Wordless/Wordful Wednesday – The Hatching of a Dinosaur Egg

When we visited the Museum of Natural History in Iowa, we of course had to make a stop in the gift shop to see what kind of dinosaur loot they had.  A hatching dinosaur egg was of course a must:

These things are pretty cool – you put them in warmish water and wait for the dinosaur to bust out of the shell.  Princess Nagger to get it started right away:

Let the hatching begin:

Princess Nagger decided it was time to let her newly acquired Dinosaur Friends watch the hatching process.  You know, an educational experience:

Even the new Pteranodon ring had to check things out:

It’s hard to be patient waiting for progress (and not pick at the shell to speed up the hatching process):Unassisted Progress:Meet Demetri the Dimetrodon:

Yes, she named it and yes, I had to ask her what kind of dinosaur it was because I had clue.  She saw me putting this post last night, so she decided it was time to drop him in the drink again to make him grow (they can be regrown over and over).  So Demetri is currently expanding his size:

I have a feeling Santa will be bringing a few of these this year since Princess Nagger loves them, and they enable hours of fun.


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62 thoughts on “Wordless/Wordful Wednesday – The Hatching of a Dinosaur Egg

  1. Now that is a fun and neat education thing. I love how she brought all her dinosaurs to watch the egg hatch. How cool is that it keeps growing too.

  2. I need to get this for my nephew. I guess I need to make sure he is still into dinosaurs. 🙂

  3. That’s so cool.. haven’t seen a hatching of a dinosaur toy here. ..The boys would have love it if it is for sale over here.

  4. This is really cool. The look on Princess Nagger’s face in the photos is priceless. I can tell by her look how she is enthralled.

  5. Those look cool. I got something like that one time from the Target dollar aisle. They were little capsules that you dropped in water and then they turned into spongy bugs. My daughter loved them.

  6. Oh, my six year old son would love to marry your daughter! LOL–he is so excited to see another dinosaur lover …..and one that even grows them, like he does! A match made in heaven!

  7. Wow, my two year old would LOVE that. Not only does he love dinosaurs (all animals really) but he is obsessed with eggs and the whole hatching process. Thanks for a great gift idea!

  8. That’s awesome! We got one of those capsules that you “melt” in warm water and when the caplets dissolve, a foam dino comes out. 🙂

  9. That is really cool! We’re going to our museum soon. I’ll have to see if the gift shop has those. My kids would love it!

  10. my daughter had these pebble things that grew to big balls. Yep, that’s right, big balls and sadly no one , including her dad, ever came to claim them

  11. Good deal. I like that little guy. And the hatching would be pretty cool, too. I remember those little capsules that you used to grow “monsters” out of.

  12. I love the photo story! Princess Naggars look of slight impatience is priceless! They keep changing the names of dinosaurs how does she keep up? I know I have seen that some where, I will have to really think to remember, maybe by the time my grandsons are old enough to be patient I will! LOL! I was a girl ahead of my time I guess, liking dinos, but my sons liked it! thanks for stopping & linking up again. I enjoy your photo stories with the Princess!

  13. thanks for this…
    I was looking at getting these for the boys, glad to see they are so fun!!!
    thanks for stopping by my blog! 🙂

  14. We finally got some of your rain, so much so, it has rained everyday for the past week!

    This looks so cool. As an adult I would enjoy this.

  15. Very neat. Although we haven’t had the best experiences with the “growing” reptiles, the ones we’ve gotten seem to be filled with an expanding jelly like substance that is nothing but mess. All have been banished outdoors before they’ve conveniently disappeared. I call that magic.

  16. That is so cool! I have to look for some of those …although I don’t think my boys would be patient enough!

  17. Oh how fun! I miss those toys from when the boys were younger.

    BTW – I just sent another email about the Walmart gift card giveaway win. Please email me back and let me know when it’s going to be sent. Thanks so much! middayescapades(at)gmail(dot)com

  18. Now that is way cool. I don’t remember anything like that when my son was younger, if they did he would have dug it for sure. He was big time into the dino’s.