Happy Aloha Friday!

From Kailani at An Island Life:
In Hawaii, Aloha Friday is the day that we take it easy and look forward to the weekend. So on Fridays let’s take it easy on posting, too. Ask a simple question…nothing that requires a lengthy response. It’s a great way to make new blogging friends!

It’s that time of year – the weather is alternating between cool and extreme heat (thanks to Mother Nature’s Menopause moments) which brings unsettled weather and thunder storms.   So my question for you today is:

Do you enjoy a good thunderstorm or do they frighten you?

We had a wicked thunderstorm last night – just about the time I was writing this post.  Initially it was off in the distance, so hubby and I sat on the back porch and enjoyed the light show and reveled in the cooling air as the wind picked up.  Not much later it got a little too wild and crazy to be outside, so we ducked into the Summer House to watch Mother Nature’s wild party.

I’m one of those people that counts the seconds between the lightning flashes and the thunder rolling to calculate how far away that lightning strike was.  When it’s a few miles away, I don’t get nervous.  But when the thunder is accompanying the lightning almost immediately – particularly when you hear a deafening cracking sound, I get a bit nervous. Which turns into annoyance when the internet connection is lost.

I have to admit I did jump a couple of times when it sounded like the lightning hit right out back – which also had the dogs pacing and growling.  When that happens I unplug all pertinent electronics to make sure we don’t have a funky power surge to zap things into oblivion.  Better safe than sorry. Some of those close strikes must have found their target since the local fire hall alarm has gone off no less than 4 times within a 20-minute time frame.  That makes me nervous, too.

There’s a fifty-percent chance of more thunderstorms today, but even though I have a few errands to run, I actually welcome them because they’re clearing out the extreme heat we’ve been experiencing this week, allowing us to have perfect weather for this 3-day weekend.

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  1. Oh I LOVE a good thunderstorm, and we don’t really get any spectacular ones here in So. Cal. But when I lived in Missouri for 2 years, they had some great ones! Only thing I can’t take is the lightening in the dark, instant Migraine!!
    .-= Erin would like you to read ..I just can’t decide =-.

  2. Like you, we sit and watch in amazement at the power and light show. When my kids and I lived in Virginia it was the first time to see storms like that. It took awhile to get used to them, we were so used to earthquakes in CA but the thunder and lightening was scary at first. Here in Nebraska there is strong wind and thunder and lightening and hubby and I think it is enchanting. Even when tornadoes come close and knock down trees it is interesting. I know they can do horrendous damage but so far not in our little area. I like the picture here of lightening and the wonderful dark colors.
    .-= Technobabe would like you to read ..Thank You, Jana =-.

  3. I kinda like them and i’m kinda afraid of them all at the same time. It’s like a rush… i used to be pretty brave about them but after a lighting strike on a really small house we lived in when my youngest was a newborn… yep it’s enough to make you a tad nervous.
    My shi tzu is a scaredy cat too so her and I cuddle on the bed and just wait for it to pass… you didn’t know I was such a woos did you????
    I wish we had a summer house!!! 🙂

  4. I remember I think it was about 1996, it was the first summer in my house, and there was a late evening Summer T and L storm. I called my Mom of course and were chatting away. I was on a cordless phone and suddenly I heard a CRACK! you know that HUGE one that makes you wonder if you house got hit? well I jumped and landed sitting on my butt in the corner of my bedroom after saying “ok Mom that one sounded too close I got to go!” 🙂
    .-= kyooty would like you to read ..Friday Fill-ins. Happy Victoria Day Weekend, =-.

  5. I like thunderstorms unless they are severe and then they kind of scare me becasue I do not like tornados. The good thing is that we dont get much of those severe ones up here!

  6. Living in tornado alley – they really terrify me…I wish that I were more like the locals (lived here all my life) but I just can’t stop thinking about all the people who have lost their homes or lives.
    .-= Mellisa would like you to read ..It Pays to Follow Blogs!! =-.

  7. I used to love them and I still enjoy them UNLESS there are chances of tornados. We’ve had some people killed around our area with tornados in the last few years so they scare me now.
    .-= Lori would like you to read ..Remembering Thomas =-.

  8. We get our storms in the winter. This year we had a few thunderstorms. I don’t seem to get to scared by them. Growing up in Illinois I would always worry about the tornados so living in California it took me awhile to realize that it seldom goes into tornados here. We get rain or Santa Ana winds all winter. I perfer the rain.
    .-= Debby would like you to read ..THE NEW AMERICAN IDOL =-.

  9. I love listening to thunder storms when I’m safe inside and tucked up, not too keen on being out in them though!
    .-= rach would like you to read ..Aloha Friday =-.

  10. Oh, how I miss thunderstorms. We don’t get them much in L.A. Last summer in NYC, late at night, Phoebe and I got to sit and watch one. It was incredible.
    .-= Jessica would like you to read ..“Jewpons” =-.

  11. I like thunderstorms, my Airedale doesn’t!!!! An 80lb. dog trying to get in your back pocket is not fun…

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