I can’t remember the last time things have been so hectic.  Oh yeah, probably this time last year.  Only this year seems to be exponentially worse – or it’s just that it seems that way.  Check back next year and maybe I’ll have some mathematical equations figured out with a proper hypothesis.  Yeah, like that’s going to happen.

Remember how I mentioned the hubby has a habit of buying stuff for himself after I’ve gotten a list of ideas from him, and he bought himself a GPS?  Well, apparently I’ve returned the favor.  I decided to go ahead and get the GPS I planned to get him and keep it for myself – you know, like a birthday present for myself, since my old one had outdated maps, and to update them I might as well buy a new one.  So I did.  (one with Lifetime Maps…sweet!)

When it arrived yesterday, I mentioned to the hubby that it was originally meant for him, but that he bought himself one.  He laughingly told me that he had planned on stopping on his way to work (yesterday) to pick one up for me for my birthday this Thursday.  Though I think he said that to make me feel better about his habit of coming up with good ideas then using them himself instead of letting me use those ideas, because he already has a pile’o’gifts sitting off to the side for my birthday.  Which he told me to stay away from – so of course I’m tempted to investigate the packages and see if I can figure them out.  I know, I’m eight.

I’m way behind getting my Christmas decorations up – I haven’t even started yet!  Well, technically I have started, I spent several hours this weekend purging the living room of Princess Nagger’s random stuff and getting it ready to decorate.  Now I just have to move my wine making mess out of the dining room to make room for the love seat since we’ll have to move that in there so there will be room in the living room for the tree.  I know, too complicated to fathom.  But it will get done.  And now that I’ve procrastinated on at least getting the front porch decorated, I’ll have the challenge of doing that in very cold windy conditions.  I’ll survive, and it’ll get done.  I think I’ll recruit the hubby to help since I usually do that all by myself – might as well put him to work to create some magic!

The auto-correct on my phone caused me to send a funky tweet last week when I was at the Hyundai dealership service department in Maryland (where I have to return again tomorrow – because they were morons).  When I tried to tweet that the dealership sucked pond water, the tweet went out as ‘sucks some water’.  Only seeing the faux pas as I clicked ‘send’, I assumed that it changed ‘sucks’ to ‘some’, so I quickly sent another tweet that said ‘that should be sucks’.  Who knew auto-correct wouldn’t try to change ‘sucks’ but did decide to change ‘pond’?  I guess I better pay closer attention next time.  And probably not tweet while walking.  Walking and chewing gum, no problem.  Walking and tweeting, problem.

So my birthday is on Thursday and Princess Nagger has decided what we’re going to do for my birthday, only we’ll be doing it on Friday since Thursday is a school night.  She wants us to go see the new Chronicles of Narnia movie that happens to open on Friday.  So that’s what we’ll be doing – and dinner out of course.  Hopefully it won’t be a repeat of last year where I’ll have to channel my inner Chef Ramsey.

That’s about it for this week’s edition of Random Tuesday Thoughts – I’m still getting familiar with my new laptop and installing software so it’s been a time consuming effort – hence the no pictures for this week.  Plus it’s so shiny and pretty and works so much faster than my old one – I keep getting distracted by it’s bells and whistles…wait, what does that button do…….

Enjoy your Tuesday!


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  1. I’m about half-way done with decorations. Got the tree up and my little Christmas village but anything else has just sort of fallen by the wayside. And the worst part is that when I think about doing it, I feel like, “what’s the point?” We’re going away for that week so I am tempted to just stop here. But then I feel like a grinch!

  2. From your second to last comment to me I say you go right ahead and procrastinate all you want. LOL!

    I get all cranky when the hubby does this because it means that I have no gift to give him. So I made a rule. The rule at our house is that if you ask for something for Christmas or birthday then go buy it for yourself you don’t get anything.

  3. John has finally learned not to buy anything near his birthday or Christmas.

    I’ve thought about getting my Christmas tree out. Guess I should take advantage of my son being home for a few days and get his help.

  4. Happy Birthday Thursday! My husband does the dame thing! What am i saying? I do the same thing! Grrrr……… Isn’t PN sweet to plan a birthday out for you and to consider the school night. Have fun!

  5. I have a hard time controlling myself about buying things I want. Nick insists that I don’t, but then does not buy the things I want so badly–mostly books. It’s just easier and more efficient to get them myself. I have to give him a list so he has ideas–he’s a guy after all.

  6. I almost always know what Beloved has gotten me; the last time he surprised me was when he bought my rolling pin tree with all the neat decorative rolling pins it holds (yes, there is such a thing; I’ll have to take a picture of it sometime). I, on the other hand, always seem to be able to surprise him. Of course, I don’t mention that every time I ask him what he wants he says “Nothing.” Makes it easy!

  7. I hate auto-correct. It always changes ‘fuck’ to ‘duck’. When have I EVER typed about ducks before?!!? Found you on the train, and am now following your random ass!

  8. For some reason this year I didn’t even think about myself (I know, how odd is that?) when buying gifts. I just got what I needed and got out.

    Get that tree up, and post a picture already. I lived vicariously through your fall decorating. I might have to do the same with Christmas.

  9. Happy Birthday Week! I’m sorry I’m late replying and have been sitting on your page all morning, I just had to post and was in mid rush rush rush.

    I’m also noticing the random stuffs in the living room. HOW is they managed to get so much out of their rooms? and playrooms. The living room here is boring. The playroom? that’s more fun, I wish the boys stayed there.

  10. happy early birthday!!! I think I am an 8 year old too. I can NEVER wait.
    I hate auto correct…. And, I never catch the corrections until it is too late.

  11. I want a new GPS. My friend got a TOM TOM and you can download different characters (like Cartman from South Park – he yells at you) and can have different vehicle types. My GPS is like 1000 years old. Doesn’t even have a flat screen, it pretty much has an antennae and it constantly gets me lost.

  12. Stay away from Red Lobster! (I didn’t click the link. Want to see if I remembered it correctly. 🙂
    Hope the movie is what it looks to be, a lot of fun. I’ll save my happy birthdays until Thursday so I can make it count. 😉

  13. I am really behind in my decorating this year too. We have our tree up and a wreath on the door, but no lights in our yard. It’s a sad state.

    I got a new {DROID} and it does the same self-correcting spelling thing. I keep sending weird cryptic messages too. lol

    Happy Birthday! I hope you have a great day!

  14. Auto correct can create some crazy sentences…
    Happy Birthday on Thursday!
    Stopping by and following your blog from the F.M.B.T blog hop…
    Have a happy holiday season!

  15. Okay first of all Happy almost birthday!!! Second of all my granddaughter Bria wants to go see Narnia III also. So, I’m picking her up on Friday after school & she’s going to spend some heavy duty long over due quality time with NaNee (that’s me) and we’re going to the show, and then out for PIZZA at Cee Cee’s (or however you spell it). Dave will meet us there (he doesn’t like Narnia), and that’s one of Bria’s early Christmas presents. That’s what she wanted. So I’m cool with that cuz I like Narnia too! ~hehe~ Aunt Mitzi is in the hospital again, so I’ll be stopping to see her first. Oh and I love your holiday background by the way! Later Girlfriend – have a good one!

  16. You crack me up girl!! I see your hubby ruins his presents too!! Ha! Yes I will make sure mine suffers!!
    Sounds like a great birthday night Princess has planned for you and she will enjoy it too! (wink)
    Thanks for stopping by

  17. I’m just now getting around to everyone’s blogs that left comments on my RTT. Hope you birthday was great and tonight goes very well! Thanks for stopping by.

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