Gifted Princess Nagger, Shoe Dilemma – Random Tuesday Thoughts

Now that has made it into the Gifted Program at her school, she’s starting to look forward to going to school each day instead of lamenting that she’ll miss me too much.  Ironically, when she says she’ll miss me too much, I offer to School her, which results in even more (and louder) vocal protests.  Go figure.  At any rate, the Gifted Program is doing an Archeological project that is totally right up her ally.  Sure, they won’t be digging for dinosaurs, but they’ll be digging for artifacts – and next week they get to go on their first field trip to an Iron Ore Mine.

Payless , you’ve failed me.  I found these on their website online:

And really wanted to buy them so I could wear them to over the weekend.  The reviews online raved about how comfortable they are – cute, sexy and comfortable, I’m sold!  But when I made the mad dash on Friday to the actual Payless Store, they had nothing.  Absolutely nothing that would even compare to these.  Their on-hand stock of shoes was pitiful – it’s almost as if they’ve given up having cute and/or sexy shoes in their brick-and-mortar store.  Of course that’s probably just because I’m in Small Town – the gal that was working in the store looked at me like I was an alien when I described them to her, and said maybe they’d be in stock in a New York store.  I had to be disappointed with a bland pair of comfortable-until-the-blisters-showed-up shoes from Target instead.  The selection of footwear in this area is sadly limited.  Of course if I had been a little more on the ball, the shoes I actually ordered from Shiekh Shoes online should have been here before the weekend, but they’ll be delivered today instead.  Murphy’s Law strikes again.

Speaking of shoes, has anyone else experienced a larger foot/shoe size after pregnancy?  I had been regaled with stories from my friends who had babies long before I did that they always went up a 1/2 size after pregnancy, including my older sister.  I love shoes, and have way too many stashed in my closet.  After Princess Nagger arrived, I found that my foot size expanded by half a size.  Which turned my vast shoe collection into nothing I could wear comfortably.  I’ve been slowly replacing my precious shoes one pair at a time.  Darn that extra half-size!

I bought Princess Nagger a pair of Velociraptor shoes – she loves them, and they match her Velociraptor backpack and lunchbox I got her for school.

Yes, they light up, and yes, they have the dinosaur footprint on the bottom.  Pretty cool!  Sadly, she’s been teased about them being boys shoes while on the playground at school.  I told her to tell whoever it is that girls like dinosaurs too, and just walk away.  The next time she wore those shoes, she told me that same kid teased her again, so she told them that girls like dinosaurs too and ran away.   The kid hasn’t teased her since.

I’m in the throes of making more and getting ready to bottle other wine – I’ve been taking pictures, but haven’t downloaded them off my camera yet.  In fact, I haven’t downloaded pictures in about a week, so I’ll have to play catch-up soon and inundate you with them at a later time.  For now, I’m going to keep this week’s RTT shorter than ‘normal’ so I’m not putting y’all to .

I’m betting that Keely won’t put you to sleep – she’s always entertaining and definitely not boring.

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26 thoughts on “Gifted Princess Nagger, Shoe Dilemma – Random Tuesday Thoughts

  1. My sister has a Payless fail story too. Cute shoes, not in stock. When she asked them to order them she was told that they never order that style for their store. Payless was great about 5 years ago, when they hired a new buyer, but now they suck.
    Princess Nagger is in the gifted program because she is a true princess, I rest my case.
    Love how you made her shoes animated. How did you do that?

  2. I recently tried to find a pair of shoes that I needed for a short notice brunch…I couldn’t spend any money, because I don’t have any!…I ran to Payless, because I used to be able to find shoes that would work there. There was nothing!! I was so frustrated but didn’t have the time to shop elsewhere. I finally picked the pair that were the least objectionable and ended up severely blistered from a short (!!) walk from the parking lot to the dining room.

    BTW…I love the Velociraptor shoes!!

  3. and this is why I LOVE flip flops so much… although I am told they are not proper foot wear for oh so many occasions! LOL. I could not even dream of wearing heels like that now, but back in the day. I have to work shoe shop… my crocs (I know UGLY, but COMFY), are wearing out. Love the dino sneakers!

  4. Those are some really cool shoes – the dinosaurs and the black and whites. Boo, they didn’t have them. You should have had them special order them for you, since you saw them on their on-line ad.
    Stupid bullies! They are the ones that stifle our kids from being originals.

  5. I went from a size 8-8.5 to 8.5-9 after having both my boys. Sad becasue I didn’t need bigger feet. Our shoe choices in my town are limited to Kmart and Walmart or the fancy shoe store downtown–which doesn’t really carry heels. Otherwise it’s an hour drive at least for shoe shopping–or anykind of shopping.

  6. My foot grew a half a size after this last pregnancy. I thought I dodged that bullet after the first two, but no. I think God’s telling me I need to but new shoes. Cool ones like the heels you posted. Off to Payless to see if they are in stock.

  7. Congrats on Princess Nagger getting into the Gifted Program–I was in from 1st grade on and it was the BEST thing about school, especially in those earlier grades.

  8. Those dinosaur shoes are awesome, I am going to look into them for Graham. Not so sure about the other ones, sorry. 🙂

    Gifted program was the best, I was in it all through school and it created my favorite school memories.

  9. Hey Stacy! 🙂 It’s been a while since I was last here.. 🙂 I see you made some changes, awesome.. 🙂

    It’s nice that Princess Nagger likes school now, I can’t wait to have Lucas go to school too, I so need my alone time, even though I know I’ll miss him the whole time..

    Those are a cute pair of shoes, too bad you didn’t get them..

    I love shoes too! I have more shoes than clothes! 😀 I have heard of some people having 1/2 a shoe size bigger post pregnancy, fortunately for me I am not one of them.. I still have the same show size as I had pre pregnancy. What’s your shoe size? I’ll gladly take your poor unused shoes.. 😀 LOL.

    Happy Tuesday Stacy! 🙂

  10. Well that explains why my favorite brown strapy sandals no longer fit! But I think my feet shrunk! And they are no longer wide enough to fit the sandals!!!

  11. Sorry you didn’t get your shoes. I do LOVE Princess Naggers shoes, they are awesome. She is going to love that dig, good for her.

  12. I can’t TELL you how lame our Payless store is … and I live in Los Angeles where you’re supposed to be able to find anything! It’s just a silly ruse to get you in there and sell you the blister shoes.

    My feet totally grew a 1/2 size after pregnancy … but I saw it as an opportunity to go shopping. Also, I went from a 5 1/2 to a 6 which I think is totally sane. Who wears a 5 1/2 anymore? Grandmas?

    Thanks for your thoughts!

  13. I think those dinosaur shoes rock. I would totally wear them and I am a girl :).

    My feet are definitely bigger since I had kids and since my feet were always big, finding shoes is now kind of a challenge. I don’t fit into regular sizes for a lot of stores.

  14. I never find a single thing at Payless. EVER! But I like the girls reponse, “maybe they are in a NY store” that’s classic!