Happy Aloha Friday!

From Kailani at An Island Life:
In Hawaii, Aloha Friday is the day that we take it easy and look forward to the weekend. So on Fridays let’s take it easy on posting, too. Ask a simple question…nothing that requires a lengthy response. It’s a great way to make new blogging friends!

Let’s get right to it!  My question for you this week is:

Prescription or over-the-counter vitamins?

Ever since Princess Nagger was born, we’ve always opted to get the prescription vitamins her pediatrician recommended (you know the kind – with extra fluoride).  At first it was liquid vitamin drops, then those little dissolvable tablets that went under her tongue, and eventually morphed into fruity chewable vitamins.  For some reason those that are they changed the formula, changing all the multiple flavors to just one – grape.  That made Princess Nagger happy, since they were her favorite.

But they recently changed them again…and this time, not so great.  To me they taste like the straight-up chewable vitamin C – you know the kind, the 500mg you chew when you have a cold or are catching one to stave it off.  They’re nasty tasting.  I noticed PN making a face when I gave her one of her new prescription vitamins, so I had to try one myself.   Blech. Sour bitter taste that’s worse than sucking on a lemon.  Even I wouldn’t want to have to chew those on a daily basis.

So we’ve rejected the prescription mode and gone to ‘normal’ mode, as in the over-the-counter kind.  She’s quite happy with the gummy vitamins – I’m sure her pediatrician will have an opinion about the ‘over-the-counter’ kind when we go for her annual checkup. I think I’ll take the prescription ones with me and make him try them.  I think that’s only fair.

How about you?  Do you or did you follow the pediatrician’s suggestion/advice and go the route of prescription vitamins for your kids, or did you go the fun way – over-the-counter gummy bears or my favorite as a kids, Flintstone’s vitamins?


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  1. I read once that if you put the vitamins in a glass of water over night, and they are pretty much disolved in the morning, that they are good and will get in your system they way they should. If they are still a ‘pill’ in the water, then they are not going to disolve and get in your body/system.

    Hope that help! Have a Very Happy Friday!
    ~ Coreen

  2. I was a rebel in the mothering job as well as other areas in my life. I did not think a doctor knew my children as well as I did and I fed them what I made myself and nursed them the ways that made sense to me. If they had an ear infection or something I knew required a prescription we visited the clinic. Good for you to use your common sense and take care of Princess Nagger with love. Good job.

  3. I’ve always had over the counter Vitamins, I remember eating Flintstones ones when I was younger, after them I didn’t really have any until recently when I Was trying to get healthier.

  4. I’ve always had over the counter Vitamins, I remember eating Flintstones ones when I was younger, after them I didn’t really have any until recently when I Was trying to get healthier.
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  5. Always over the counter for my kids. I don’t think our Pediatrician ever recommended prescriptions ones. I now buy gummy vitamins for the kids and the adults…so much easier for everyone to take!

  6. Never heard of prescription vitamins before I always get mine over the counter. Have a great weekend. I couldn’t sign up to Aloha Friday. Couldn’t find the link Did you find it? Totally weird. hugs and see you Monday for Country week! Woo Hoo Have a great weekend.

  7. I don’t think we’ve actually had prescription vitamins recommended for either kid. We typically go for over the counter, though if the prescription were much cheaper than OTC, I’d consider it…

  8. we did like you did–went with the pediatrician’s recommendations until they were no longer tolerable. then we went with the gummies. now the kids won’t do those either. i just try to feed them plenty of fruits and veggies so they get what they need.

  9. I am an RN and I always suggest (when the flavor is unbearable): Get the over-the-counter-plain-‘ol-vitamin, but supplement it with a prescription FLOURIDE (only) supplement. Best of both worlds is, indeed, possible.

  10. We get Babyzilla’s vitamins at the health food store. Watch out for fluoride, it’s not supposed to be ingested, but they never tell you that. We didn’t know about it until we did a search on it. Turns out, it’s only supposed to be used as a rinse. Kind of makes you wonder why they’re putting it in our water. hmmm.

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  12. I almost forgot, I would take over the counter vitamins any day over store bought, just because I think they would be more beneficial. However, next time I’m going to use the tip above of putting my vitamins in water to see how quickly they dissolve. Great tip! 🙂

  13. my son and I both share a huge container of BJ’s chewable children’s vitamins – never mind that he is 15 and I’m much much older :Dc

  14. how did all those extra “c’s” wind up in my comment – oh, and my son is now 14 but almost 15 – I should be more accurate 😀

  15. When we do vitamins, we just get the over the counter. My kids are all school age though. I prefer they get their nutrients through real food, so they drink a lot of green smoothies to get their vitamins. Truth be told, we rarely do vitamin tablets

  16. You know, I’ve never had a pediatrician that recommended vitamins and never heard of prescription vitamins. That’s so strange, with 4 kids and all the parenting articles I read you’d think I’d know about them, lol. We have been given the polyvisol for breastfed babies, which they all hate. But those aren’t prescription.
    Anyway, I do give my kids the gummy vites. Though I think the organic kind with out all the added coloring is best.

  17. We actually get our vitamins and minerals through our medical intuitive who orders it from a naturopathic doctor that endorses them. They’re seriously miracle workers!

    Happy Friday {a little late}!

  18. Hi! Thanks for visiting my Aloha Friday at Texifornia. Hard wood floors would make cleaning easier!

    As for Vitimins, I don’t give them any. I know they don’t need Vitimin C because together the three of them down 3 to 6 BAGS of apples, oranges or pears every week, plus whatever they get in their juice. My pediatrician never suggested any vitimins to me for the kids except for Vitimin D (which I’m letting them get from the Sun…because I’m too lazy to slathe them with sun tan lotion every time they head outside). Even that he didn’t suggest a specific brand…so I would assume whatever was at the store was fine.

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