After the wild storms we had Friday and Saturday putting a crimp in my online style and the general hecticness of the weekend, I forgot to remember to think up a post for today.   Shocking, I know.  But that’s OK, since Princess Nagger is off school today and hubby is taking a 1/2 day from work, so I’ll be alternating my time between playing dinosaur games and making Wine Jelly.

Meanwhile, a phenomenon happened over the weekend.  Hovering Hubby actually listened during our prior conversations about Mother’s Day.

Best. Mother’s Day. Ever.

No, I didn’t get showered with diamonds and jewels (nor did I expect or want to – that should be saved for the anniversary coming up in August), but hubby did run out and get a breakfast wrap for me (even though we normally don’t eat breakfast (I know, bad) but he insisted on going out to get breakfast and jokingly referred to his ban from the kitchen).

He also did all his own laundry and finally took care of a mountain of clothes he had stacked up in the upstairs bathroom because he has some aversion to dresser drawers.  When I came out to the Summer House with my morning coffee, these were waiting for me on a dusty chair:

Sure, they’re wrapped in Christmas paper, but the paper is deer, which is my favorite animal.

Princess Nagger kept chanting “Best Mom in the World!” and showering me with hugs and kisses.  She invited me to play a video game with her, allowing me to choose whichever one I wanted, and suggested over and over that it be the game she’s already playing.  You know, because it’s fun.

In spite of the blustery cold day (I know, ‘blustery cold’ and ‘May’ don’t usually go together) hubby was still determined to grill steaks for dinner.  He made his delectable mushrooms for the steaks (yes, there is one pan he’s allowed to use) and let them simmer for a while, then Princess Nagger volunteered to peel the garlic:

She helped season the steaks and wanted to flip them on the grill, but hubby beat her to the punch (since she was a little busy with a game) but she assisted on the final mode:

There were two smaller steaks that hubby had already removed at the risk of them overcooking – one of which Princess Nagger happily devoured half of, proclaiming her love for steak and mushrooms.

So my wish to get a little pampering and appreciation for one day came to fruition.  The Phenomenon made me very happy indeed.

How was your weekend?

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  1. Glad you enjoyed your Mother’s Day, it sounds fantastic, particularly the grilled meat and mushroom portion of the event.

    And eat breakfast, dammit! It’s the most important meal of the day. 😉

    Yay for clean laundry done by someone else!

  2. I am so happy for your dear family and for you being treated to a special day. I have been sending husband messages to your husband through the cosmos for him to listen to what you are telling him about your needs. Your day sounds wonderful.
    .-= Technobabe would like you to read ..Mothers Day =-.

  3. Men should always listen to their women and do everything they say. (Otin, heed my words.) Look how happy that made you! I’m so glad you had a wonderful day!
    .-= blueviolet would like you to read ..Boys and Their Toys =-.

  4. woohoo! so glad you had such a great mothers day. see there is hope for us guys yet…lol.
    .-= brian would like you to read ..hookie =-.

  5. I am so glad that Mother’s Day turned out to be everything you had hoped. Your steaks sound delicious.

  6. lad your day was special. mothers deserve that day and so much more 😉

  7. My husband took me out to a very fancy Italian restaurant for lunch, and he took care of the dogs for me all day! Happy Mother’s day!
    .-= Jill C. would like you to read ..It’s Saturday! =-.

  8. I’m so glad you got your well deserved pampering. And I love the christmas wrapping paper!
    .-= Maureen@IslandRoar would like you to read ..Space Monkeys? =-.

  9. Your husband doing laundry??? SEXY!!!

    And I love how you can pick any game in the world to play with PN … but it is highly recommended it be the one she likes!!! : )
    .-= Jenners would like you to read ..My iPod Called Me Something Nasty: The Shuffle Meme =-.

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