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I wish I had memories of Prom.  But to have memories of Prom, you have to have had a Prom, right?  No, I’m not really from the dark ages, nor from the dinosaur times (as Princess Nagger teased me once…and only once).  I just happen to have gone to a very small private school that didn’t believe in holding dances of any kind.  You know, because dancing was sinful.

Obviously as I’ve gotten older I’ve gotten rebellious, because I love to dance.  Dancing is fun!  To hell with it being sinful.

At least the school did allow for a Homecoming Banquet for the Juniors and Seniors, so we did get to enjoy some sort of gathering, albeit a non-sinful one.  With no dancing.

I was even Homecoming Princess my Junior year (which came as a huge surprise to me since I was (and am) painfully shy.)  But what an honor.  And since my older sister had been the Homecoming Princess the year before during her Junior year, it was kind of cool that it was passed down to me the next year. (Juniors were Prince and Princess, Seniors were King and Queen.  In case you were wondering.)

I was going to dig up the scary flash back pictures from the homecoming event with the pale blue gown I had gotten special for the occasion, but the year books and photo albums are buried in the attic eaves behind stacks of boxes.  So you’ll have to take a rain check on those and I’ll post them when I dig them out.  Eventually.

Because the school was so small, the guys were scared to ask the girls out because they didn’t want to be tagged as boyfriend and girlfriend just because of one date.  Or going to Homecoming together.  So the girls always went in a group, as did the guys, but the same group of girls and guys always hung out together.   To keep it simple.  Which didn’t bother me too much, my parents didn’t allow us girls to date at all until we turned 16, and since I didn’t turn 16 until halfway through my Junior year, it was a moot point.

Maybe I missed out not going to a school that actually had a Prom.  Or maybe I didn’t.  What I do know is I am really looking forward to living vicariously through Princess Nagger when she grows up and goes to Prom.  I wonder if I can find a Prom dress with a chastity belt?

Did you go to your Prom?  Do you even remember it?

This Sinfully Fun Spin Cycle was brought to you in part by Jen, who was probably a knockout at her Prom and happens to be Sprite’s Keeper.  Head on over and check out the other spinners – see what Prom memories (and hopefully pictures) they have.  You’ll be glad you did.

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  1. I did go to prom.

    For my junior prom I brought a book to read. I know. I was such a nerd.

    For senior prom I went with my now husband Tom and did not bring a book.

  2. That is SO hilarious because I too went to a school where we had a homecoming banquet and not a dance or prom. My junior senior banquet was, get this, a nice meal with a magician. The place settings had magic tricks. (I guess to impress your date.) There was nothing romantic or fun about the banquet at all. I also had a pale blue soft ruffly/lacy gown. Although I was with a handsome guy, it was the most boring banquet ever. Thanks for the walk down memory lane.
    .-= Simone would like you to read ..Said by a Three Year Old =-.

  3. I grew up with no dancing and no movie theaters, and OMG if i ever went swimming, no girls allowed…..seriously people, Ive read the bible now that Im an adult, I still cant find any of those rules in it…lol

  4. I did go to my BF’s jr and sr proms and had a blast. Nothing Spin worthy however. And no way would I share those pix! I think it’s very cute that you come from a family of homecoming queens!
    .-= Maureen@IslandRoar would like you to read ..Warning: New Driver Alert! =-.

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  6. Like you, I went to a private school that practically had us wearing chastity belts… We did have a junior/senior prom that was heavily chaperoned. The lights promptly came on at 10pm and it was time to go home. No dating allowed in our high school… we went in groups. You can imagine how strict it was (and no, it’s not a religious private school. We did somehow manage to have fun, though.
    .-= Buckeroomama would like you to read ..Princess Butterfly =-.

  7. I didn’t go to my prom because my boyfriend at the time was all ‘it’s just a waste of money.’ Well, turned out he was a waste of time, so, whatever.

    But I did

  8. (bother! hit return too soon!)

    But I get invited to the prom when I was a Freshman (dating an upperclassman has it’s privileges!) and I had a pale blue gown as well (though not ruffly). My date, though, holy cats folks, wore a white tuxedo–top hat & tails. The pictures are truly frightening. I was trying so hard not to be taller than him but even with the hat I was.
    .-= Scraps would like you to read ..Progress Pictures: Broken Ties =-.

  9. Only in my DREAMS could I have been Homecoming ANYTHING – I was hopelessly nerdy. In the band, choir AND drama. And while I’ll moan and groan about how awful public schools are because of gov’t intervention, I must admit they have their perks – dances and proms.
    .-= Jan would like you to read ..Does An Anal Probe Come With This? =-.

  10. I went to prom both years – the first was painful – my date didn’t bring any money for pictures or food – so I had to shell out LOL – and my second was so magical until my date crashed into a car in the apple bee’s parking lot. 🙂 Prom was fun though…albeit a little expensive for him. Have a great week!
    .-= Mellisa would like you to read ..It Pays to Follow Blogs!! =-.

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  12. I remember prom, but only one, so maybe I only went to a senior prom. I have a couple pictures but getting dressed up even then was not comfortable for me. I went with my date and other friends.
    .-= Technobabe would like you to read ..Thank You, Jana =-.

  13. Wow! So your school was kind of like the one in Footloose? That’s too bad you didn’t have a prom, and hopefully you’ll get to vicariously enjoy it through your little princess. I just came across your blog because I did the Spin Cycle for the first time too. Just wanted to say hi!!
    .-= Alaina would like you to read ..Spin Cycle: Prom =-.

  14. I actually think that sounds kind of sweet and fun … there’s world enough and time to dance your butt off while wearing uncomfortable shoes! In fact, I’m going to Vegas this weekend to do just that!

    And the homecoming princess thing is darling … I always wanted to be one but there were only three princesses each year and EACH YEAR they were my three besties (still my besties, so I haven’t had a chance to hate them yet!). Oh, the travails of being young …

    Great spin!
    .-= Julie at MDMA would like you to read ..Why I Can’t Remember The Prom =-.

  15. I do remember going and I had a wonderful time, it was my senior year. How cool that you were Homecoming Princess. (that belt isn’t a bad idea that is a big night for some girls)
    .-= Debby would like you to read ..THE NEW AMERICAN IDOL =-.

  16. I only went to one prom, but I did go to the Senior banquet–by myself. Entertainment provided by the juniors. It was fun, I guess. I was not a fan of my high school–a lot of not fitting in there. College was much better.
    .-= VandyJ would like you to read ..Five Question Friday =-.

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