Christmas has passed, but the mess in the living room seems to have increased exponentially.  Princess Nagger’s comment was “At least it’s all Christmas stuff!”  Heh.

So yesterday was interesting.  Somehow we got talked into switching back to Comcast from Verizon for our 3-fer package deal.   I don’t know why we agreed to the Monday after Christmas to do the whole switcharoo thing.  You know, with the house in it’s Christmessy disaster mode and all.  It took the cable guy over three hours to get everything hooked up, and after he left, phone and internet was kaput.  It took a couple more hours for him to return to discover he’d connected a bad cable to the modem.  Of course the internet connection crapped out again just when I was getting ready to do some serious blogging.  Murphy’s Law.  They had to reset the modem remotely while I was on the phone with them, which cut me off since it took out the phone during that time, too.  Three times.

Yeah, I’m thinking maybe switching back to save 50-bucks a month may not have been all that worth it.  I’ll keep you posted.

What about that crazy snow storm out this way Sunday?  We were expecting 6-12 inches, but Mother Nature decided to bypass us completely.   Princess Nagger was disappointed she didn’t get any snow to play in.  I have to admit I was a little disappointed when I saw the little bit of snow that had fallen was blown away by the strong winds. It’s still early in the season, though, maybe we’ll get one good playable snow before spring.  Fingers crossed.

Princess Nagger has been loving the Nintendo DSi XL Santa brought her.  She’s been wanting one for a long time, so it was fun to see how much fun she’s been having with it the last few days.   To save some money, I picked up a couple of DSi games off eBay that were also marked ‘from Santa’ – I didn’t realize that when you save the game, it saves it to the game cartridge.  Princess Nagger almost busted me on that one, she wanted to know why there was a game saved as ‘Zachary” and one saved as “Fuzzball”.  I told her Santa’s elves must have tried out the game before sending them to her.  Luckily she thought that was a perfectly logical explanation, and went around the rest of the day saying “Silly elves.”

Not to have Santa get all the credit for cool gifts, of course I found a ton of dinosaur stuff to give her, which she also loved.  She had a cool dinosaur community all set up in the middle of the living room.  Now to be sure not to accidentally step on the community.  Some of those dinosaurs look awfully fierce.

Hubby got me a wine filter for one of my presents:

I got to play with it over the weekend when I filtered and bottled 60 bottles of wine.  Now I’m anxious to start some new batches so I can play with it again – it’s so much better than the cheap one I had that leaked all over the counter.  Didn’t lose any precious nectar this time.

I was spoiled this year for sure – hubby found some awesome stuff for me that I didn’t even ask for, but he paid attention and knew I’d love them.  And I do.  He did great!  Like Princess Nagger said, best Christmas ever!  I still need to download pictures from my camera, but I’ll get to it at some point.

How about you?  How was your Christmas?  Did you get things on your wish list, or if you didn’t have a wish list, did you have an enjoyable time with family?


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  1. Had a pretty good time with the family but I mention on my RTT post the problem we had. We even had snow here in North Florida! Which was pretty cool, considering we rarely get it.

  2. What a great Christmas! And Princess Nagger still rules!! Glad she is enjoying what Santa brought even though he has silly elves! Ha!!
    Enjoy your New Years.

  3. Christmessy, yes. Fortunately for us the majority was at the inlaws’.

    You can have some of my snow. You can have ALL of my snow.

  4. My wife & I initially decided we’d skip the gift giving this year, but we both went ahead behind each other’s backs & got each other something anyhow. Plus, we spent a lot of time with family. All-in-all, it was good.

  5. Happy RTT!!! I didn’t realize that the games saved to cartiages either. we are still looking for a missing Ds lite from like April. Santa brought a new Light blue Dsi for one child. I haven’t heard them fight in days!!!

  6. We’ve been having issues with time warner cable! we joined with a 24 month price lock guarantee only to be told after 12 that we were misinformed. Apparently this is a normal thing for them to do because I found several other people online that this has also happened to! Grr! But what to do?

    Glad you had the best Christmas ever!!


  7. If you want, I will share some of the snow we got… I spent all day Sunday in denial that we were going to get hit as hard as we did. I don’t remember such a big storm. The winds were so strong, and by the beach, it was worse. I felt like I was trapped in the movie the shinning. All I heard was the howls. Good luck with your switch. We moved to Verizon about a year ago, and it has been nothing but drama. Although it would probably be easier in the end (since my bill is never right), the thought of switching back to cable makes me twitch…

  8. your Princess Nagger is way to adorable…!! hahaha… and your Hubby is a sweety! Hmmm.. thoughtful..

    well I had a great Christmas.. I think… I was waiting for an Xbox.. but apparently I’m too humble, I told my mom.. Nahh! It’s not way too important… hmmmmm hahahah wonder if I did it wrong way..? Hahah… anyway.. I still got the best Christmas present.. I think… pajamies.. and a DVD player.. which is awesome… hahahah x)

    Have a great day!! x)

  9. Oh my! Comcast phone service is bad unless you are a totally Star Wars Fanatic!

    We had that for the first 6 months we lived in our new home 5 years ago. About everytime we picked up the phone, whomever was on the other line would say, “You sound like Darth Vader! Oh my gosh! Call me back and see if the signal is any better!”

  10. Santa almost got busted at our house for the SAME reason. I forgot the stupid things save the games, and got a really good deal on some used ones. Day after Christmas, youngest looks at me, and says, “Santa must have set up a file for me and started playing, because it’s not saved at the start of the game.” And here I thought he was thisclose to realizing who Santa was. In a way, I’m glad he still has some of the innocence of childhood!

  11. Comcast tends to go back and forth between being pretty awesome and completely sucking. I’ve learned how to reset everything myself so that dealing with customer service is an absolute last resort.

    Great save on the DSi games, btw! Saying that the elves tried them out was brilliant!

  12. I have a guy coming today to get faster internet and I just know something will go wrong. The problem is that I’ll be at work and won’t know until I get home. Yikes! I’m glad your’s has finally been straightened out so you can have some fun with us.

  13. Hello, I’m so happy you have a wonderful Christmas. I’m just trying to get caught up, I’m so far behind. I had a great Christmas, and got everything I wanted, and then some. My brand new laptop is sitting because I’m still waiting on our new wireless router that’s in route. Anyway sorry, but I must move on. Hugs to all – and a very healthy and Happy New Year to you, and yours.

  14. Wow, that wine duhickey looks complicated. I hope you haven’t been buried in snow by now. Brrr. It’s cold here too, in the 30’s (shut up, it’s FLORIDA SO THAT’S COLD!!!).

    We move on Friday and once I get unpacked, I’m SO back in the blogosphere. Promise. Miss you!

  15. I love my XL and have NO IDEA why I didn’t think to bring it on the plane with me. I have 3 dsi’s and I didn’t bring a single one. We had a 2 hour delay on the plane waiting to get de-iced and we didn’t take off until after we were supposed to land. Can’t wait to fly again tomorrow. Yay.

  16. That’s funny about the DSi! My nieces got one for Christmas and they’ve loved it so far. Hopefully they won’t have a problem sharing it.

    Hope you have a happy new year!

  17. While you’re not short on offers of snow, I’d like to add one more! Paris hasn’t gotten much snow but they can’t handle it at all. To the point where I may be sleeping in the airport this weekend. I’ll try to wish some your way 🙂

  18. Glad you had a wonderful Christmas. We all knew dinosaurs would be traipsing around your house on the 25th, that is one of PN’s favorites.

  19. Scheduling anything other than fun between Christmas and New Years is sanity suicide. That’s the rule.
    We got some snow here, just enough. It was really pretty, and you could walk through it without it going into your shoes.
    Glad you had a nice Christmas. xo d

  20. Sounds like a fantastic Christmas! Ours was equally as fantastic. You think fast on your feet-I love the explanation you came up with for why there was stuff saved on her games.

    You can have some of our snow. We have more than enough. 😉

    Have a Happy New Year!

  21. Christmas was good although at this point, it was so long ago, who can remember :). I am sorry about the cable. We use cable for phone and Internet and it can be a nightmare. We don’t have Comcast but I have heard good things about it.

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