Happy Aloha Friday!

From Kailani at An Island Life:
In Hawaii, Aloha Friday is the day that we take it easy and look forward to the weekend. So on Fridays let’s take it easy on posting, too. Ask a simple question…nothing that requires a lengthy response. It’s a great way to make new blogging friends!

Can you believe it?  Only one week until Christmas!  It’s crunch-time all of us, so I’ll get right to my question for this week:

Do you like wrapping presents?

I love wrapping presents, especially this time of year.  I try to make them all fancy with ribbons and bows, but when I’m shipping them to friends and family, tend to leave those off since they get crushed when you’re cramming stuff in a box.  I also leave them off Princess Nagger’s gifts, because I remember hating ribbons and bows hindering the process of tearing into the wrapping paper as a kid.  Although I do put bows on, because she’ll ask why I didn’t put them on if I don’t.

When I’m wrapping Christmas gifts, I love having Christmas movies playing in the background – if I see that same movie at another time, certain parts of that movie remind me what gift I was wrapping and who it was for.  So then I connect those movie moments to whichever friend or family member I happened to be wrapping a gift for.  I know, I’m such a sap.

If I’m able to give a gift in person, I do like to go all Martha Stewart on said gift and make it all pretty with ribbons and bows.  Rarely do I use gift bags – except to carry those pretty packages in to their recipient.  Redundant, sure, but that’s just me. My brother always got a lot of kidding when he’d show up to a birthday or Christmas celebration with our family and bring the presents wrapped in the shopping bag of the store he got the item.  We always teased him about his ‘fancy’ wrapping.

What about you?  Do you like wrapping presents?


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  1. I used to spend a lot of time wrapping all the presents. Now it’s gift bags all the way. Hey! I do get creative with the tissue paper. Ha!
    I watch a movie too while I am (shoving) carefully bagging all my gifts.

  2. I LOVE wrapping Christmas gifts. I always have my Christmas music playing while I wrap. It puts me right into the Christmas spirit!

    I’m a new follower…thanks for visiting my blog!

  3. I like to wrap when I don’t leave it to the LAST freakin’ minute! Most years that is what happens. My family does not appreciate pretty wrapping so I save that for friends! I remember growing up my sister in law always went all out were her wrapping…. good memories! I hope to wrap on Monday, and bake, and finish shopping… Monday better be a week long!

  4. I have a love hate relationship with wrapping. I’ve been known to throw a package at hubbie and as him to wrap it, then I slap his name on it from me 🙂

  5. I love to wrap presents and I love tying big bows and making them pretty. However, that being said, with a four year old who takes forever to unwrap just the paper, I’ve cut back on the fancy packages until she’s a little older 🙂

    Happy Friday to you and thanks for posting the hop links. Just joined up!

  6. I like wrapping presents one or two at a time, not a bunch at one time. I used to wait till Christmas eve to wrap all the presents after my kids were in bed and I would end up so tired the next morning. Now I use whatever I have around: Brown paper bags, comics and cartoons, material.

  7. I like thinking about how surprise the person will be when they open the presents, but I’m not sure how I feel about wrapping them. I guess I’m not used to it as much as yet.

  8. Hi I’m new around these parts. Sorry I can’t stay long. I’m on a 40+ years and older hop. I don’t like to copy/paste like this but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. Trying to say howdy to everyone I can before my Dr. appointment. Hop back. Hook up your Hop. Enter my Giveaway. Need some people to enter. I’d enter myself but that would be weird. LOL Check out Handmade With Love Winter Giveaway. I’ll stop again when I have more time.
    Laurie at Grandma Sez So
    And to add my two-bits about present wrapping. Nope. I don’t enjoy it at all. I think because I’m not good at it.

  9. Just hopped by to visit and say Hi.
    I love wrapping pressies and I like adding bits like beads and ribbons to make them more special.
    Hopping via Follow Friday would love for you to hop on over and visit me back.
    Wishing you a Happy Christmas and a fun fuilled new year.
    Helen x

  10. I love giving out beautifully wrapped presents. Unfortunately, I can’t wrap worth shit. It always starts out well and then by the end it’s just a mess. Needless to say, I roll with the gift bags whenever I can.

  11. Since my kids are older they really don’t want much except gift cards. So I now make up very full and very fancy stockings with little wrapped packages inside. Keeps wrapping to a minimum.

  12. Oh look it that. Did you wrap that? That’s what I’m doing tonight. Come on over, and me. You do a better job then me. I feel like I’m drowning in wrapping paper. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. I would rather shop than wrap…I must admit. Tuesday I spent 3 hours wrapping all the gifts and I didn’t even do fancy! 🙂 I know, bad Tammy! 🙂 My sister on the other hand goes very fancy!

  14. I wrapped NINE milk cartons to look like gifts at work yesterday. Do you know how hard it is to wrap a milk carton because, well, they are missing one side……

  15. I can’t stand wrapping presents. I actually have quite a collection upstairs that need to be wrapped and they are waiting for motivation to strike.

  16. I hate wrapping presents because I can never get them to look as nice as others I’ve seen. For the past few years my husband has wrapped all of ours. He loves it because he can sit in front of the tv while he’s wrapping!

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