A (Girl’s) Dinosaur Birthday – Wordless/Wordful Wednesday

If you’ve been reading along for a while, you know that Princess Nagger is into dinosaurs.  Big time.  She’s been interested in becoming a Paleontologist since she was 5 or 6 – she just turned 8, and her interest has not waned even in the slightest.  I thought for sure it would be a passing fancy, but am happy to report her love of dinosaurs is still going strong.  Even when other kids tease her and tell her that dinosaurs are for boys, she hasn’t wavered in her loyalty for the ancient beasts.

She had a lot of fun decorating the cupcakes I made for her class:

I found dinosaur shaped sprinkles and dinosaur cupcake picks:

I even found dinosaur cupcake liners:

All done:

Since she decided not to have an actual birthday party this year, we decided to put together goody bags for the kids in her class (sort of like an impromptu birthday party, minus the mess and chaos in our house).  All dinosaur stuff, of course:

Since her birthday was on Monday, she opted to open her presents over the weekend so she could have time to play with whatever she got.  Her expressions were priceless as she tore into each gift:

She’s been having a lot of fun with her new ‘pets’, Cruncher and Screature:

But she also got a couple of ‘educational’ things in the form of a gem dig kit (that she’s had a great time making a mess digging out gems with, and a National Geographic Kids Dino-Pedia.  She was ecstatic with both and especially had fun reading through her new Dino-Pedia:

She also shrieked with delight when she opened her Squinkies Cupcake dispenser:

She thought I was too funny finding a cupcake one, with the theme perfect for her birthday.   I usually shop months in advance (and it’s getting harder to find hiding spots that she won’t stumble across, or that I won’t forget where the stash is), so along with some awesome sales and a couple of coupons, I was able to find the things she’d asked for and not break the bank doing so.  Along with her exclamations of “I love my life!!” was “Best Mom in the world!”

I love my life, too.


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40 thoughts on “A (Girl’s) Dinosaur Birthday – Wordless/Wordful Wednesday

  1. What an awesome birthday! Mom you rock and I’m loving all the awesome things you made to make the cupcakes special. The boys love Dino’s too. We hit the used book store to buy any dino book we can find the cool ones that aren’t cartoons and ones I like to read first.

    her expressions so are awesome!!!

  2. Oh look at her! I hope she saved me one of those cupcakes! ~hehe~ Happy Birthday to your little Diva – great pics, Mom! Just look at those expressions, and a present as big as her! Dinosaurs huh? My grandson Dakota loves Dinosaurs I told him he’s going to turn into a caveman one day! So, glad she had such a great party! You’re such a good mom!

  3. That is so cute. Love that she decorated her own cupcakes.
    Looks like she had an awesome party full of dinos.

    Thank you for stopping by and your lovely comment.

  4. Can I be your child? cause it was my birthday yesterday and wow I want that many gifts… 🙂 hehee I got a nice chocolate covered cheese cake and take out dinner after the boys were in bed, but wow, toys? (making list for 355 days from now)

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  6. I love life for both of you!!

    Those cupcakes look delish!

    How very cool that she’s into dinosaurs! She’s going to grow up one very well rounded (and adorable!) girl!

  7. Looks like it was an awesome birthday! I love the cupcakes with all the dinosaur accents! Happy Birthday Princess!

  8. “I love my life,” and “Best Mom in the World” have to be some of the best phrases out of a child’s mouth!

    I think it’s great that she’s so into dinosaurs. They really are cool beasts!

  9. You found some really cute things for her party. I love the decorations on the cupcakes. She sure does love them with all her heart. You can see the excitement when she opened her gifts.

  10. Dino sprinkles! Just when you think all the cool stuff has been thought of. What a dynorrific party and really cool gifts. I would be right in there prehistoricly playing with her.

  11. I am so loving the dino sprinkles and cupcakes. Our girls are so alike. Our Paleontologist Princesses.

    Oh the look on her face, that is awesome.

  12. She did a great job on the cupcakes im going to have to look for those sprinkles! My 4 yr old daughter loves Dinosaurs to her favorite show is Dinosaur Train. Im going to be giving away 3d dinosaur puzzles next week on my blog!

  13. Those are some cool presents, Princess nagger! Can I come play? I was one of those girls too, that loved Dinos, I think it started with my love for Godzilla.

  14. Awwww, her face totally lit up! Love to see and hear about kids that have such a passion for things like dinosaurs and don’t go with the typical crowd. Good for you for finding gifts to make her birthday special.

  15. Ohhhhh! My eight year old daughter still loves dinosaurs too! “Cruncher” is on her list….as well as terrordactyl……(screacher she already has but it would never squirt! We exchanged it twice and finally gave up.) Love the dinosaurs picks…..will have to look for them! Happy WW!

  16. You did good … really good!! Those photos are priceless! And she is very loyal to her dinosaurs, isn’t she? That is unusual I think … she really is going to be a palentologist; it doesn’t seem to be a passing phase!!!

  17. I love the looks on her face. Isn’t it great when they find something they really like. My son was all about astronomy for years. Made buying gifts easy for years, also.

  18. You ARE a great mom; those cupcakes and gifts are awesome. Thanks for becoming a follower of Of Such is the Kingdom. I’m pretty sure you are my 200th. I know that’s not much in the blogger world, but you made me smile in a big way today! Thanks again!