After a stormy, rainy Friday, Mother Nature finally cut us a break and gave us a gorgeous weekend with temps hovering in the low-seventies before starting the week off with cooler rainy weather.  Again.  Mother Nature must be going through Menopause, because she’ll send a heat wave one week, but follow that up with a few Frost Advisories.  I’m holding off planting anything in my garden or flower beds until Memorial Day Weekend to see if she stabilizes between now and then.

Today is the 30th Anniversary of Mount St. Helens eruption:

Mount St. Helens 1980 Image from Seattle Times

Mother Nature sure can be a force to be reckoned with.

Princess Nagger only has 14 days of school left.  She would have had 11, but there are Snow Days to be made up.  You can tell the short-timers attitude is starting, though – less homework is being sent home daily, and what homework there is is pretty fun.  Good thing, since the homework usually requires input from me – fun is much better than tedious.

And finally, the weekly shot of the pond:

Notice the giant yellow mug and yellow tool box that was a jury-rigged extra filter are now gone.  Hubby finally got rid of those this weekend when he cleaned out the actual filter system.  The fish are probably happy about that.  Though they’re probably frightened of that ginormous purple bobber.

Short and sweet this week!  Head over and visit Keely at The Un-Mom for some fun randomness and get your own Random on!


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  1. My dad used to have a jar full of ash from Mt. St. Helens. I wonder if he still has it? It might have gotten tossed in all the time he’s moved since then!

    Your pond looks gorgeous! I’m holding off on the flower beds, too, for the same reason!
    .-= Ginny Marie would like you to read ..Garage Sale Find on Take Me Back Tuesday! =-.

  2. I always say I’ll wait until after Memorial Day, but the nice weekends before then just trap me into thinking I’m wasting precious flower time. Thank god the boys keep me too busy to plant right now!

  3. Less homework is good. We didn’t have any last night because of a PTA meeting. Guess attendance is low.

    I thought of you last week when Handsome came home with his spelling list. The only word he had trouble with was DINOSAUR. I thought “Princess Nagger can help you with that one.”

    We have rainy today too. It makes me sleepy.
    .-= Rachele would like you to read ..Joe Corbi’s Crayola Pizzas =-.

  4. I’m with Mama Badger – I chant “Memorial Day Weekend” but end up planting on the first nice weekend that comes along in May. Keeping my fingers crossed against frost…

    30 years????? GEEEEZ, I’m old.
    .-= Jan would like you to read ..RTT: Family Matters =-.

  5. The pond is sure looking beautiful. Fourteen days till no more school. Yay. I know you have lots of ideas of things you want to do with your cutie pie this summer.
    .-= Technobabe would like you to read ..Walking The Dog =-.

  6. Love your pond… Sometimes wish I had the space where I live to have one.

    Funny how they tend to be more lax when the end of the school year approaches. Hopefully you won’t have a huge assignment due at the start of the year.

    Thanks for your randomness,
    .-= Christopher (AKA: CaJoh) would like you to read ..F2: Mother’s Day Dinner =-.

  7. Mother nature and I have a lot in common 🙂

    That picture is amazing. I know how devastating that eruption was but my god, those pictures are just breath taking. To see what this world can do. Scary.

  8. What a cool pond. How do you keep your fish alive. Mine go belly up within days of purchase. Whenever I bring home new fish my family starts giving them last rites.

  9. I’ve not been a fan of the weather lately either. I’m excited that school’s almost out. Just a few more days left here. My oldest son got his first detention today. Nothing like holding out till the end of the school year to get one!

  10. mother nature must be pms’ing…it is freezing here, rainy..ugggggggg ;(

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