Princess Nagger would eat pizza every day if I let her.  She loves it.   But really, who doesn’t?  When I was asked to review Pillsbury’s Refrigerated Pizza Dough, it was a no-brainer.  I knew Princess Nagger would like to be directly involved in that one.

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  1. How fun, a family pizza making party. I like the photos of Princess Nagger rolling out the dough. I am like her; I so like pizza. Most of the time we make our own. Hubby makes bread so we get the homemade whole wheat bread out after it mixes in the breadmaker and take it from there. Tell your hubby that I am showing this post to my hubby and we are going to try making calzone next time. Thanks for the idea.
    .-= Technobabe would like you to read ..Wicked Wicked Sense Of Humor =-.

  2. We do homemade pizza and a movie night on Fridays.

    denise_22315 at yahoo dot com

  3. our family loves eating pizza and playing Monopoly!

  4. Great post. My family also loves pizza. It would also be great to create homemade pizzas together. It looks fun and we get to bond as a family. Will sure try it. Thanks.:-)

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