Once upon a time not so very long ago, Princess Nagger didn’t like dinosaurs.  Or should I say one in particular.  I think she got that from the hubby, who had a big aversion to the annoyance that is Barney.  You know, that funky purple dinosaur.

When Princess Nagger was younger and watching all things PBS, we avoided Barney like a plague.  Teletubbies?  No problem.  In fact, she would get all excited when the opening to Teletubbies would start and reach her hand out to the baby in the opening, giggling in glee.

One morning I set up her high chair in the living room for her mid-morning snack so as I switched laundry just upstairs I could keep an ear out for her while she snacked and watched Teletubbies.  I didn’t realize it was almost to the end and you know what came on after Teletubbies at the time?  Barney.

As I was coming back down the stairs, I heard the opening of Barney starting.  I also heard an odd noise coming from the Princess Nagger.  She was blowing raspberries at the TV, looking something like this:

Only she was about 6 months older than when this picture was taken.  But you get the idea.

Hubby was thrilled to hear that she apparently shared his same disdain for that annoying purple dinosaur.  Only his elation was short-lived because it was only about 6 months later that she wanted to watch Barney the purple dinosaur.  Every.  Day.

It makes one wonder if that’s the reason she changed her favorite animal from giraffes to dinosaurs, and her favorite color from blue to purple.

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  1. My oldest was briefly a fan of Barney, but quickly outgrew that. Barney never caught on with the younger ones because the older one monopolizes the TV. Can’t say I’m missing Barney much.
    .-= Rachel would like you to read ..Murphy’s Mama’s Law #14 =-.

  2. I must say Princess definitely suits her well, but being a Princess she gets to have her very own opinion, and you must abide by her ruling! The Princess has spoken (even if it is a Bronx salute)! ~hehe~ Just adorable!
    .-= Xmasdolly would like you to read ..SAY IT WITH A SONG TREASURE HUNT =-.

  3. I used to cringe when my niece would make me sit and watch barney….but now yrs later I casn sing the song word for word…lol

  4. Barney was not allowed in our house, but I got my daily annoyance from Blue’s Clues when The Young One was small.

    And you know, giraffes are quite cool. Not as cool as dinosaurs, but still quite cool.
    .-= Jan would like you to read ..Quiche Lorraine =-.

  5. We allowed Barney (and still do if asked) but mostly because the guy who “plays” Barney is an old high school friend. Otherwise I like sitting there and making fun of EVERYTHING in the show!
    .-= Bren would like you to read ..TGIF =-.

  6. My youngest like Barney and my oldest sang a mean song to him about Barney being shot with a .22 (kids are so mean), he didn’t freak out, however when youngest repeated it to his best friend he went hysterical thinking Barney had died!
    .-= Suzicate would like you to read ..When I Almost Did Dirt Man In! =-.

  7. That is the cutest picture! I thank god on a regular basis that Teletubbies and Barney are out of style. We watch some Mickey Mouse, and a little Handy Manney. On occasion The Imagination Movers (those guys are definitely smoking the funny stuff…)

    He’s really into music, though, so we do get an endless soundtrack that includes the Wiggles. Ugh.
    .-= Mama Badger would like you to read ..Spin Cycle- Words =-.

  8. I always thought Barney was evil. I never let any of my daughters watch him. Too bad all the shows they watched anyway were just as bad! LOL
    .-= Lydia @ On The Verge would like you to read ..SOOC Saturday =-.

  9. Thankfully nobody in the house has had an…er…appreciation for Barney since about 1998. Phew. I could do without that guy, although Teletubbies and Boohbah, not much better…
    .-= Mrsbear would like you to read ..Kiss Me I’m a Hero =-.

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