Plants awakening one by one:

Some in a straight line just for fun:

Buds burst forth:

continued growth:

To turn into an awesome blossom:

Fruit Cocktail flowers are pretty in pink:

The tulip center looks like ink:

The goldfish are hungry you can tell…
the water will soon be clear as a bell:

Spring always marks the return of the frog:

And wet footprints of muddy dogs:

One final sight that you can see
A bubble grill waiting patiently…

Hoping for the spring rain to pass
and feel the warmth of the glowing sun
to provide PN more endless fun:

What signs of Spring do you have where you live?


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Top Ten finalists in no particular order:

The Poll is open until Midnight on May 2, 2010.

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  1. yay for the frog…i used to have a pet frog when i was little…he is buried under my parents window…love me some spring!

  2. I am so enjoying spring after all the snow. Your photos are very pretty. I keep finding flowers in my yard that I didn’t know were there.
    .-= Anne would like you to read ..Owwwwww… =-.

  3. Those pictures are lovely! Tulips are my favorite flower. I wish they grew here.

    I voted for Stacey Uncorked. That’s just too funny and so perfect. You could go in several different directions with a blog name like that. Love it!
    .-= Run DMT would like you to read ..Happy Birthday, Miss Sharon! =-.

  4. Thank you for all those beautiful pictures – I love the words of the poem and how you tied it all together too.

    Spring is finally here with us too – and the sun is shining. My rose bushes are blooming like crazy and when I brushed by them yesterday the scent of the petals was heavenly.
    .-= Aging Mommy would like you to read ..Just A Typical Day In The Life Of A Technophobe =-.

  5. Lovely photographs. I really do enjoy Spring in Florida — all the wildflowers on the sides of our roads, the smells of jasmine and orange blossoms. Divine.

    Happy WW!

  6. Yeah! Stacy Uncorked is winning!!!!!
    Love your pics. The dogs look great 🙂
    .-= Harriet would like you to read ..BUSTED!!!!! I am the meanest mother in the world…. =-.

  7. Stace! Those pictures make me so happy! Spring is being so shy this year. The trees and flowers are so confused, it’ll be so nice one day so they’ll come out and bloom but then the next day it snows and they go hide again. Just make up your mind Spring!

    I love Stacy Uncorked and Stacy’s Fermentations!
    .-= Grand Pooba would like you to read ..Four Point Ooooooh =-.

  8. Oh, your blossoms are gorgeous! Here in Bakersfield, we can’t quite decide what we want to do with Springing into Summer. Normally our spring is short, like ten days of bliss. This year we have had much more rain and cold and the Summer trying (unsuccessfully!) to push its way in. It is SO weird!!

    THANK YOU! for posting your views of Spring Blossoming….
    .-= Julie Jordan Scott would like you to read ..Abundance Blooms: Connection, Community, Creativity =-.

  9. Pretty pictures. LOVE that kiddie-BBQ set! I think we need one! Oh, and good luck renaming your blog. I didn’t vote because I always prefer the first name people use, it just “goes” with them to me. 🙂
    .-= Andrea would like you to read ..Manic Monday =-.

  10. Spring? We’re full into summer down here. I can tell by the bright red tinge on my kid’s cheeks and the sweat on the backs of their pudgy little necks.

    Hope PN has some bubbly fun! I got a package from you yesterday, what a nice treat! I’m making Jamie setup a PC for the kids to play with so they don’t take over mine….

    Thanks again…

  11. That bubble grill looks really cute. Love the fish pond and frog. We had a frog in our yard last night! I love your pictures, they are beautiful. What is it with dogs and muddy paws, it never ends.
    .-= Debby would like you to read ..MY BLOG IS CARBON NEUTRAL =-.

  12. So far, the only sign of spring is weeds. And some rain and sleet. Nothing nearly as pretty as yours, and I doubt we rhyme.

  13. We need some sun … this rain is making me crazy!
    .-= Jenners would like you to read ..The Little One Reveals A Hidden Side To His Personality =-.

  14. What beautiful pics! Spring has definitely sprung. And in rhyme even! At our house spring always means the swallows come back and nest on our deck. We had some beautiful blossoms on the trees around us but it’s been really windy and they were all blown away.

    Have a great day!
    .-= Raven would like you to read ..Celebrate Good Times, Eye Crusties, and Orphan Eggs =-.

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