If you haven’t had time to check out my post from yesterday and need a good laugh, go check out the comment section.  I haven’t laughed this much in a long time!  I’m really enjoying the response thus far!  Thank you so much to those that have offered up some awesome suggestions.

Every day the high school bus stops in front of our house to drop off the gaggle of High School students that live in the area.  Every day Travis barks at me when he hears it because he thinks it’s Princess Nagger’s bus and his bark is more of a “I can’t believe you’re not already out there waiting!  The Bus is here!  The Bus is here!” bark.  Now if only I could teach him how to tell time so he doesn’t annoy me when he barks every day 40 minutes early.

Spring is really showing its colors in full-force lately.  We had much higher-than-normal temperatures last week followed by a wicked storm and cold front over the weekend followed by more ‘average’ and pleasant weather.  My apple tree has a ton more flowers on it this year:

I realize that I should have gone up to the second floor bathroom and taken a picture of the apple tree from that angle to get a better contrast but I was being lazy.  Maybe this will make up for it:

Last year we had such a mild winter and colder-than-normal spring that it confused the apple tree and we didn’t get very many apples off of it.  In fact, I believe that grand total was four.  As opposed to 200.  I think we’re going to be closer to that 200 mark this year if the weather continues to accommodate the apple tree’s needs.  Which means I won’t have to buy apples to make apple wine this fall.

The plants and flowers around the pond are also making great progress:

I need to trim the dead cattail stalks so the new growth of cattails won’t have to mingle with the dead ones.  I bet you wish you could have one of those unique plants that looks like a giant yellow mug, don’t you?  And are wishing that you had thought to transform a bright yellow plastic tool box into a makeshift filter system.  Hubby jury-rigged that until he has a chance to pull the big filter apart and do the annual maintenance.  Gotta give him points for creativity.

I’m keeping it short this week – if you want more in-depth Randomness, head on over to Keely’s place!



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  1. It’s looking really springy over your way now! I like it a lot!!! Just a few months left until we’re in the big apple, bestie!

  2. loving the warmth of spring…your pics are fab…off to check out yesterdays to see what other titles you got..

  3. oh, your yard is pretty, I’m jealous.

    My freaking annoying ass dog barks at every bug that crosses the driveway. Drives me insane, which is actually a pretty short trip.
    .-= cristin would like you to read ..Bad Idea? Yes or No? =-.

  4. Happy RTT! I love the yellow against all that green. I’m still I have one treeish thing in bloom here. I did take a picture but do you think I ever remember to recharge it?

    The apple trees, I seem to remember someone saying they have 1 good year, 1 bad year, 1 good year 1 bad year? something about growing/vs blooming?
    .-= kyooty would like you to read ..Friday Fill-ins, you thought I disappeared? =-.

  5. What a lovely garden! I’m so jealous. I can’t tend flowers or plants to save my life. I just have no talent for it. Your apple tree is beautiful too.

    Have a great Tuesday!
    .-= Raven would like you to read ..So Very Random! =-.

  6. Beautiful pics!! Love the “Spring time”!! Love your Sheltie or Collie (???) too! :)) Have a great week!
    .-= Ollie McKay’s would like you to read .. =-.

  7. These are some gorgeous pictures you put up. Spring time is always beautiful makes you see and appreciate new life.
    .-= Maggie would like you to read ..Ink me =-.

  8. What a smart puppy.

    Yay for apples too. The pond is lovely, I barely notice the yellow mug!
    .-= Mrsbear would like you to read ..Ambiguity and Random Tuesday Thoughts =-.

  9. I love your dog’s concern for the bus!

    And I love love love your pond in progress!
    .-= Jenners would like you to read ..Post-It Note Tuesday: Firsts That Don’t Make the Baby Book =-.

  10. Awww, Travis LOVES his girl! So cute. Hey, I was in your neck of the woods this weekend. Jamie’s dad died and we went up to the valley for the funeral. We stayed in their family lake house on Harvey’s Lake, by Scranton/Wilkes Barre. Know the area? I thought of looking you up but we were kind of in mourning and toddler chasing mode.

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