Just a little over a year ago, the pond looked like this:

Today (well, OK, yesterday) it looks like this:

I tried to get a shot from the exact same angle, but as you can see at the top of the frame, the apple tree has grown branches like crazy that inhibited my ability to take a higher angle.  I’m not complaining.

One year ago this weekend we decided it would be cool to add a stream from the base of the apple tree to the pond.  So over last year’s Memorial Day Weekend, we did this:

The following weekend we picked up flagstone and got to work finishing the stream:

Then we dug out flower beds and added plants to both sides of the stream:

One(ish) year later:

We had to replace some of the plants in the flower beds next to the stream – the dogs had a field day digging some up.  But now that their invisible fence excludes them from the pond and the stream, it will be fun to see how it flourishes over the next year.


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Edited to add:

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  1. Impressive! And I feel like I can never think straight so I think you & I get along nicely 😉
    Visting from SITS,

  2. What a beautiful addition to your grounds. I would love to sit and listen to the water at night. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Oh! LOVE this! We’ve got a ‘natural pond’ where we have a dry rick bed going into a dug out area that is our ‘pond’. During the last 2 yrs we slacked on weeding and it looks too overgrown. I’m going to show the hubs your post and get him inspired! This is truly beautiful!
    .-= sheila would like you to read ..I can parent in my sleep.Wednesday Fun =-.

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    BTW I LOVE YOUR BLOG!! And your pond looks absolutely amazing! FABULOUS WORK! Well worth the year!


  5. Gorgeous! Our yard is so tiny … but we’ve had enough rain in the past week that it’s pretty much a pond … without even trying!

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