Who doesn’t love baby pictures?  Yep, that’s me not that many years ago as a newborn with my big sister grinning from ear-to-ear at all the mischief she’d be able to enlist me in as we grew up. And no, I wasn’t born in the 50’s in spite of the cool slick ‘do my dad is sporting, or the awesome glasses my mom is rockin’.

Can you believe my parents were only teenagers in this picture?  They got married when my dad was 16 and my mom was 15.  My sister was born when my mom was 16 and my dad 17…which makes them 17 and 18 in this picture (and a year and three days later were surprised with the arrival of my brother and sister – twins).  They were kids raising kids, but I think they did a pretty damn good job if I do say so myself.

And I do.

In case you were wondering, today’s my birthday – and I plan to kick back, relax and eat bonbon’s all day.  Well OK, maybe not eat bonbons since I’ve never had one in my life, nor do I have any.  Maybe I’ll just treat myself to a fun shopping trip since I rarely buy myself anything, it’s usually all about the Princess Nagger.  Except my new laptop.  But that was a necessity – and hubby gave me a fun “Happy Birthday” box full of one-dollar bills that almost covered the cost of the laptop, so now it’s turned into an awesome birthday gift rather than a necessity.

Today is my day.

So I’m going to live it up.  As much as I can in Small Town America, that is.


  1. Happy Birthday Stacey!!! Yes, live it up!! Since you have no bon bons…how about a Snickers?? That will work!
    And you need to buy yourself some wonderful present. The laptop is cool but you need another wonderful gift. I say go shopping!!! New shoes?? A fabulous purse?? Something!!! Go for it!!


    Enjoy your day!

    (Isnt it nuts to think of that era – my parents also got married YOUNG .. my dad had to sign my mom’s report cards because she was still a senior in HIGH SCHOOL!!!!! – can you imagine that today?)

  3. I hope you had a wonderful Birthday. Happy Birthday! That pictures is priceless. Your parents were so young, I can’t imagine raising a family with four children at that age. Sounds like they did an awesome job.

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