Wordless/Wordful Wednesday – A Birthday Celebration

This past weekend we went over to a friend’s house to help celebrate his daughter’s 2nd birthday.  She started crying when everyone sang Happy Birthday to her, and seemed less than thrilled about having a pretty cake with two flaming candles held before her:

Her big brother and her daddy tried to explain about blowing out the candles, but she was having none of it:

All was right with the world again when she was eating cake:

The big kids – including Princess Nagger – had fun playing with the birthday girl’s new toys after they were unwrapped:

Even the birthday girl’s big brother had fun playing with some of her new toys:

The most popular toy gift that made the rounds (with both kids and adults alike) was the froggy learning piano:

Princess Nagger was getting annoying goofy while she and her future husband (the birthday girl’s other older brother) were working on composing music together:

The future Mr. and Mrs. Bubba:

In spite of the shaky start with the whole birthday cake and Birthday Song incident, the birthday was a success – as the birthday girl laughed, giggled, and had with friends and new toys.  And she  had lots of fun tackling her daddy on the couch:


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42 thoughts on “Wordless/Wordful Wednesday – A Birthday Celebration

  1. That is such a pretty cake and looked soooo good…and I’m hungry so now I’m craving cake…
    So I saw that you are in the transition to wordpress. I will be starting the process as well. How did you find it as far as having your followers tag along? Does the system automatically bring them along or is that more work? I have hired a web designer, but any info you can give me will be greatly appreciated.
    If you have time, you can email me at fancythatpartyplanning@gmail.com

  2. Birthdays for the super young are always a toss up as to how they will react. Thankfully she started to have fun. Love the pics!

  3. I can’t hardly blame her; pretty pink cakes with flames are almost as scary as clowns. Please tell me there weren’t any clowns because that would have been too much.

  4. Look at her! What a doll.

    Love PN’s punk headdress. I pick that for the upcoming Fall fashion trend!

  5. My favorite shot is the 8th one down – Princess Nagger on the couch with the frog keyboard and the feathered headdress. That’s an awesome kid moment.

  6. Somehow eating the cake does seem to fix things…sad but true.

    PN needs to work on the annoying or that proposal will be sooner rather than later. 😉

  7. OH I have photos of myself doing the very same thing as a child! And my daughter did it on her first bday. Still makes for cute pics though.

  8. How sweet the friendship between PN and the birthday girl’s brother.
    It is startling for a little two year old to have the candles and singing and attention. Glad she settled down to the fun of her birthday.

  9. love teh indian headdress…lol. marrying her off already stacy! smiles. sounds like a good time…and yes cake…

  10. Yeah, candles can be scary! Beautiful cake though! Precious little birthday girl~ and I just LOVE that third last pic with your daughter and her future husband…LOL! Hysterical!

  11. I love her face in that third shot – like she’s giving the ‘fire’ the stink eye – ha! Glad she (and everyone!) still had fun!

  12. I’m going to send all of my relatives to this post. Grrr. I keep telling them to all go in together for ONE gift for little o for his first birthday. One year olds don’t open presents, they cry at all the attention and their cousins end up enjoying it far more than they do. Nobody seems to remember when their kids were 1, though.

    The tears here are adorable, though.

  13. We had a 2 year old party last weekend, too! What day is her actual birthday? Maddie’s is the 22nd.

  14. So sweet! Next year, she’ll be all over that cake, demanding another birthday song and another round of candle blowing before she finally lets them cut the cake. 🙂

  15. How cute that she was scared!! What an expression.


    I love Princess Nagger’s rock star wig with her composer mate. Very adorable!

  16. Aww…what a little cuite! I went to a 2 year olds Birthday party once and when we started singing he started shouting “No No No”. I think he was upset that he didn’t know the song!
    Love Princess Nagger’s hair, and her future Mr!!

  17. That is too sweet!! But I wish there was the classic birthday shot with a little face smeared with cake.

  18. The birthday girl is such a cutie! Also love the photos of PN and her future husband making music. It sounds like it was a great party all around, except for the crying.