Remember how last week I was glad we’ve been in the reverse snow globe – in that all the snow has been dumped elsewhere except our general vicinity?  Mother Nature must have heard, because she decided Princess Nagger needed to have the Snow Day she’d been jonesin’ for.  We got about 8-inches delivered on Wednesday late – which meant a Snow Day for Princess Nagger on Thursday, and a delayed start on Friday.  We had two more squalls go through Friday night into Saturday, which added another 2-inches to the fun.

Since we had to spend so much time shoveling, that meant a slight delay on our Summer House renovation-into-killer-office-and-music-creation space.  But we made some great headway over the weekend – which meant having the phone and internet disconnected while working on the walls.  But late last night we got to a point where we could finally plug back in – I didn’t miss not having the phone available, but I sure missed the internet connection for two days.

Since Princess Nagger still has the cold she’s been nursing for the last week or so, that meant limited time playing outside in the snow – but she made good use of that time, setting up a dinosaur Ice Age type scenario she wants me to film and put on YouTube.  So that will be happening at some point – she’s all excited about her Dinosaur Project.  Stay Tuned.

Speaking of YouTube, it’s time once again for Monday’s Music Moves Me – and this week it’s all about our favorite artists or songs.  Or songs from our favorite artists – you get the idea.  I have a very eclectic music taste – I pretty much like anything and everything.  Except rap – sorry, I’m just not into it.  It’s me, not you.  Since I do enjoy such a wide variety, I could have embedded tons of videos but had trouble narrowing it down to just a few.  At least it’ll give you an idea of the swing of the pendulum.

First we’ll start off with a song from one of my favorites artists, Bon Jovi – as performed by Blake Lewis on American Idol.  I think he did this song proud.  And probably Bon Jovi, too.

Next up is one of my favorite songs from Queen – it always reminds me of going to hockey games.  Gee, I wonder why?

Next up is yet another of my favorite artists, Alanis Morissette.  So many of her songs came out that really mirrored what was going on in my life at the time – some of them weren’t appropriate to post here, but this one definitely works:

Of course I can’t leave out one of my favorite Country stars – Carrie Underwood.  I watched (and voted for) her on American Idol, and I have not been disappointed with any of the songs she’s put out so far.  This was one off her very first album that totally rocks:

And finally, I thought I’d end the mix with the man himself, Jon Bon Jovi and another of my favorites of his, Bed of Roses:

There – did that mix things up enough for you?  Bet you thought I’d be posting all country songs based on what I’ve been posting, didn’t you?  Enjoy your Monday!


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  1. Such great picks you have this week!

    That AI performance totally rocks and of the We Will Rock you totally does too. I love that Cheri O’Teri clip you found introducing Alanis. She is one of my favorite SNL cast members. She’s hilarious! That Jagged Little Pill album was the single’s anthem back in the day, wasn’t it? Such a great album! Still one of my favs! Did you see Crystal Bowersox sing it on AI last season? Brilliant performance!

    Thanks for the MM shout out and adding my button. You are a star! 🙂

  2. I had heard that ya’ll had a bunch of snow. There was a dusting in Nashville when I got there. I consider that the perfect amount. Still jealous of the summer house reno.

  3. Hey Stacy . . . Happy Music Monday!!!

    We Will Rock You reminds me of football games 🙂 Great memories!!

    Alanis Morrisette . . . I love that version of the song . . . awesome pick!

    And Bon Jovi . . . ahhhhhh what can I say? He is still gorgeous . . .

    Thanks for visiting my Music Monday post!

    Have a wonderful week . . . Gina

  4. We’re destined for more snow too, but only 3-6 inches. Where I live in the suburbs, we never get snow days no matter how much snow we get or how cold it is.

    Those are some great vids, I especially loved ‘Hand in my Pocket,’ she has some great songs.

    Happy Monday!

  5. great song choices!
    i did not post anything except for NKOTB because I could not think of any “groups” like dolly mentioned… but now, I am thinking I could have gone like you (and everyone else, it seems) and just listed tons of my favorites! 🙂
    you know, I saw KNOTB on their reunion tour! LOL

  6. We got the same snow day but it was our 6th, not our first. And we are supposed to get more this week (ugh). My wedding song was an Alanis Morissette song.

  7. Hi Stacy. You really got some awesome picks for this week’s MM edition.

    Keep the blogs rockin’ baby! 🙂 Happy MM!

  8. I hope Princess feels better soon and glad you are once again plugged in.

    I just saw a status that said, “Anyone praying for snow, PLEASE STOP! lol

    Love your selections today! Definitely have me up and dancy dancy! That guy really rocked that first song!


  9. Good mix – Bon Jovi is one of my faves. Blake did a great job!
    PN, please feel better soon. We have colds too, so we know how you feel.

  10. Heya Stacy, Excellent pick though i still prefer Bon Jovi doing the number…hehehe..sorry personal choice ….but the rest, they are absolutely brilliant!!! Happy MM Stacy!! 😀
    oh & thanks for dropping by my site 😀

  11. I LOVE your songs! I know that I seem to have a very unusual taste in music by my submission today, but I also love all your songs as well.

  12. I guess that’s why we’re such great friends because we have the same taste in music! lol Love Love Love ALL of them. Where did you find the AI of Barry I remember him. He’s too cool, but I did like Jordan Sparks too! So tell me do you think Mrs. Carrie Underwood is really pregnant, and do you think her hubby is cute? Personally I think she could’ve done better, but love is blind as they say! Thanks for playing along, and entertaining us with such great choices!

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