Happy Aloha Friday!

From Kailani at An Island Life:
In Hawaii, Aloha Friday is the day that we take it easy and look forward to the weekend. So on Fridays let’s take it easy on posting, too. Ask a simple question…nothing that requires a lengthy response. It’s a great way to make new blogging friends!

Today Princess Nagger is celebrating her birthday with her class at school.  Sure, her birthday isn’t until Monday, but she shares the same birth date with another classmate, and since PN is higher on the Alphabet, she has her celebration today, the other classmate will have hers on Monday.  My question for you this week is:

Did you or do you send in cupcakes and goody bags for the class (either or both)?

I’ve been doing both.  Since I didn’t have the luxury of procrastinating taking care of putting together goody bags over the weekend, I had to make sure they were all done and ready earlier this week, and baked cupcakes yesterday for Princess Nagger to decorate last night.  She wanted the theme to be dinosaurs (would we expect anything else?) so I had my work cut out for me to find cool dino stuff that wasn’t, in her terminology, ‘lame’.  I think I succeeded, she loved the ‘Dino Treat’ bags I found, and was happy with the ‘loot’ I filled them with.

I even found dinosaur shaped cupcake/cake sprinkles – she was thrilled, and had a great time decorating the cupcakes.  And eating leftover frosting and sprinkles.  (I had to hide the rest of the sprinkles, or she would have eaten them all!)  Of course it’s going to be hard for her to transport 24 cupcakes (even in a cupcake carrier) and 24 goody bags to school on the bus, so I’ll have to drop one or the other or both off at the school first thing this morning to make sure they’re there in plenty of time for whenever they’ll do the actual celebration.

Since I’m one of those parents that prefer the goody bag doesn’t have annoying toys (those blow outs or any kind of whistles annoy me to no end), and prefer there not to be an excessive amount of sugary goodness (after all, the cupcakes are sugary enough), I loaded the goody bags with fun trinkets and toys – dinosaur ones, of course.  I figure parents would appreciate the dinosaur pencils, dinosaur eggs (they’re plastic and have a dinosaur and info sheet inside), a variety of little plastic dinosaur toys, erasers, magnifiers, stampers, tattoos, and even dinosaur rubber duckies.  I did, however, add little packets of bone candy – figured one small packet would make everyone happy.  Although I sort of went overboard on the excessive amounts of little plastic dinosaurs – those might get to be annoying if left scattered on the floor.

How about you?  Did you or do you put together goody bags for the birthday child’s class?  Do you do the whole cake or cupcake thing?  Or does your school even allow that sort of thing?  I heard that many schools are banning those birthday celebrations because of too much sugar, and the childhood obesity conundrum.


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  1. In my case I have twins so both because each girl can have the opportunity to give something to their friends.

    Have a good day.

  2. I did the cupcake thing when my kids were small, but the goody bag is a new one to me. And yours sound cool…I want one.

  3. My youngest girls’ birthdays are both over the summer so I don’t have to send anything in to the class. When my oldest 2 were in elementary though, I sent in cookies. Our school doesn’t want parents to send in cupcakes because they are too messy.

    Thanks for the follow! I am following you back now.

  4. When my boys were young (a long time ago it seems) I did the cupcakes and goodie bags with little toys and candy. Can’t do that now a days! Food alergies; banded inexpendive toys; etc. etc. Kind of sad!

    I wonder what it’s going to be like when my future grandchildren are in school? Humm…. Times sure do change! 🙂

    Great question! Have a wonderful weekend!

  5. I did cupcakes only. With 30 kids to a class goody bags can get expensive.

    I’m loath to admit it but I think this week I’ll link up for 40 and over thing. Can’t hurt.

  6. Happy birthday to your princess! What a dino-treat she must had for her and for her classmates!

    My kids don’t go to school yet. I’m looking forward to that time I will have to do those stuffs even though I don’t bake much. I might have to learn soon.

  7. My oldest has his birthday in August. Some years the teachers have a celebration in June for all of the summer kids. If they do I send in a snack, but nothing more. The kids at our school do not really do goody bags, those are saved for parties outside of school. My little guy has his birthday in May. I am bracing myself to see what kids do in his class.
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  8. We do cupcakes here, but I think goody bags would send me right over the edge. You are an excellent mom and I am sure the dinosaur-themed party will be a huge hit!

  9. My son’s teacher requested snacks like rice krispies treats for birthday parties. I think her concern is more with allergies than anything. I’m TOTALLY going to make a special, rice krispies or fruity pebbles snack for him to take in and possibly treat bags for his classmates too. It should be special.

  10. Hi! Thanks for stopping by…I already follow, but thought I’d answer your question anyway! I used to make cupcakes when my kids were in school…a lot! I love to bake, especially when I can ship off the baked goods somewhere so I don’t over-indulge!

    Kristin 🙂
    Keenly Kristin

  11. Well, you’re that kind of person wanting to make everyone happy all the time no matter what situation. I’m so glad to call you friend.

  12. My kids are homeschooled so we’re exempt from the school bday celebrations. I did take cupcakes and goodie bags when my oldest went to preschool but they required they everything was store bought and packaged. I think the public schools here do the same.
    I remember my mom being a room mother when I was in elem. though. I loved the holiday and bday celebrations when she made cookies or cupcakes. It was always a fun day in class.

    Happy birthday to PN!!

  13. I used to do both… it usually wasn’t cupcakes though, one year a giant choc chip cookie cake, another ice cream, and I think actually one year I treated the class to pizza for one reason or another! Tara loved doing the goody bags, me too, but I know some parents didn’t even like the little “stuff” that would come home! Glad all that is behind!

    Happy early B-day PN! I can’t believe it’s a year since we were in Philly together!

  14. I sent in cupcakes for Sprite today, but I totally don’t get the goody bag thing! Parents have been doing that for the classroom lately. Why? These kids are kids she has to see every day regardless of who’s turning what. Why do they deserve a goody bag? (Plus, there’s 33 kids in her class. That would have cost me over a hundred if I were to spend about 3 bucks per bag.) Her class did get lucky though. I brought in the cupcakes. Her birthday buddy Sammy’s mom brought in pizza. Those kids made out like bandits. 🙂 Happy early birthday, PN!

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  16. I would more if I could send things from home. They won’t allow us to send home made treats in our district. They have to be from a licensed business. GRRRrrr…. They don’t know OUR clean habit or ingredients we may use… ;p Whatever… OK, Little Debbie Snacks… there ya’ GO!

    40+ ;D

  17. I see this from a teacher’s perspective…so I’ll share that.

    A birthday is a difficult thing in a classroom. As a teacher of young kids, I feel that it is immensely important to celebrate their life. Teacher’s know the kids that have a hard time remembering the rules usually will have a difficult day on their birthdays.

    It broke my heart when a birthday would roll around and the kids would descend on the child demanding to know what they brought for birthday treats, about half of my students never could afford birthday treats.

    The most frustrating as a teacher is when parents have no clue. Parent’s come in to celebrate with their child and think the entire day should be devoted to celebrating the birth of their child…they don’t think that if we do it for one, then we have to do it for all and would miss 30 days of school celebrating the birthdays. It baffles me when parents send in a cake, not cut, only enough for half the class, no plates, knife, forks, napkins, nothing. Once I had to cut a cake in half in its height to make enough pieces for everyone. They all got a half of a bite.

    Why is it the families that always have a negative account balance for their child’s lunch account bring in cupcakes, drinks, balloons, decorations, and goody bags for all the students? Their child has to eat a plain cheese sandwich each day at lunch.

    The parents at the school where I taught weren’t allowed to bake their own treats. I’m so impressed with all you did (I know you’re not one of THOSE parents)…I’m sure she’ll remember it for a long time! Happy birthday to the Princess!
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