We’re still suffering with head colds over here.  In fact, Princess Nagger’s morphed into something more, since she had a fever on Sunday into yesterday morning and a major phlegmy cough, so I kept her home from school.  Poor thing – yesterday morning when she finally got up, I asked her how she felt.  Her response was “Terrible.”  I know it’s bad when she responds like that, because usually she’s like me and tries to ignore it, hoping it’d go away.

Another sure sign of how bad she was feeling on Sunday was that she turned down bacon for breakfast – she loves bacon, and would eat it all the time if I let her.  Hubby also ended up staying home from work yesterday too, because he wasn’t feeling so hot either.  So while my sinus headache was raging on, I had to ignore it and play nursemaid instead.  With both of them home yesterday, it was making it difficult to blog, because any time I’d think of something I should write, the interruptions turned the words in my head as “Blah, blah, blah, blah, Achoo!

In spite of the household being sick, we did work like maniacs on our Summer House renovations over the weekend.  Pretty soon I won’t have to be blogging like this:

Even the plastic cover isn’t keeping random dust off my laptop.  Progress is being made posthaste, and things are looking up for being mostly done this weekend, or at least the rest of the insulation installed, sheet rock hung and by next weekend I should have at least the beginnings of a custom desk mostly finished.  I’m so looking forward to enjoying the ‘after’ part more so than the ‘before’ and ‘during’ part.  Here’s the mess as of Saturday morning:

Pretty scary, no?  Not as scary as the big pile’o’junk out on the back patio:

A majority of it will be a major burn pile, but the non-burnable things like the discarded insulation (which is non-flammable) will have to be bagged for the garbage dudes to take away later this week.  Lucky dudes.  But look, this is what we started off with in the attic:

I discovered that when we moved in 7-1/2 years ago some of the people that were helping us move had mistook the ‘attic’ boxes to mean go into the Summer House attic, rather than the house attic (because it meant only going up one flight of stairs instead of 2-1/2).  So the missing boxes of Christmas decor, kitchen items, Barbies and other stuff I thought were long gone, were stuck in the Summer House all this time.  I even found my box of photo albums from my teen/early 20’s years.  Hubby moved all that stuff to the shed – and accidentally buried the photo albums box, so once I get that unburied again, I’ll have to share some fun photos.  Check out the cleared out attic-now-loft of hubby’s future man-cave:

We joked that he decided to move up to the loft to help with his lofty aspirations.  We couldn’t do it without our own monkey-boy friend Robby (pictured above), who is a genius when it comes to visualizing the end result and getting all that manly-man stuff done.

He also had fun joking around about pole dancing on the pole that assists in keeping the second floor secure via the center beam joists above and below:

After getting the insulation up and the first sections of dry wall hung, Rob and the hubby started working on the hubby’s custom desk:

You can’t see the whole thing from this angle, but the shape of the desk is a music clef – since 75% of hubby’s time spent in his man-cave is usually writing and recording music, it seemed fitting.  The 2×4 posts will be replaced with the posts we took off the front porch when we redid that, and they still have to decide what the actual top will be made of and get it done.

I have to do some contemplating and decide how I want my desk to be, since Rob will be making a custom one for me, too.  Jokingly I asked if it could be heart-shaped, which of course then sent the conversation  into crazy mode, with him saying that if it were placed in the corner it would just look like boobs, and it would have to be painted as such.  I commented that if my blog were named “Boobies, Babies and a Blog” that I’d be all over it, but I’d have to leave it to my Boobies friend to have that desk design instead.

I’ll be posting a ton more pictures of the renovation tomorrow – I didn’t want to overload your eyeballs with the disaster that is being transformed into awesomeness.  I guess I’m not quite as random today, but definitely already too wordy, so I’ll stop here.

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  1. Wow! That is some pile of junk!! But that is going to be a wonderful space. A heart table that will look like boobies huh? What is wrong with men…one track mind huh? Boobies!! Ha!!
    My desk is an L-shape and I love it! I have my printer and computer files on the “L”! Makes so much more room to work with!
    Good luck and I hope everyone feels better soon!!

  2. Ugh,there has been a wicked cold/flu going around for months–sorry it found your house. Hope everyone feels better soon!

    And home renovations are such a pain. We went through it last year on a smaller scale. And I was the one slinging the sledgehammer…with a little help from my dad. It’s actually quite cathartic to bash up all the old so you can put in the new. Kind of fun too. But I don’t want to do any renovation work for a long, loooonnng time.

    But when the mess has you about to go nuts, just keep in mind how fabulous it will be in the end. And totally worth the hassle.


    Oh, and just started following your fab blog–http://vinobaby.blogspot.com

  3. Turbo has been struck down by the nasty bug. Seems to be floating around right now. The home office looks like it’s coming along nicely. Hope everyone feels better soon.

  4. Hi, just stopping by from Random Tuesday. Hope your family soon shakes the winter crud. I’ll be back by to see more on your rennovation. I love home projects!

  5. I love the desk!!! what an awesome looking space. I can’t wait to see the progress. I’m sure finding those older pictures will be fun especially for PN. Also heard from a birdie your wine rocks! 🙂

  6. Awwww! I feel mad love that I got a shoutout! You rock….We can both rock Boobies desks!

    You guys are really knocking out some serious work! I can’t wait to see the end result!

    Smooches dollface and happy Tuesday!

  7. Okay, that’s enough of the germs. Where’s the Lysol Spray? That’s the first thing my gram would do & she sprayed everything. Then some hot tea & honey oh yes, and you must get an old pot and boil water with a spoonful of vicks. I guarantee everyone would be all better. Okay, got it? Don’t make me come up there! I mean it!!! ARe you better yet? LOL Heart shape desk looking like Boobies? Man, I cracked up! Your hubby is too funny. Hey, did you see? I’m co-hosting at FMBT! WOO HOO! TOO COOL! Oh did you vote for me today? I only got until the 28th. I just looked over there, and I’m in first place, but the only thing is if I close it and go back I’ll be in a different place. I don’t get it! Well have a great day.

  8. We start remodeling in a few months. I may have to go stay with Mama. It sure is traumatic. I’m glad you are making it. My husband and I can’t agree on any style or color. Doylene

  9. I know the feeling of everyone being sick. I think that it is a regular occurence in my house. My job told me that I should just move my desk to the medical facility on my base so that I can stay plugged up to an IV at all times. It never fails that me and my son get sick one week after the other and I am like super OCD when it comes to keeping things clean which brings me to your rennovations. I am glad that things are coming along good for you all I can tell you right now with me I would have to come and see it when it was done because I don’t do well with space that have to much stuff in them. I am accident prone and would probably trip over everything and fall and break something.

  10. We did the whole sickness thing a few weeks ago … but I’m the only one who stayed healthy.

    And I’m so glad you found all your missing stuff!! What a great find. And if you get a boobie desk, I need to see photos!! : )

    That is cool that your man is getting his own man cave. Must not let Mr. Jenners see this or he’ll get ideas.

  11. Now I feel like I’m a failure. You are living with all this chaos and I have such a hard time with just putting things away. Thanks! 🙂

  12. WOW! It’s really coming along nicely. Loved the photo of the laptop under the plastic. lol

    You rest yourselves now to try and shake those colds, ya hear?!

  13. There’s no way I’d have the guts to take on that kind of renovation, but man, I wish I did. You can tell it is going to be amazing when it’s finished.

  14. The before picture of your attic is how my living room and dining room looks now. I’ve been cleaning out closets and rooms for days.

    Visiting you from RTT. I wonder if I can get a head cold from visiting this highly contagious blog?

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