Last week Princess Nagger’s class started their annual 8 days of Swimming.   It started as just a few days in Kindergarten, then ramped up to eight days starting last year in First Grade.  I posted a conversation I had with Princess Nagger last year around this time, when she was feigning being sick because she really didn’t want to have to go swimming the next day.  She was trying to pull that same trick this year, because she was scared.  Even though she took to the water like a duck when she was younger in our own pool:

Turns out, her fear is mostly because she’s not allowed to wear floaties, or a getup like this:

She reluctantly went on the first day of swimming last Friday – even though she kept insisting she’s been sick since January.  But declined a call and trip to the doctor’s office.  Go figure.  She survived, of course, and was reluctant yet again to go swimming Monday and Tuesday.  She has swimming again tomorrow (yay for Day 4…halfway there!) and now she’s not so afraid of going.  Why?  Because one of her classmates wears a Speedo.

Apparently, when she donned her goggles and went underwater, she saw the Speedo emblem emblazoned one another little girl’s swimsuit – which caused her to burst out laughing…while under water.

PN:  “I’m sure I set a world record laughing under water, but I couldn’t help myself – Joy is wearing a Speedo!!!

She now credits Joy with making swimming fun.  Who would have thought?  She found Joy in swimming.  Get it?

Prior to the first day of swimming I needed to buy her some new swimsuits.  It’s probably the only time I was glad the stores rotate their seasonal stock early, since she’s outgrown her suits from last year.   Since some days she’ll have swimming three days in a row, I wanted to get her at least two new suits, if not three (you know, so I didn’t have to rinse or wash them and hope they’re dry enough the next morning).  I found her three cute tankini’s (I’m resistant at getting her bikinis at this age), and wanted the convenience of a 2-piece in case she chose to wear it under her school clothes like they’re allowed to do.

Since she’s so petite for her age, only one of the 7/8’s I got sort of fit – the bottoms are a bit loose.  The other two were definitely too big.  She’s too tall for 6 or 6x, and too skinny for 7/8’s.  This weekend I’ll be taking her along when I do an exchange so she can actually try some different styles on.  At least that sort of bathing suit shopping I don’t mind.  Forget about bathing suit shopping for myself.  That would be a scary prospect.

Which brings me to my question(s) for this week:

Do you go bathing suit shopping every year for yourself, or do you wear the same suit that (hopefully) still fits?  Do you prefer one piece or two?

Have a great weekend!

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  1. I wear the same suits if it is not too worn out. I buy new ones too, but always have at least two good suits.
    Two pieces, I haven’t found any one piece I like yet.
    Thanks for linking up Stacy!

  2. I prefer one piece and I shop catalogs for bathing suits. No dressing room for me. The privacy of my own home, thank you very much! Ha!
    Glad the princess in now enjoying swimming!! She is so adorable!

  3. I prefer a one piece suit and shop for one as needed. This week I bought one in our Walt Disney World hotel gift shop. hehe

  4. I haven’t found a one piece or a two piece for that matter that looks good on me. I just wear what I have to to the pool. I guess I better start shopping now. My Bobo (generic) brand suit is worn out from last year’s swimming all summer.

  5. I’m now following and would love a follow back – – the spot for scathing book reviews! Thanks ^_^

  6. I usually wear the same ones. I’ll occasionally buy a new one if I really like it and I wear two piece.

  7. I only do the dreaded bathing suit shopping outing if what I have doesn’t fit or is worn out from the chlorine in our pool.. I prefer one piece at my age.

  8. I wear the same bathing suit I’ve had. It’s a two-piece/tankini. I buy swimsuits for the kiddos yearly, and that’s enough for me. 🙂

  9. I try to stay with the same suit from years prior. I loathe bathing suit shopping. I usually go with a tankini and board shorts!

  10. I need to get a new suit. Since I had my baby, I’m not sure if last year’s suit will fit or not. I dread going bathing suit shopping! I’m definitely a one piece girl; wouldn’t dare show my post baby belly. lol

  11. I usually order from VS… I like 2 pieces (even though I’m a little bigger now). I tried looking for a one piece but had a really hard time finding one… Still keeping an eye out!!

  12. I never go swimsuit shopping – I hate swimming. So what’s the point of spending money on a swimsuit. My son gets hand me downs!

  13. My sister in law introduced me to a really great system. Landsend catalogue. I ordered 7 or 8 different types of suits last year, and then was able to return them to a Sears near me. I kept the 2 I liked and the rest went back, free of charge. Best of all, I got to try them on in my own house, in front of my own mirrors, where my husband could give an opinion without me having to step out of a dressing room in a swimsuit.

  14. I like tankinis for me–enough coverage to make me feel comfortable, but the convenience of a two piece. I love to look every year, but make do until the old one wear out.

  15. I love the pictures!!!! She is adorable!

    I am a new GFC follower, twitter follower, and a new networked blog follower from the Friendly Friday blog hop. I would love a follow back! Have a very happy Friday!

    I have a new giveaway that will be posted by tonight, your daughter might love the product, so come and check it out when you get a chance!


  16. I had the same one for almost 10 years,lol. Last year before our cruise I bought a new one and this one should last a long time too. I prefer 1 piece.
    The Social Frog would like you to read ..Student Success ActMy Profile

  17. I shop for suits as little as possible Ugh! dread! I prefer a 2 piece but the people at the beach prefer my pasty white belly rolls to be covered so, I wear a 1 piece. 🙂

  18. I’ve got a two piece that looks like a one piece that I wear the most. I have some bikinis….but they just kinda sit there waiting… 🙂

    Happy Friday to ya!!

  19. I wear a bathing suit until it doesn’t fit or falls a part. I am not a fan of shopping for them but once I have to I get it done as quick and painless as possible. I wear one pieces mostly with skirts.

  20. I have one swimsuit that I love and wear every year, who wants to go through swimsuit shopping any more than they need to?

    Thanks for joining us for Friendly Friday, have a great weekend!

  21. I keep the same bathing suit because I like the style. My weight doesn’t change so I’m content to wear the same one.
    I found you through Stalk Me Friday (I always like to know how people find me so that is why I’m sharing.
    I enjoyed reading your daughters adventures in swimming class.
    I’m glad she found a reason to overcome her fear and enjoy swimming.

  22. wow am I the ONLY male to comment here? I am probably way over due to get some new trunks. That’s one thing you don’t want ripping. Speedo – I always think of the male versions when I read or hear that brand. Unless your name rhymes with speedo (Guido) you shouldn’t wear them. They didn’t even make woman’s line at first – right? Well I hope PN continues to enjoy swimming because it’s a great activity.

  23. Great post! Kids are so funny. My daughter was scared to go under water until a 2-yr old showed her how easy it was. My daughter was 5 at the time!

    I dread swimsuit shopping. I was wearing the same oversized one until a month ago. I bit the bullet and bought the one that fit the best.

    I’m following you from the blog hop. I hope you’ll check out my blog, too!

  24. I lucked out and got an amazing suit on sale one year from an expensive store. It actually fit well and was flattering. I’ll never find another like it I’m sure. I hate spending money on suits that aren’t flattering, fade, stretch out, yadda, yadda….. 😉

    I’m a new follower from the Social Parade Hop. I’d love it if you’d visit and follow me back at A Helicopter Mom

    Thanks! Have a great weekend. 🙂

  25. I usually buy one new suit per year so I have a few to choose from. My husband hates one piece suits and tankinis, but after 4 kids I’m much more comfortable in them. Last summer I was pregnant and wore a tankini, the year before I appeased him with a bikini, but this year I may insist on a one piece. Even though I’ve lost the baby weight, things just don’t look like they used to, you know?!

  26. I am not a big clothes shopper, especially swimming suits. I had to break down and buy a new one last summer though because my pregnancy changed my body so much. It’s a two piece, but is long enough to cover my stomach.

  27. Are you kidding? I go shopping for a new suit as soon as my fat butt pops out of them. LOL I do water aerobics so I’m always looking for suits. I just bought one for $32.00 That’s a lot for me. Last year I found this really cool one all black one-piece I really liked so I bought two! It was only $19 bucks. Cool huh! Definitely ONE PIECE as I said my fat butt has to be put in it! Have a great weekend.

  28. I avoid the pool altogether- unless they allow muu-muu’s 🙂
    What small town in PA are you from? E-mail me.
    Thanks for linking up on the Friday Blog Hop.

  29. well i definitely prefer a tankini for sure… depends i am usually preg one year, postpartum another, or this is my first regular year. i bought a new one. 🙂

  30. I bought one almost 3 years ago and I love it. Then I bought another top last year so I can interchange the tops. I bought some swim shorts last year also so I can mix and match between the bottoms and the tops. I have been so lucky with Lands End…their suits are quality made and still look new. When I need a new one, I will order from them again.

  31. I love the Princess! Adorbs!

    I usually buy at least one new suit per year…but since we have a pool in the backyard, I feel compelled to have like 1094848 different suits for each member of the family. Obsessive..I know.

  32. I now wear a one piece and wear the same one year to year. However, before having a child I wore a 2 piece, had several different ones, and got a new one each year.

    Thanks for joining Feed Me Friday, hope you are having a great weekend and join us again net week!

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