Friday Night Excitement in Small Town

Friday night started off fairly uneventful, we had finished dinner and were sitting in the living room watching the DVR’d episode of Royal Pains from the night before when I noticed flashing lights through the living room windows.  We assumed that someone had been pulled over for speeding, as they are wont to do along our stretch of road, particularly the high school kids that think it’s the perfect straightaway to floor it.  When we decided to check out front to see what was going on, we saw this:

A DUI checkpoint right out front.   I know, you’re jealous of the flashing police lights and the bright glare of the flares.  Of course we decided to go sit out on the front porch and watch the shenanigans.  The neighbors on one side of came over and were telling us how they had one set up last year around this time (probably when on vacation), and stayed out there until Midnight or 2 a.m.  They joked about bringing over beer so we could have a mini party on the front porch.  We didn’t, but we did hang around and watch people get questioned:

Since it’s Summertime (and actually today is the first day of Summer!) has a later bedtime, so the Lookyloo watching cars get stopped randomly.  There was one driver who was – for lack of a better word, an idiot – who tried to drive through way too fast.  Right past one of the cops.  Who was close enough to smack the guy’s car with his hand.  Which made him hit the brakes and stop, because it sounded like he hit the guy.   That led to quite the backup of cars behind him while the cop chastised the guy for being an idiot before letting him continue on – slowly.

While they may have intended to stay until Midnight or 2 a.m., I have a feeling caused them to pack up much earlier than normal.  At 10:00.  Because she was running back and forth on the front porch loudly calling out to the passing cars:  “You better not have been drinking tonight, you’re gonna get busted!” and “You better not drive too fast or you’re gonna get busted!” and  “I hope you don’t have to be anywhere tonight ‘cuz you’re gonna get busted!”


The funniest part was when they did decide to pack up their flares and sandwich boards and move to a quieter location, one of the policeman loudly announced:

“This concludes tonight’s presentation of DUI Checkpoint.”

Bet you didn’t think Small Town had an entertainment factor, did you?

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34 thoughts on “Friday Night Excitement in Small Town

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  3. And here I thought witnessing a consultants first Tupperware party and drinking out of recalled Shrek glasses would win the prize… not so! 🙂

  4. Yes I am jealous now that you mention it. I think Princess Nagger should have been thrown tips as she warned the upcoming cars.

  5. I know that some might think this would be really annoying – but a people watcher like me – would have loved it! Have a great week!

  6. I would have totally been out there spying on the checkpoint. First of all, free entertainment. Second of all, it’s a small town. You might know someone who got pulled over. I would love to see that.

  7. Oh I would have so been out on the lawn with you… with a glass of wine of course! I think Princess Nagger is the coolest kid ever!! I would have been running back and forth with her yelling! Man I dig that kid!

  8. in L.A.:

    1. the guy who sped buy would have been ticketed and possibly tossed off to jail.

    2. You would have seen one arrest after another. In a city like this, it’s very very scary how many ppl drive drunk.

  9. Oh Lordy! My daughter had some really big excitement too. She had the S.W.A.T.T. team ask her & her whole family to get out of their house in five minutes. NICE! You know NightOwlMama is my first born, right? Check out her post. She put the story up just like you. Dam, I never get any excitement… unless you call band practice tonight in my basement excitement. ~hehe~ Have a good one!

  10. Isn’t it funny how something so simple draws us in to watch.
    Big night for you!! Love PN and her words.

  11. I don’t like speed traps and DUI traps…Cops have better things to do besides harassing taxpayers! It’s revenue, and easier than busting a real bad guy who might be armed…

  12. Wow. You had a real life COPS eppy outside your front door!

    Now that is way cool!

    And I would have loved it too!

  13. I think PN is the one with the sense of humor. That’s hilarious and I’d love to spend my Friday night watching that. I’ve seen a few accidents from the lookout tower in the tree house while I was on a stealth mission…

  14. Oh, that is just too great! I love that Princess Nagger was reveling in the possible busting of all those strangers. Awesome!

  15. That was more entertainment than our little town of nothing has. The most exciting thing I have seen so far is the construction crew going by my house filling in all the pot holes!