It’s the first day of February – the Month of Love.  Except where Mother Nature is concerned, apparently.  She’s starting off our new month with a vengeance of snow and freezing rain.  More on that later.  At least last week she did send us the snow we wanted – you know, to cover the drab brownish-gray of winter with something sparkling and white.  She’d been teasing us with ‘possible’ snow, only to bypass us and send it elsewhere.   This time she sent us a good 8-inches of the good fluffy variety last Wednesday night, so Princess Nagger was thrilled she was able to finally have a Snow Day.

I took those pictures Thursday morning before getting to work shoveling the sidewalks around the house – since we were too busy shoveling the driveway the night before – as it was snowing.  By the time we were done, I had a good inch of snow piled on top of my hat and in my hair.  I had to shake it off like a dog so I wouldn’t drip on my keyboard.  Poor hubby was stressed about the fact that a few more inches fell overnight, which meant the driveway was undrivable again.  Luckily he spotted the neighbor’s dad out in his truck with the snow plow attachment – and he had our driveway plowed out in about 5-minutes.

Since our colds are still hanging on for dear life, Princess Nagger didn’t get to spend much time playing in the snow, but Saturday morning did start to create her Ice Age Dinosaur scene she wants to make a video of.  I took this picture yesterday before hauling them all in the house:

I asked her why they all look like dead dinosaurs – and she said they would each be waking up in their Ice Age mode and having an adventure.  She wouldn’t tell me any more than that, she said it’s going to be a surprise when we do the video.

I had to take them in yesterday, because I didn’t want them to end up buried in a true Ice Age moment with the snow, sleet and freezing rain those that are they are calling whomever they call for this next round.   Which is/was scheduled for Monday night through Tuesday into Wednesday morning.  Since I’m typing this last night (Monday), it will be interesting to see what we wake up to this morning and I might have to add a paragraph to let you know what the status is.  Provided, of course, we have internet and/or power.

I’d much rather it be snow instead of sleet an freezing rain – snow is so much prettier.  And much easier to shovel.  Or walk in.  Mostly.

After Princess Nagger’s abbreviated playfulness in the snow, she went in the house to warm up and I found her sound asleep on the couch all wrapped up in the Snuggie the hubby got me for Christmas:

That would make Kristina P. proud – since she’s Queen of the Snuggie.  Princess Nagger says she’s jealous of my Snuggie – because she wants one, and her favorite color is purple.  She has Snuggie Envy.  If anyone knows where you can get the kid-sized version, let me know – Princess Nagger would love to have one in ‘her size’.

The arrival of snow thwarted our plans for getting a little further on our Summer House renovation, since the barn doors had snow piled in front of them, and that’s where the wood and drywall are stashed.  But Sunday we worked feverishly on the one wall where my desk will be put, running all the wiring for the outlets we added, hanging drywall and hanging my flat panel:

Tomorrow I’ll post more pictures of what we did get done this weekend – my custom desk is shaping up to be the most awesome desk ever.   This weekend we’ll be finishing up the drywall throughout, then we can mud, sand and get ready to paint.  Oh, and I thought  I’d better clarify – the Summer House isn’t a full-on house (though it could be a house – just a tiny one).  In this part of the country that’s what they call what used to be the Summer Kitchen, since the house and Summer Kitchen (and barn) were all built in 1817, before they had indoor plumbing and kitchens and electricity.

In order to keep the house cool in the summertime, cooking was done in the walk-in fireplace in the Summer Kitchen.  I’m pretty sure they had servants that lived in the Summer Kitchen, it’s big enough not only for cooking lots of feasts, but the upstairs was probably the sleeping quarters.  Other people might refer to it simply as an ‘outbuilding’.  It’s not a house we spend our summers, though we do hang out in it year-round since it’s where we have our computers set up, so we do actually spend our summers in it, too.  How’s that for clarifying but not really?

That’s it for this week – well, unless I wake up to some wild weather and decide to add an addendum.  Meanwhile, don’t forget to head over to The Un-Mom – who’s always entertaining with her randomness. Feel free to get your random on and join in the fun!


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  1. You can find kid sized Snuggies on eBay. Just use the search engine and you will be in Snuggie bliss in no time! You can also Google “Snuggie” and find them that way as well!!
    Snow hit here last night…so far we have six inches of the white stuff! I say
    “yuck” to that for sure. I hate the snow. Sure it is pretty but awful to drive in and people are crazy in it! Get some snow on the roads and they get all psycho!!
    Can’t wait to see the dino video??!! Sounds like fun for sure!!

  2. We have another snow day this fine morning. We are up to six and counting (rumor has it there will be no school tomorrow either). It’s great that you can be so positive about them.

  3. Turbo has a kid sized Sponge Bob snuggie. He likes to wear it when he plays video games.
    January seemed to last forever. I’m sort of glad to see February. Even if it is way too cold today.

  4. That’s not much snow at all. We have about 2 feet on the ground now and as I speak we are getting another. My 3 yr old can’t see above the snow, which to me is pretty hilarous. I have to take pics after we get this foot today/tomorrow.

  5. I love the dino Ice Age playground!
    Poor poor Princess needs her very own Snuggie, although taking over yours seems to be working for her.
    I envy your Summer house!

  6. I can’t believe I am saying that your pictures are beautiful considering how sick I am of snow.. But, despite my hate for everything cold, wet and white, they are really pretty! Speaking of my hate, I told my husband this AM that I don’t think I can eat vanilla ice cream for a long time, as that reminds me of snow!

  7. The snow is beautiful but I am so glad it didn’t or hasn’t hit us again! Sorry to hear about PN. Hope she is feeling better soon. The dinosaurs in the snow made me giggle.

  8. Somehow you make the snow look good!

    I’m with the Princess…snuggled up on the couch is where it’s at!

  9. I drank an entire bottle of the good stuff myself and am officially in love, I just had to say that. Secondly, it was 70 here the other day and now it’s 40 and I’m bitchy. I’m also bitchy that even though I really need this job, I’m going to be moving to the crop weather of Phili (maybe DC – not sure yet) from this lovely area of mine. At least I know I might get a few Cancun trips out of it 😉

  10. Thanks for the reminder of why I moved south. I like your outside water pump though. I laughed when I saw PN’s dinos…have to keep us in suspence. 🙂

  11. Snuggie envy! LOL

    I loved the Ice Age Dino scene. That was so clever! My girls would have giggled at the sight of that. I’ll have to show them your photos in the morning.

    Great snow photos! Can’t wait to see more photos of your summer house.

  12. We ended up with 2+” of sleet from this storm today (plus however much snow is piling up now). It was weird walking on what looked like snow, but not sinking in at all as the kids and I trekked to the neighbors to play Wii for a while.

    The Ice Age scene reminds me of the times I reenacted the battle for Hoth as a kid. I lost several Stormtroopers to the snow until Spring…Darn white on white!

  13. I agree that snow is far preferable to sleet and ice. It’s easier to shovel AND it’s pretty to look at. Sleet and ice are just miserable. Blech. We have no snow right now in Europe, just bitter cold and bleakness everywhere. Ah February!
    LOVE the Ice Age scene. Indy’s done that before, though never requested to make a movie.

  14. PN looks so cute cuddled up in your snuggie. I hope you can find one in her size.

    That’s a lot of snow! Luckily for us, the last time we had snow it was only 3 inches or so. I don’t mind the snow so much unless I have to drive in it, then I hate it.

  15. Can’t wait to see more. It’s the fresh air that zonks the kids out! mine all sleep like rocks after a day of sliding. That’s not a bad idea for today.. hmmm maybe i’ll take them out.

  16. I love my snuggie but sometimes it’s just easier to use a blanket. But I’m pretty sure you can find the kids-sized ones at Wal-Mart.

  17. Hey There,
    Stopping by for FMBT ( a few days late ) I hope everyone starts to feel better from their colds. We had some sleet and freezing rain the other day and your right snow is so much easier to shovel and deal with.. You must be very excited about your renovations.. So fun ..
    Have a great week,

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