Last week I was a little excessive on the ‘wordful’ part, so this week I’ll try to keep it to a minimum.  Try being the key word, of course.  We got a little sidelined by the snow Mother Nature sent us last week, shoveling snow instead of working on the Summer House to get it done sooner rather than later.   But we did make some progress.  Hubby added some colorful rope lights to the under side of his desk:

That’s the one side-section of his desk, looking up through the lofty opening.  Here’s another angle, from the same spot:

Once the desk is completed, the drywall is up and everything’s set up the way he wants, I’ll take more pictures to show you how cool the effect really is.  I think it’s perfect for his office/music studio/man cave area.

The guys got a little sidetracked with wanting to put in a ceiling fan – so Saturday they worked on that, along with replacing the one annoying overhead light with puck lights.  Here’s the fan hubby picked out:

Pretty cool, isn’t it?  It has a wall mounted control that’s right inside the door, along with a separate remote control that hubby will keep upstairs.  They also hung some puck lights on the first floor to replace the overhead light:

Right now the wires are a messy rats nest, it’s going to take some time to run them to make them invisible since we’re keeping the ceiling in the cool rustic open beam mode.  Since I’ve been chomping at the bit to get my space done, they decided to hold off on finishing the lighting until after I have a place to put my stuff, instead of being in transient mode.  They’ll just have to duck under the wires for the time being – I’m short enough so it doesn’t bother me.

On Sunday we finally got all the wiring done on my wall, and the sheet rock up so we could hang my flat panel and get started on my custom desk.  Remember I started off with this:

The transformation has begun:

Our genius friend Rob envisioned a design for my desk, and this is what he came up with:

It will be the biggest desk I’ve ever had – I’m going to be in seventh heaven working at it for sure!  Here’s another angle for you:

Pretty cool so far, isn’t it?  Rob will be building some shelves for the wall, including small shelves just for the speakers – see those two puck lights hanging out of the drywall?  Those will be mounted underneath the speaker shelves, to cast just enough light onto my workspace when needed.  Operated by a dedicated light switch with a dimmer.  I needed to set up some of my stuff so we can figure out where to drill the holes to hide all the cables and cords – then we’ll figure out how we’ll go about finishing it since this is just the ‘bones’ of the desk so far.   I’ll be getting a new office chair – that one has seen better days.  We’ll definitely be adding some shelving underneath, and possibly some drawers so I can keep things all nice and organized.  I can’t wait!

Next up is getting the wall finished where Princess Nagger’s custom desk will be built – she’s already given some input on the design she’d like for her desk.   We’ll see how much progress we can make by this time next week…stay tuned!


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  1. it takes some time, doesn’t it??? we remodeled our basement on our own and wow…but i love the details that i can already see there!!!! yeah!

    thanks for stopping in to say hi!!! smiles!

  2. Too cool, too cool! I’m excited, and I’ll never lay a finger on it. Now, with this new set up you’ll be doing more marketing of wine type things? Or something altogether different?

  3. I am so jealous!!!!!!!!
    How’s your weather? Nobody around here is leaving their house. Thank goodness that darn groundhog cooperated!

  4. I LOVE renovation pics!! Most likely since I am not asked to help. haha~ I am jealous of you desk!!! Thanks for stopping by my blog- I am a new follower of yours. Can’t wait to see the finished pics!!!

  5. Those are all incredible! What a fabulous desk, and I love that ceiling fan and the effect of the lights. You’re inspiring me to think about what we can do around here…

  6. Everything looks great. I can’t wait to see PN’s desk. I’m sure hope your contractor isn’t feeling rushed by our excitement?

  7. Oh my goodness….lots and lots of work here…but what wonderful, and very clever renovations being done. I especially like the ceiling fan.

    Thanks for visiting with me yesterday!!

  8. That is going to look so awesome when it is finished. Your desk looks beautiful. I am very jealous. I think the lights will look great.

  9. Looking good. I am jealous of your desk – so much room!

    Popped by to let you know you won the random drawing on my blog today. I also sent a message to the email address in your profile

  10. Wow, I still can’t believe you guys are doing this renovation on top of everything else you are doing! (Like shipping my wine ;o)

    I love the lights on the desk! I can’t wait to see the finished product!

  11. Because of the weather I had a cable outage yesterday. That’s right NO INTERNET! I was stir crazy. I even vacuumed & watched two movies! Well, it finally came back on last night about 10:30 p.m. & I’ve been trying to catch up ever since. So, things are coming along nicely, huh? I love that light fixture, and lights under the desk how cool is that. I love mood lights! Well, that’s what I call them. Very cool indeed. Have a good one my friend & stay warm. If you want to see the weather we’ve been having I have posted some pics & a few videos. It’s only -1 right now! Brrrrrr

  12. Oh, I like it! How cool that you have a “summer house” right next to your regular house.

    Are things on hold with your potential move?

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