Happy Aloha Friday!

From Kailani at An Island Life:
In Hawaii, Aloha Friday is the day that we take it easy and look forward to the weekend. So on Fridays let’s take it easy on posting, too. Ask a simple question…nothing that requires a lengthy response. It’s a great way to make new blogging friends!

The school year is coming to a close – Princess Nagger only has 3 more weeks!  So my question for you today is:

Do you sign your kids up for any type of Summer Camp?

We tried the local Summer (Day) Camp for one week last year (it runs all summer, but you pick and choose which week or weeks you want to send your kids – since one particular week had an excursion on the last day to The Land of Little Horses, Princess Nagger chose that one).

Of course she wasn’t so thrilled about going to Summer Camp the first couple of days – in fact, she ended up only going about 3 days of the week (even though we paid for the full week.  But I wouldn’t have wanted to go when the first couple of days were spent pretty much sequestered in the elementary school cafeteria.  Doesn’t sound like fun to me!)  So this year I’ve decided she’s not going to go.   She hasn’t expressed any interest in going this year (now watch, they’ll send the info home from school the last week of school and that will all change).

I figure I can plan some fun activities for her to do, and get the numbers for her best friend(s) at school to maybe arrange some periodical play dates.  That should suffice.  Plus our friends in Louisiana are moving back to Pennsylvania next week – so she’ll have her buddies to play with again, which will include a play date for me and their mama as well.

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  1. yeah we do a week long nature camp…put on by the park service…its a day camp since they are 5 and 7…
    .-= brian would like you to read ..hookie =-.

  2. My son is going to a week of camp for kids with special needs again this year (his second year of sleepaway camp). He will go caving, canoeing, swimming, do archery, as well as all the fireside stuff. The counselors are from many countries around the world.

    Last year, when we went to pick him up, he ran out of the camp building and said, “I want to come back next year!”

    Lucky boy, he’s getting his wish!

    And we get a much needed break.
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  3. My son went to sleep-away camp when he was 10, and then again the following two years. He loved it! It was a Y camp, so no girls, which meant less rivalry & competition. He got to be a dirty, grimy boy for two weeks!

  4. My daughter is just three and I have decided not to do summer camp this year as they all seem to be for 3 to 6 year olds and being a cautious child I thought it would probably be too much for her. Also, we have SOMEHOW to complete potty training over the summer otherwise she cannot go to her new preschool in the fall.

    Somehow I think this will be the longest summer of my life…..

  5. Oldest Son balked at stuff like that; he was painfully shy and introverted as a child and I couldn’t bring myself to force him into situations that he simply wouldn’t enjoy. Darling Daughter, however, spent several summers going to church camp, courtesy of my grandmother, and loved every minute of it. They Young One spent a couple of summers going to day camp while visiting his father, but was kind of “meh” about the whole thing.

    It really depends on the kid.
    .-= Jan would like you to read ..The Many Faces of The G Man =-.

  6. I have to work so the kids have to go to camp. Scheduling my older one is like scheduling a NASA launch. Then the little one has to be scheduled around her since I can’t be in 2 different towns at the same time (it is hard enough being at 2 different schools). Also, I have a trip to NY planned for early August 🙂 so they have to go somewhere.
    .-= Anne would like you to read ..Delayed Due to Technological Issues =-.

  7. We would do special interest day camps for a week or 2 and maybe weekly swim lessons. Then when they were 11 they started 2 weeks of sleepaway camp each summer. I think you’re right; it’s so nice when kids can just be kids and enjoy summer. Princess Nagger is lucky!
    .-= Maureen@IslandRoar would like you to read ..Peter Pan =-.

  8. Well, I do not have kids just yet BUT if I did, I would have them go to a summer camp at least for a week or two. I grew up going to summer camps and made some happy wonderful memories and it is fun.
    .-= The Social Frog would like you to read ..Aloha Friday =-.

  9. Wish I could still ship my off……

    Actually, my kids always did band camps (geeks) and the junior college here had a College for Kids program. Plus, they did swim team and other summer occupiers.

    Can I still ship them off?
    .-= Harriet would like you to read ..If you are NOT Giselle, tell me an amazing fact about you. =-.

  10. When I was little my folks sent me to summer camp. It was tons of fun. One day for crafts, another for a nature hike, and I remember every Thursday we went to the School of Francis Recker Horsemanship to learn how to ride, but back then the price wasn’t enormous, there wasn’t so many freaks out their kidnapping children etc. with the other horrible things. When my children were growing up they did go to a bible school day-camp, and they were home every day. Today if I had children to send I might if they came home every day, and maybe only a couple days a week. I don’t think I’d want my child out of my sight for too long a period of time. What we do to break up their little vacations is we pass them around to the relatives so to speak. My grandchildren are coming to stay with NaNee for a few days & naNee spoils them and sends them home. LOL
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  11. I hated camp when I was a kid..just a reason to get rid of me for a week! I never made my kids go, unless they wanted to- and they didn’t!

  12. I never really did those until the time came for their activities to demand it like band, cheerleading, and poms. That was plenty. I liked them having downtime in the summer.

  13. I never went for some reason, and my little ones are too young. But if they would like to go in the future then I’d be open to it!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! Have a great weekend!
    .-= Steph would like you to read ..Friends 4 Evah =-.

  14. Hells to the yeah I signed my kids up for summer camp. They’re going MWF from 9-12, same as they do for the school year. I would say yes to sending PN but if she absolutely hates it, keep her home.

  15. This is a huge issue here as the Little One and I cannot be here together all day and not many kids are available for playdates during the day as both sets of parents work and they make other arrangements but he NEEDS to be around other kids so we are doing the local day camp again even though it isn’t spectacular. It is only 3 hours but it is SOMETHING!!!! I wish I could send him to a real fun camp but it like $3000!! Insane!
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  16. We haven’t our son is too young for camp. But we will be signing him up for swimming lessons again. They told us last year that he would advance after his 1st year of lessons, but he is too young for the next class (he is now 2).
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