I’m Back…Sort of. RIP Norman – and I have a chance to Do Good.

We made it home from our trip safe and sound from our terminally long road trip yesterday evening, and all my hopes of having the van all unloaded and a load of laundry happening whilst getting a good night’s sleep at a reasonable hour didn’t happen. We returned to chaos in the house – signs that our cat have had a wild cat party while we were gone as all the items on the kitchen counters were scattered (mostly on the floor) and toys from under the coffee table tossed helter skelter. The cat had gone AWOL.

We spent over an hour searching all the nooks and crannies with flashlights (those crank flashlights really don’t hold a charge for very long, my arm was getting tired with all that crankin’!  Hubby finally had enough charge in his mega power so we were able to shed some light on the deep dark corners.)  Sadly, we discovered that our geriatric cat had managed to open the cupboard door under the sink and crammed himself into the furthest corner to sleep the endless sleep peacefully.

We had sort of expected it for a while, as his health had not been up to par lately, and being 13 years old was not working in his favor.  The friend we had checking in on him was devastated when I broke the news this morning, since our cat had the tendency to hide whenever anyone beside the immediate family was present, so it was not unusual to not catch sight of him when visits were made during our absence.  RIP, Norman.

As our search party commenced last night, we discovered that fleas thought us being gone was the perfect opportunity to move in. Freshly hatched baby fleas were hopping all over and my feet and ankles. They were hungry.

I hate fleas.

Hubby raced off to Wal*Mart to pick up some flea bombs, so we initiated annihilation around 10:00 pm last night – which meant we had to remain out of our house for another couple of hours, then there was an hour of airing out the house to be able to inhabit it again. I stood in the areas they seemed to be most rampant and there were no signs of the little buggers. Annihilation complete.  At least for the next 10 days or so, then we’ll probably bomb again – just to be on the safe side.  We don’t have carpeting at all, so that will help with their complete demise.  The dogs are all loaded up with Frontline, so we don’t have to worry about them. Too bad they don’t make Frontline for two-leggers.

We still needed to get our important stuff out of the van (like pillows and Princess Nagger’s stuffed Pteranodon), and Mother Nature decided it was the perfect time to send us a deluge of rain.   Once we determined the ‘all clear’ to return to the inside of the house, we grabbed some garbage bags to make sure the important stuff didn’t get soaked and made a mad dash to retrieve them, and managed to get ourselves drenched in the process.  Maybe we should have stuffed ourselves into garbage bags to stay dry.

It sure was nice to sleep in our own bed – so much so I slept through the alarm this morning.  Oops. At least I did wake up in time to wake up hubby and have a quick morning cup of coffee with him before he headed off to face his day after being gone for so long.  And I still have the fun of unloading the van, cleaning it out, cleaning up the chaos in the house, lots of laundry and holding a kitty funeral.

I’m going to need another vacation.

Today will be crazy with the post-vacation clean up, but tomorrow is another day.  And a fun one at that.  Tomorrow I am honored to be a participant in something fun and exciting(the rest of this section of this post moved to its own page to accommodate BlogHer Ads.  Click anywhere on this sentence to read it.  Go ahead, just do it.  I dare you.)

I can’t wait!  Stay tuned, you’ll get to read all about it!  Meanwhile, bear with me as I attempt to regain some sanity get into a ‘normal’ schedule of posting and visiting – I have a lot of catching up to do, and of course share all the fun activities that commenced whilst on vacation.  With lots of pictures, of course.

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After 20+ years in the Corporate World and years of infertility, Princess Nagger made her miraculous appearance and I chose to become a SAHM and WAHM - I love every minute of it. We added Little Dude through adoption, adding a whole new dimension to our family. We have an eclectic mix of pets: dogs, cats, birds and fish. I love to cook and try new techniques to turn ordinary into extraordinary. Crafty by nature, I take on a lot of unique projects and enjoy seeing the end result. My favorite, of course, is making my own wine out of fruits and grapes. Experiments with water currently underway. I blog about the joys of parenting, family, friends, life, love and anything else that strikes my fancy. I do enjoy doing reviews and giveaways for products I use, believe in and can stand behind.

19 thoughts on “I’m Back…Sort of. RIP Norman – and I have a chance to Do Good.

  1. I am so sorry about Norman. He was a beautiful cat. It sounds like he had a long, happy life. Welcome back and good luck with getting everything together. It always takes me a few days.

  2. What a nightmare! Sorry to hear about your kitty. I hope everything settles today 🙂

    I’m curious about why you’re being compensated to volunteer–Why wouldn’t they just invite you to do it? Am I missing something? We shop at American Eagle sometimes, so I’m curious.

  3. I am so sorry for your loss. My cats are all hitting 16 now and it scares me. My girls and I are participating in 77 Kids on the Chicago team tomorrow. I can’t wait!

  4. Yay – Stacy is back and all is right with the blogosphere!

    Goodness – I’m exhausted just reading this! I’m sorry sorry about your kitty, as well as the chaos – what a mess to come home to. (((Stacy)))

  5. fleas……………ugggg, what a bad thing to come home to…so sorry for your loss, pets are little parts of our family…

    hugs and glad your back

  6. Welcome home, Stacy! I’m sorry to hear about Norman. That’s not a happy thing to realize upon your return. 🙁 And neither are a bunch of fleas!

    On the upside, BlogHer is coming!

  7. I’m glad your back Stacy!!

    It’s hard losing a Pet because they become more than that;they become our family.

  8. welcome home! sorry to hear about norman…and the fleas…but there is nothing like sleeping in your own bed after a trip…and the blog project sounds really cool!

  9. Hey, Lady! I’m so sorry about dear Norman. I’m quite sure he had a wonderful kitty life with you guys, but still, it’s never easy to say that final goodbye.

    I’m glad you all made it home safe and sound. XOXO!!

  10. So sorry about Norman. He lived a good life though with good people.
    As for your doing good, I can’t wait to read about it and also hear some stories about your vacation!

  11. Your poor kitty! Just breaks my heart.

    Fleas..I have yet to find their purpose in this world other than to be one of the biggest pest, EVER!

    Glad you had a good vacation.

  12. RIP Norman. 13 is a good long life for a kitty, though. I’m hoping my two squeek it out that long.

    Welcome back to you and PN. Kind of nice to have a big day planned for the first day back so that PN doesn’t immediately hit the “I’m bored” button.

  13. Isn’t it fun to come home after a vacation and get situated in your home again? You had a few things to contend with but you sound like you and your family are doing good.

  14. I am so sorry about your Norman. Doesn’t seem like a nice homecoming at all, then to deal with the fleas. ((HUGS))