Happy New Year!  We made it to 2011!  Isn’t it amazing how worried people were when the year 2000 was approaching – you know, the whole Y2K ‘scare’.  Here we are, eleven years later, and it’s just a distant memory.  And what’s also amazing is how fast things have changed in those eleven years technology-wise.

We’re starting off the New Year with some fun for Monday’s Music Moves Me – I found this video online this weekend when I was trying to get creative on what to pick for this week’s music.  It gave me quite the giggle, so hopefully it will give you some giggles, too.  Rhett & Link, “New Year’s Resolution Song”:

Edited to add: D’oh!  I had a Blonde Moment!  I must have saved the video embed code for this other song, but since it’s funny, I’m leaving it and embedding the actual New Years Resolution Song below it…sorry about that!!

New Year’s Resolution Song Lyrics
Artist: Rhett & Link

Working out, losing weight
Maybe using tanning spray
Becoming more attractive in general

Reading more, watching less
Learning all the rules for chess
Becoming somewhat smarter in general
Eating fish, not fingernails
Volunteer to save the whales
Becoming a better guy in general
Saving more, spending less
Yes I will wax my chest
Dating more girls in general

But not this year. No this year is different!
As different as a gazelle. Yes, a gazelle from a deer. (They’re actually not that different.)
After all these failed resolutions.
My future is clear, the future is near!

Just forget those resolutions you
Know that you are never gonna do
And adopt a more realistical view
By committing to things that come easily to you
Like eat at least one value meal a week
Or put the correct shoes on the correct feet
Just “Raise the bar to walk effortlessly underneath!”

Just face the fact you’ve always thought
Those resolutions don’t mean squat
Settle in to a comfortable spot
Embrace all the things you know you are not.
Hit the snooze, roll over, then repeat
Make large purchases, then lose the receipts
Just “Raise the bar to walk effortlessly underneath!”

As a bonus, I also found this cool song by one of my favorite artists, Brad Paisley – “Welcome to the Future”.  Very cool, and even inspirational – a great way to start off the New Year!

Welcome to the Future lyrics
Brad Paisley

When I was ten years old
I remember thinking how cool it would be
When we were going on an eight-hour drive
If I could just watch TV
And I’d have given anything
To have my own Pac-Man game at home
I used to have to get a ride down to the arcade
Now I’ve got it on my phone

Hey, glory, glory, hallelujah
Welcome to the future

My grandpa was in World War 2
He fought against the Japanese
He wrote a hundred letters to my grandma
Mailed them from his base in the Philippines
I wish they could see this now
The world they saved has changed you know
‘Cause I was on a video chat this morning
With a company in Tokyo

Hey, every day’s a revolution
Welcome to the future

Hey, look around it’s all so clear
Hey, wherever we were going, well we’re here
Hey, so many things I never thought I’d see
Happening right in front of me

I had a friend in school
Running back on the football team
They burned a cross in his front yard
For asking out the homecoming queen
I thought about him today
And everybody who’d seen what he’d seen
From a woman on a bus
To a man with a dream

Hey, wake up Martin Luther
Welcome to the future
Hey, glory, glory, hallelujah
Welcome to the future

Enjoy your Monday!  Here’s to 2011 being an awesome year!


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  1. Great picks! In the first video, are those the cornhole guys?

    I never listen to Brad Paisely, but I really appreciate you always playing these country tunes to broaden my listening spectrum. 😉

  2. I had never heard of Brad Paisely until a friend of mine told me that she was coming down to Houston to see him at the rodeo. Now, I’m like an expert, right? LOL. Happy new year!

    PS; just got back from Auburn, WA. It was COLD! And even snowed. I’m happy to be back in Houston where it was warm enough to open the doors and windows to air out the house.

  3. Ah, the changes in technology. I’ve been cursing dealing with that.

    We have Mr. Gates to thank. Because we’d go to jail if we shot him.

  4. Good choices Stacy.

    The first one was really fun and Brad P is just great.
    Neither one have I heard before. Love that!
    Happy New Year Stacy to you and your family!

  5. Okay, I’m confused. That first video was kinda out there LOL, but those weren’t the lyrics underneath. Now Brad Paisley hubba hubba! lol And great song! I’ve heard this one before (saw the video on TV), it’s too cool. Great picks girlfriend! Hope you had a great New Years celebration & all your dreams come true in 2011. I knew I could count on you to pick up my spirits today! hugs, Dolly

  6. LOL Xmas Dolly…I too was scratching my head on that first song and the lyrics! The one here is funny, but now I gotta find the other one Stacy…the lyrics just make ya wanna listen.

    And Xmas Dolly said it all about Mr Paisely! Hubba Hubba!!!!
    I just discovered “Welcome to the Future” in the past few days. It’s all you said!

    HAPPY NEW YEAR to you & Princess Nagger! 🙂 Gonna make time soon to read your entire journey…have scanned it…saw enough that makes me want to hear it all! 🙂

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