I’ve mentioned several times over the last couple of weeks that my laptop was on its way out.  Yesterday it decided to really start acting up – right in the middle of my Cyber Monday shopping.  The Blue Screen of Death caused me to miss out on some awesome deals (when I did a system restore and went back to what I was doing, of course the items that were placed in my shopping cart were freakin’ sold outBah Humbug.)  I spent more time in ‘hurry-up-and-wait’ mode than I did shopping.  Or blogging.  I so wanted to toss the laptop outside and let the dogs have some fun playing tug-of-war with it.

But the good news is, thanks to Cyber Monday I have a new laptop on its way for much less money than I had anticipated spending, which makes me happy.  So that means I only have to limp along for a couple more days with the murdered one, but then I’ll be back to full speed ahead.   In the meantime, since it’s Tuesday I thought I’d throw some random tidbits at you in honor of Random Tuesday Thoughts.

Princess Nagger had a blast helping prepare the turkey for our Thanksgiving feast:

She took her ‘helper’ job very seriously:

She was a great little helper – she had so much fun playing with the turkey, and wanted to mash the potatoes, which she did.  I even set aside my OCD moments and let the mashed potatoes be a little lumpy, because they were made with love, and she was so proud of her accomplishment.  They were delicious!   She’s already looking forward to Thanksgiving again next year.

Princess Nagger and I saw Tangled last week on opening day – loved it!!  In fact, we want to see it again.  And we’ll probably buy the DVD when it comes out later, too.  It was that good.  I remember seeing who the actors were that did the voices, but it didn’t dawn on me that the voice for Flynn Ryder is Zachary Levi – aka Chuck.  Love him!  And he did a great job being Flynn Ryder, too.   I have to say that of all the recent kid-movies I’ve been to see with Princess Nagger, this was by far both of our favorite.

We did end up going to the Dinosaur Museum in Philly this weekend for Dinosaur Days –  though we ended up going on Sunday rather than Friday because the weather was rainy and dreary on Friday, and the presentation that day sounded kind of boring.  The presentations must have been switched though, because what we saw on Sunday was what was supposed to be on Friday.

Princess Nagger loved it, in spite of the boring topic – because it was made entertaining by the famous Paleontologist Dr. Phil Manning, who Princess Nagger recognized from the plethora of National Geographic Dinosaur specials she’s watched numerous times.  She was thrilled at the opportunity to actually meet him and and even ask him questions.  I’ll post more details and pictures about all that tomorrow.  I didn’t want to download the pictures from my camera to this laptop on the chance I’d end up losing them with how wonky it’s been acting – better safe than sorry.

We did learn that there will be an even bigger Dinosaur Days event in February – more Paleontologists will be coming to Philly, along with people from or connected to Dinosaur Train.  Princess Nagger is beyond excited for that event!  We also found out that Dr. Manning has another series of Dinosaur specials coming to the National Geographic network at the first of the year – Princess Nagger already has plans of adding those to her already brimming full dino venue on our DVR.

I’m keeping my RTT short(er than normal) this week since I need to send this laptop to its grave sooner rather than later.  Today the hubby and I have to drive down to Maryland to meet with my late father-in-law’s lawyer to finalize all the paperwork and details of my FIL’s estate (and hopefully time it so we’re not running late for Princess Nagger’s return bus to repeat last time’s fiasco, especially since it will be raining today, and that would just not be a pretty sight.  Trust me on that.)  That means I won’t be around for a majority of the day, but I’ll catch up with y’all this evening or over the next couple of days.  Promise.

Enjoy your Tuesday!


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  1. Man, Tangled must be amazing! I tried to take my daughters to see it last week and it was completely sold out. More than once. I know that I probably should have used Fandango, but I was feeling adventurous.

    Cheers on the lumpy (but totally made with love) mashed potatoes and new laptop!

  2. My OCD tendencies and other issues popped up when I saw her hand in the turkey and her sleeve dangerously close to it. Ew. LOL. My husband took our son to see Tangled over the break too and they totally loved it. Wish I could have gone but our 7 month old doesn’t do so well in public places like movie theaters.

  3. Have fun with the new laptop. Hope this one makes it until the other one shows up.
    Looks like PN had a great time helping, lumpy potatoes that someone else made taste really good.

  4. We loved Tangled too. I’m seriously considering taking Sprite today since we have some downtime to fill before we leave for vacation tomorrow. Can you send PN to my house next time I make a chicken? I have squeamish issues about sticking my hand into the nether regions of a bird. 🙂

  5. well,I guess it’s a mixed blessing about the computer – at least you scored a new one 😀 My PC is on the brink and I’m dreading the inevitable.

  6. Cyber shopping for yourself is the BEST kind of cyber shopping! Nice that Princess can help with the gross parts of Thanksgiving preparation. I like the delegation of cleaning the bird!
    Happy Tuesday!

  7. When the new one comes, you should go all office space on this one . *giggle*

    Do you do your potatoes with mayonnaise?

    I’m glad you and the princess had such a wonderful time together.

    I’ve thought of seeing that movie, but think I have to choose it or Narnia and I do want Narnia.


  8. Hi. I am visiting from the hop.

    Good Luck with the new laptop. Very exciting. My computer died at work causing me to lose seven years worth of material!! ARgh.

    I was looking at that movie wondering if my nine year old daughter would like it. I am glad y’all did.

    Have a great day.

  9. Glad you are getting a new laptop, nothing quite as frustrating as a computer that is not working right! I’m glad you enjoyed your day in Philly! PN looks right at home with her hand in that turkey. Tara hasn’t quite found her domestic motivation yet….. I thought maybe “home ec” (it is called something else) would help, but that only lasted a couple of nights! Haven’t seen Tangled, it’s on the list!

  10. Oh look you’ve got kitchen help! I want me some of that. 🙂 I also love your tink calendar. And I want to see Tangled too. oh and your Title? fabulous!

  11. something tells me this was a windows (windose) machine and the replace might be too. Not saying that mac don’t get slow but having used both – I’ll go mac if possible.

    Great that your princess is excited about the Dinosaurs. Why did you say it was “boring”? Those monster creatures roaming the earth and being able to find their bones, that sounds exciting to me.

  12. I cannot imagine the fiasco! It must have been like shopping for everyone without a cart in the middle of a bad day at Wal-mart! That’ just wrong!

    I haven’t been here for a while. Your princess child is growing up! My gosh, and to think she did such a great job with Thanksgiving dinner! I’m glad I stopped by!

    Good to see you guys are doing well. I’m gonna borrow my sister’s grand children and go see Tangled.

    Pastor Sharon

  13. Glad you found a good deal in the chaos of blue screening and cyber Monday.
    Why PN really got into that turkey, did she do a good “boob job”?
    We really want to see Tangled, we are fans of the actors that are the voices and it looks like a great movie. MJ was Rapunzel a couple years back, so she can relate.
    Dinosaur mania, you are such a supportive parent. I would be bored to tears, but I would do the same thing too.

  14. I can’t wait to see Tangled. Sounds like the museum was fun. Sorry about your computer having issues but congratulations on the new one.

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