Words can be very powerful tools.  A kind word spoken to someone can cause them to float on Cloud 9 for the rest of the day.  By the same token, a harsh word spoken out of anger or frustration can cut someone to the quick.

There’s a reason our parents and grandparents have always endeared us with the phrase “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.”   Then there’s that phrase in a wedding ceremony “Speak now or forever hold your piece” that causes the wedding goers to look nervously around in case there might be someone who intends to do just that.

Some words have gotten mangled over time, morphing into what would be considered ‘slang’.  We Americans are famous for our funky slang words.  With the era of ‘Politically Correct’ some words are looked down upon as not ‘correct’, and many words have taken on much different meanings from when they were first utilized.

Words have incredible power.  They can either build someone up, or tear them down mercilessly.  The words we use define ourselves and the world around us. They shape our reality. Our words determine our ideologies.  We use words for thinking, creating, producing, and conducting business.  It’s amazing how potent words can be when used the right way.

Or the wrong way.

Some words even have mystical powers, like “abracadabra” or “open sesame”.  Words can be used to weave beautiful stories, instigating the imagination and making the reader feel as if they’re right there in the very depths of the weave.  Use your words wisely – you never know what kind of an affect they may have on the recipient.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but can one word equal a thousand attributes?

This Spin Cycle was brought to you in part by Jen, whose words are always fun to read as she regales us with antidotes as Sprite’s Keeper.  Head on over and check out the other spinners – discover a world of words that garner creativity and enrich your mind – and possibly your imagination.

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  1. You’re exactly right Stacy; words can be a powerful tool if used wisely. They can lift us up or put us down and like you say sometimes we have to be very careful on the things we say to others.

  2. Agreed. Words have much power. Most of the power is what we choose to give them. I like it that you mention how important it is to remember how words have the ability to lift someone up or tear down, inviting the ever true “Do unto others….”
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  3. I like how you covered so many uses for words. As writers, we’re kind of obsessed with them, no? But they do wield power.
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  4. Word up.
    I always wondered what would happen if someone spoke up at a wedding. The TV shows only do it for plot twists, but I’ve never seen a real life version..
    You’re linked!
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  5. so true, words really are so powerful… the tongue is sharper than a 2 edge sword… def something to keep in mind as parents… the things we say to our kids can have such power for good or bad.
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  6. Words are definitely powerful, even the ones we withhold.
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