I’m late with my randomness.  Usually I sit down and write my post the day before and schedule it for midnight.  Except that I forgot to do that yesterday.  Because Princess Nagger had the day off from school, so I kept thinking it was Sunday.  So I didn’t, even though it wasn’t.  We both came down with head colds this weekend, so my brain is more fuddled than normal.  This morning she has a 2-hour delay since Mother Nature decided that the 2-inches of snow we got last night needed more sparkle – as in sleet and freezing rain to fully encase it.

Bite me, Mother Nature.

We did get some nice fluffy snow a week ago – just a couple of inches, though, seems Mother Nature is stuck on the number ‘2’ this year so far.

Princess Nagger keeps hoping for an actual Snow Day – and enough playable snow that she can actually play in.  The dogs didn’t seem to care it was only 2-inches, they had fun playing in it anyway:

Travis posed for pictures, Rolex was off frolicking in the snow.

We made some progress on the Summer House renovation – we got the pellet stove in and working.  That means that blue tarp in the picture behind Travis is finally gone, since that was covering the pellet stove on the back patio.  It looks like this weekend we’ll actually get to start on the sheet rock and finish the walls – I’ll be able to take pictures since we’ve started to relocate piles’o’stuff  to the shed, and will be moving our makeshift desks and computers out on Saturday to make room.  I’m so looking forward to not be staring at bare insulation.

I had so much randomness rolling around in my head, I thought for sure it was going to be an entertaining week.  Apparently trying to get my brain to spit out the randomness when I need more coffee just isn’t happening.  I’m sure part of that is that I keep watching the clock because I need to wake up Princess Nagger and get her ready for school, and I still need to shovel the ice-encased snow off the sidewalks so we don’t entertain the neighbors falling on our butts going out to wait for the bus.

Don’t forget to head over to The Un-Mom – she’s suffering from a major head cold too, so she might like some sympathy.  Feel free to get your random on and join in the fun!


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  1. We’ve got freezing rain on top of snow, too, and a badly plowed parking lot at work. I practically had to ice skate from my car to the building. Nice.

  2. Uh I hope you guys get to feeling better. That crap is going around. And so is mother nature. We got snow last week and are in for more starting tomorrow.

  3. Between snow days, school meetings and the holiday, my kids have been out of school for a full week. I would be more than happy to share some of our snow days with Princess Nagger.

  4. You’re getting an office outside of the house? I am so jealous. I told JR that I wanted a studio away from the house. He said; “then I couldn’t just stop in as easily.” Duh!

  5. We hit almost 50 degrees yesterday. We now have tons of shuls and ice that will soon get more snow. It’s going to be fun walking around the next couple of months. And it takes major snow for us to have a snow day. The schools just hate to close for anything less that 18 inches of snow.

  6. Ugh, I’m sorry. I feel you. The cold is heading my way (right now I have a small but growing sniffle).

    You lost me after the puppy pictures. Puppy, puppy, puppy, puppy.

  7. Hi Stacy! I love your blog/writing style – I feel like you’re just chit chatting with me! haha 🙂

    Stopping in from… umm.. i forget which blog hop. 🙂 Swing by http://aprofessorswife.com if you get a chance, I’ve posted some torturous mint/chocolate photos that are to die for!

  8. head cold befuddlement – that’s no fun but don’t do what I did once. I thought getting some sleep induced by whiskey would be good thing. Not so – my head the next morning filled the room and I was still tired.

  9. You’re like the 4th blogger posting about a nasty head cold for RTT. Poor thing! Feel better soon!

    BTW…I loved your snow photos.

  10. I usually write the posts earlier in the week too… as thoughts pop into my head. Becasue let’s be honest here, by Tuesday I’m already thinking into Friday and beyond. But what I can’t figure out is how to link up before she’s posted… I’m at #62 this week, and I wrote my post on Thursday last week, becasue I am also S I C K.

    Anyway, feel better. We were also due for snow… got all rain. Yeah! Snow is pretty, but it sucks to deliver mail in. -J

  11. Sorry you’re sick, it does bite. I ended up with some heady 24 hour thing on Sunday which cleared up by that night. Then it plagued John last night into today so he stayed home. Why do the sicks always attack me on the weekends and him during the week?

  12. Yeah, the ice is fun isn’t it? It was starting to get slippery out on the roads again around 9pm! Tara’s school was already closed today, so no snow day… I would not be surprised if they don’t have some kind of delay in the morning.
    I hope your cold gets better quickly!

  13. Sorry about the cold the snow and the rain. That sucks big time. We have the cold but no snow. Woot!! Woot!!
    Hope you feel better soon! Head colds are no fun!

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