Between Hovering Hubby and Princess Nagger being underfoot all day yesterday, and the creation of 74 jars of Wine Jelly, I didn’t have time to come up with a coherent Random Tuesday post for today.  I know, how coherent does ‘random’ need to be?  Ah well – there’s always next week for coherent randomness.  Meanwhile, here’s some fun trivia for you to enjoy!

A lion’s roar can be heard from five miles away.

The citrus soda 7-UP was created in 1929; “7” was selected because the original containers were 7 ounces. “UP” indicated the direction of the bubbles.

Canadian researchers have found that Einstein’s brain was 15% wider than normal.

The average person spends about 2 years on the phone in a lifetime. (unless you have an aversion to the phone like I do.)

The fist product to have a bar code was Wrigleys gum. (I wonder if they chose gum so that if they messed it up they could just chew it up and spit it out.)

The largest number of children born to one woman is recorded at 69. From 1725-1765, a Russian peasant woman gave birth to 16 sets of twins, 7 sets of triplets, and 4 sets of quadruplets.

Beatrix Potter created the first of her legendary “Peter Rabbit” children’s stories in 1902.

In ancient Rome, it was considered a sign of leadership to be born with a crooked nose.

The word “nerd” was first coined by Dr. Seuss in “If I Ran the Zoo.”

Liberace Museum has a mirror-plated Rolls Royce; jewel-encrusted capes, and the largest rhinestone in the world, weighing 59 pounds and almost a foot in diameter.

A car that shifts manually gets 2 miles more per gallon of gas than a car with automatic shift.

Children grow faster in the springtime. (That explains Princess Nagger’s sudden surge upward!)

On average, there are 178 sesame seeds on each McDonalds BigMac bun. (I dare you to count them.)

Minus 40 degrees Celsius is exactly the same as minus 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

Clans of long ago that wanted to get rid of unwanted people without killing them used to burn their houses down — hence the expression “to get fired”.

Nobody knows who built the Taj Mahal. The names of the architects, masons, and designers that have come down to us have all proved to be latter-day inventions, and there is no evidence to indicate who the real creators were.

Every human spent about half an hour as a single cell.

7.5 million toothpicks can be created from a cord of wood.

The earliest recorded case of a man giving up smoking was on April 5, 1679, when Johan Katsu, Sheriff of Turku, Finland, wrote in his diary “I quit smoking tobacco.” He died one month later.

The first drive-in service station in the United States was opened by Gulf Oil Company – on December 1, 1913, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

The elephant is the only animal with 4 knees.

If you want actual Random Thoughts, head over to Keely’s place for some Random Fun!


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  1. please introduce me the person who had the time to count all the sesame seeds. Please. I want to ask him how bad had his life gotten that he felt compelled to do that
    .-= jessica would like you to read ..Happy Nueve De Mayo =-.

  2. I was stopped at 74 jars of wine jelly. Please send recipe. I don’t think I can live without making wine jelly.

  3. I am a trivia junkie, so I just found this entire post fascinating. And tiring – SIXTY NINE CHILDREN? That poor woman…the laundry. Think of all the LAUNDRY.
    .-= Jan would like you to read ..Apple Cheddar Pork Burgers =-.

  4. Brian, she was thinking she wanted to kill her husband for knocking her up that many times. Poor woman btw, was she related to the person that invented the first condom?(had to look it up) Guess not, been around since 1000BC. She just didn’t hear of them back then or her husband. Ooh, maybe she was a stupid peasant prostitute. They say it takes a village to raise a child, I’m sure the village was her children. Why didn’t anyone “Fire” her?
    .-= Laufa would like you to read ..RTT: Think About This =-.

  5. Nice to meet someone else who does not spend half her life on the phone. Most people I know spend their time on the phone while watching television and emailing all at the same time! I am sorry, I cannot admire the Russian peasant woman for having all those children. None of my business though. I just relate it to my mother’s mother who had 11 kids and they had so many kids except my mom that none of us could get to know the grandmother. Dr Seuss was one of a kind. I am getting better gas mileage, yeah. Wait till I tell hubby that.
    Mr. Katsu in Finland waited too long to quit smoking.
    .-= Technobabe would like you to read ..Mothers Day =-.

  6. Add me to the list of people to send the wine jelly recipe to. I really need to know. I also need a recipe for strawberry preserves. I’ve never preserved anything. My attempt at making wine was thwarted by some maggots that got into the bucket but it won’t stop me from trying again this year.

    Thanks for the facts. I’ve learned something today and can now go back to bed.
    .-= Rachele would like you to read ..Great Mother’s Day Weekend =-.

  7. “to get fired” – that’s an awesome piece of trivia. Imagine if that ritual still existed today. I wonder if I quit, could I set fire to my cubicle?

    Scary thought about the lion’s roar. If it can be heard five miles away, people might get complacent on running away or hiding. Kind of like when you hear thunder, you don’t get out of the pool until the storm is almost right on top of you. But I think lions run faster than thunder storms. So the roar should be treated more like a tornado siren and get your butt into hiding. Can anyone translate this into Swahili so as to pass this bit of incredible insight on to the people who live by lions?
    .-= Pollyanna would like you to read ..Don’t You Hate It When . . . =-.

  8. I remember that half hour…back when I was a single sell.

    Funny that being “fired” is also “arson”. lol.

    Happy Tuesday, Lady.

  9. I feel a little bit smarter this morning. Thanks!
    .-= Alissa would like you to read ..Mother’s Day at the wolf preserve =-.

  10. Wowzers, that’s a lot of wine jelly! Like you, I have an aversion to the telephone. I have to answer it at work all the time, so I’m not a fan of answering it during my off time.
    .-= Terra Heck would like you to read ..My First Tuesday Tag-Along =-.

  11. I’m visiting after you stopped by to make my SITS day so special last week.

    Okay, now that is some awesome random trivia!! I always wanted to know how many sesames were on a Big Mac bun. 😉
    .-= Kmama would like you to read ..Mission Monkey Minute =-.

  12. I love your random facts, always fun! Of course, who would ever figure these things out? Like the sesame seeds? Someone with way too much time on their hands :o)

    And seriously? 5 miles away? That’s crazy!
    .-= Pooba would like you to read ..Recycling Is Sexy =-.

  13. Very interesting facts. The Big Mac one caught my eye, just cuz who wants to count all those seeds? Not me!

    Have a great Tuesday!
    .-= Raven would like you to read ..Oh So Random =-.

  14. I totally believe that about the lion … we were at a zoo and could hear him roaring from the entrance!

    And don’t tell Michelle Duggar about that Russian peasant woman … she’ll want to compete!
    .-= Jenners would like you to read ..My iPod Called Me Something Nasty: The Shuffle Meme =-.

  15. Wow. Totally random and useless trivia. Fun.

    The 7 up thing I’ll have to tell my kids.

    Einstein’s brain was also missing sections of his corpus callosum–the piece between the hemispheres that allows them to talk to each other.
    .-= The Mother would like you to read ..The Mother’s Guide to Empty Nesting =-.

  16. These are fascinating facts. I use to watch Liberace when he had a TV show, I was in grade school. I can’t believe all those babies that woman gave birth too!
    .-= Debby would like you to read ..POST IT NOTE TUESDAY =-.

  17. Oh, I love good trivia! And that poor woman and all those children…
    wonder if that’s where the nursey rhyme about the woman who lived int the shoe came from?

    I tried commenting on your pictures above about your mothe’s day gifts, but was having trouble leaving one, so I’ll leave one here instead. I always loved the early mother’s day gifts best, the ones where my kids were in pre school and kindergarten. They always made me laugh, and yes, I still have them! Hope you had a happy day!

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