Thanksgiving week!  Here already!   Sorry my Canadian friends that you won’t be getting a four-day weekend to indulge in overindulgence.  You can always come here, I’ll feed you!

Speaking of a four-day weekend, starting tomorrow Princess Nagger will be off school until next Tuesday.  I don’t remember having a 6-day weekend for Thanksgiving when I was in school.  I look forward to the extra time to be nagged into playing with her, but I won’t be looking forward to Tuesday morning when she’ll be reluctant to go back to school after all those days off.

Of course the first three days of her six days off will be filled with lots of activity – she and I have a ‘date’ to see Tangled tomorrow, then of course Thursday is Thanksgiving, and Friday we’re going to the Dinosaur Museum in Philly for Dinosaur Days.  Saturday and Sunday we’ll be putting up Christmas decorations – maybe I’ll just have to keep her so busy she’ll want to go to school on Tuesday for a break from mama!

Speaking of ‘breaks’ my laptop is still on its way out, but I haven’t done anything about it…yet.  I did mention a new laptop as an ‘idea’ to hubby when he asked what I wanted for my birthday and Christmas.  Maybe I’ll get lucky.  I figure I’ll wait and see what happens before going out and buying a new one for myself, since my birthday is only two weeks away and Christmas shortly thereafter.

Speaking of gifts, I always have trouble getting hubby gifts because when I ask for his ‘list’ or to get ideas on what to get him, it’s like he realizes whatever ideas he gives me he needs right now…and goes out and buys them himself. It can be pretty comical, especially the year he needed a new leather jacket, so I bought him one for Christmas.  Princess Nagger was 3 at the time, and after we got home I just had enough time to wrap it and put it under the tree before hubby came home from work.  He had barely stepped two feet inside the door when PN ran up to him and yelled “Surprise!  We bought you a leather coat, Dada!!”  So much for keeping it ‘secret’ until Christmas.

What was really funny is that he had only mentioned it to me several days earlier (which prompted the trip to find one) and ironically two days before I found the one, he bought one for himself.  The exact same style, at the exact same store.   At least we were on the same wave length!   Now that Princess Nagger is older, she understands the concept of keeping it a secret until Christmas.  Of course now I just shop when she’s at school in order to hedge my bets.

Speaking of Christmas shopping – I’m all done shopping for Princess Nagger (except her Santa Gift – she’s asking for a Nintendo DSi XL from Santa…I figured I’d wait and see if anyone comes up with good deals for Black Friday or Cyber Monday before getting one).   The only shopping I’m not done with is the hubby’s – I better get his ‘list’ soon and hope he doesn’t buy the stuff himself between now and then!

Do you Tweet?  I don’t much – I have Twitter set up to automatically post my new posts, and once-in-a-while I’ll throw something out into the Twitter world.  I really wanted to send some random tweets Friday when I was out doing my bi-monthly grocery shopping, but I forgot my phone.  Along with my shopping list (had to wing it – though I did pretty darn good considering it was a longer list than usual with the extra Thanksgiving stuff on it).

I could have tweeted how there was a creeeeeeeeeepy guy following me through the parking lot whistling some weird random tune.  Or how there was some woman animatedly talking on her cell phone about her life drama while pushing her cart recklessly through the aisles, barely missed crashing into me and others and blocking my path many times…and throwing me an annoyed look like I was in her way.  That was the day I could have actually sent some random entertaining tweets.  Maybe next time.

Random Conversation with Princess Nagger:

PN:  “Can I help perform surgery on the turkey for Thanksgiving?”

Me:  “What?”

PN:  “You know, perform surgery on the turkey!  Can I help?”

(I suddenly remembered that PN must have overheard my conversation on the phone as I explained my Champagne Turkey recipe and how I jokingly said I give the turkey a ‘boob-job’.  Or when she watched me closely last year performing the ‘surgery’, and I joked with hubby about it when he came in to see what we were up to.  Ooops.)

Me:  “Oh! You mean when I add butter under the skin of the turkey.”

PN:  “Can I help add butter?  I’ll wear rubber gloves of course.”

Me:  “Sure you can help me.  You’re going to wear gloves?  What, is your name ‘Aunt Kimn’?”

(My sister always wears rubber gloves when she’s handling raw meat…which I teased her mercilessly about when we were visiting on vacation…Love ya, Sis!)

PN:  “I don’t want to touch the turkey with my bare hands!  Of course I will wear gloves – just like Aunt Kimn!”

Me (laughing):  “OK, you can help me.  In fact, I’ll get some surgical gloves for you to wear during the surgery.”

PN:  “Surgical gloves?  They really make those?”

Me:  “They sure do – and that will be better than kitchen gloves, they’ll probably fit your hands better.”

PN:  “Good idea.  Yay! I get to help give the turkey a boob job!”

Me:  “……”

Speaking of Thanksgiving Dinner:

No, this is not my table…or my dining room.  I wish!  But I neglected to get any pictures ready for this week, so I thought I’d throw this one in there.  Is your menu all planned and are you as excited as I am to stuff your face without (much) guilt?  I’ll be making my usual Champagne Turkey, Make Ahead Mashed Potatoes, Sweet Potatoes, Apple Stuffing, Cranberry Sauce, Pumpkin Pie, Apple Cranberry Pie and Creme Brulee.  Care to join us?

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  1. I have the same problem with my husband/ he pretty much has everything he ever wanted. This year, though, he’s asked for a shotgun. We’re not the gun type of folks here so this was a shock.

  2. I do hope that you get a new laptop.. the latest ones are really good with super long battery lifespans.(10hrs++). I’m hoping for one too but my current one is still running fine so I guess that I’ll wait a while before shopping for one.

  3. Happy Thanksgiving. I hope you have a wonderful day!
    Tara and I will probably go see Tangled on Thanksgiving. I work on Wed and Fri – of course she does not have school! At least I will be home in the evenings.

  4. I might steal all of your recipes. I’m still without turkey! Maybe you can make extra and ship it here? Huh? Huh? Sound like somethign you might like to do, on top of your other holiday mayhem? Ah, a girl can try.

  5. We are going nontraditional for this year. It’s just Nick, Bruiser and I so we are having Prime rib and lobster. We did turkey earlier with the family, before Turbo and the grandparents went to New York. Have fun with the boob job and Happy Thanksgiving!

  6. Your husband sounds just like mine… As soon as he realizes he wants something, he purchases it. He is IMPOSSIBLE to shop for, so I stopped trying!

  7. That’s exactly what my dad does. He almost always buys whatever we are thinking of buying him. He’s impossible.

    I hope you like Tangled. We’re looking forward to seeing it too.

    I only have a few presents and haven’t even thought about what else to buy. I guess I better get busy. At least I can do a lot of shopping from my recliner while recuperating!

    Hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  8. cranberry apple pie – send me a piece!
    BTW, Canada celebrated their Thanksgiving back in October. Did you think this was just an American thing?
    Just some unsolicited advice – get a MacBook – You’ll love it.

  9. I’ve been thinking about getting on the Twitter bandwagon. We’ll see. Happy Thanksgiving, Stacy!

  10. My birthday is Dec 10, how close to yours? Just one more thing to have in common. 🙂 Have fun with the boob job and showing PN the ropes of it. Our plan is to drive for a long period of time and hang out with crazy in-laws. I am bringing noodles and a crockpot, so some planning.
    My kids are off all this week. We are definately driving each other nuts already.
    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.!

  11. Don’t you just love some of the conversations that young ones have?

    Thanks for linking up for the Tuesday Train ride. Have a great holiday!

  12. My hubby is the hardest on my list to buy for. This year I asked for a written list not just “ideas” and it has made things SO much easier!
    Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!

  13. I am also excited about Thanksgiving. I love to cook so it will be a lot of fun for me. Good luck with the laptop. I hope an awesome one shows up on your birthday.

    Have a great Thanksgiving!

  14. The Princess rocks! Love that kid!

    That Thanksgiving table would be a dream come true for sure!

  15. If I told my nieces that we were going to give the turkey a boob job, my sister would kill me. It might be worth it just so we can talk about it years down the road. Unless I’m dead, then we won’t ever talk about it. Hmmmm, I’ll have to think about that. Happy RTT.

  16. Hope you have a good Thanksgiving… we dont really celebrate Thanksgiving in my part of the forest… Eating good food with family and friends does sound good!

  17. All righta! What time is dinner??? Your daughter is such a card! lol I wanted to stop by before bed cuz I knew I wouldn’t have time tomorrow, so from my home to yours a very Happy Thanksgiving girlfriend. Hugs all around! And don’t eat too much… I much rather eat all desserts tomorrow cuz my sister-in-law is such a great baker. mmmmmm My brother Paulie is deep frying a turkey though and that’s delicious! Oh Lordy, I know I’m gonna be ill from eating too much and sleep on the way home. LOL Hugs!!!!

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