to school, though, because of the rule, so she mailed them out.”

Me:  “Excellent – I bet you’re excited!”

PN:  “I am!!  There’s going to be a bounce house! I’m probably going to bounce for hours! Oh, and there’s going to be games – probably Mouse Trap, even UNO!  It’s going to be the best party ever!  Oh, and we get to chase boys!!

Me:  “Um…really?”

PN:  “Yeah, and one of ’em is 12 years old!”

Me:  “Is it her big brother?”

PN:  “I don’t know, I think it’s just some random guy!”

Me:  “……”

That’s enough for this week!  Feel free to be a rebel with me and get your random on and join in the fun – link up!


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  1. Your studios’ are looking fab! Love the desk shelves he made you. And using carpet on the table is genius for sure.
    Hope the princess has a great time at the party. Chasing guys huh…and random ones at that??!! Oh dear! And so it begins…..!!
    I am randomizing too…mine just isn’t ready yet. I will link up when done!!

  2. The studio looks great and your desk is to DIE for!!!! Flipping Gorgeous!!!! Princess Nagger chasing a 12 year old? Oh my. You have your work cut out for you! LOL
    Happy Random Tuesday!

  3. Office is looking great and dork doggies are cute too. I’m glad you put the railing up, it looked a little dangerous before. I could just see someone tumbling down your beautiful stairs backward in that computer chair.
    At PN’s age, chasing guys is just chasing. They really don’t want to catch them yet.

  4. Thanks for carrying the torch- I have to get my random on- hehe I even did it before I knew there were others like me. 😉

    So jealous. I want a musician. I want a home makeover. I want to get trashed on champagne. (Jealous in the best possible way, of course.)

    Great random- and have fun with the little princesses boy chasing- it’s just the beginning. Mwahahaha

  5. Thanks for having the link up. I was going to be so lost without Random Tuesdays.
    The summer house looks so awesome. It’s things like that that make me wish we had a larger house–then I think about cleaning it and I get happy with our smaller house again.

  6. Huzzah! Thanks for doing a link up! What is WRONG with Keely? Crazy woman. I like your button.
    James Bond would drool all over the computer if I let him see that music studio. He was a music major in college (cause that’s useful) and in his man cave has 2 sets of drums (1 electric and 1 regular) a piano, a bass, 435 guitars (not really, but that’s what if feels like) and several amps. I stay very far away.

  7. HA! you have entered the world of “random” everything that comes out of a childs mouth? I don’t get it really I don’t. I linked up this week here and last post there, and then Julie too.
    So they aren’t allowed to send invites to school? How ever do you get everyone’s address? They do not ever share mailing or email addies here.

  8. Thanks for carrying the torch! You rock. Uhm, how do I get hold of some of that champagne? What type of monetary bribe will be required?

    The studio looks great, as do the shelves. Now, the key is not to bury them under krappe, Miss Stacey.

    Crickets on the joke, huh? I would have laughed.

    From PN, I would take away the excitement from the bounce house coming first as being more important than chasing random guys. Enjoy that order while it lasts 😉

  9. It’s always fun when your daughter tells you she’s excited about chasing some older random guy! 🙂

    Happy Tuesday!

  10. I was wondering what happened to Random Tuesdays.
    I’m game to help you out. I’ve been looking for a Tuesday thing to do.
    Oh, and about two years ago the PO here decided to relieve our wonderful postal person in lieu of another who had seniority. Holy cow! Bills and checks get lost constantly and he even lost a package I shipped out (funny how I watched him scan the thing and then nobody knows what happened to it). I’d be embarrassed to deliver that package you got.

  11. The studio is really coming into its own! SOOO jealz!

    I swear, we just recently got a package that was mangled like that too…what a crock!

    Happy Tuesday hun!

  12. RE: carpal tunnel. It’s customary to go under for it; just the “twilight sedation”. I didn’t feel a thing!

  13. Oh that was a nasty box. yes, it’s good that there are no fragile stuff inside.
    I’m curious about the “hot carpenter”:-)
    He did a great job with the shelves! I wish my hubby will make me one too…Thanks for posting random tuesday, Stacy…I participated. xo

  14. Thank you for hosting, and happy RTT! I can’t believe you make champagne, that is perhaps the coolest thing ever.

    And LOVE the “chasing some random guy” comment- my four-year old would totally come up with that. Just a sign of things to come, I fear.

  15. Lots of info in your post – From making sparkling wine to chasing random boys. – I never knew the term “riddling” had anything to do with wine. So while you do this are you a riddler?

  16. Ohh, man! That conversation with PN cracked me up!!
    That Man-Loft looks awesome, as does the package from the post office. So nice to know that our mail people execute their jobs with such finesse 😀

  17. OK, I had to laugh because I thought the SAME joke about the basket and the eggs. LOL Great minds! 🙂

    The house is coming all beautifully and those floors are GORGEOUS!

    Thanks for the champagne lesson. Who knew?!

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