Princess Nagger’s bottom front tooth has been loose since before Christmas.  We were still searching for the Tooth Fairy back in January, and I’m happy to report that her tooth finally came out on Monday.  She had been hoping against hope that she would lose it at school because her teacher had special little treasure chests for lost teeth, and Princess Nagger had her eye on the red one:

She was all excited that she would finally be able to use this ultra cool and very special Tooth Fairy tray that Mango Girl had made special just for her:

She kept speculating on how much money the Tooth Fairy would be leaving her – I told her it would be somewhere between $1.00 or $5.00.  She was hoping for $5.00.  She said one of the kids in her class got $85.00 for his tooth –  $85.00?!!  I told her there was no way the Tooth Fairy left anyone $85.00 for a tooth, that maybe he got 85-cents.  Otherwise I’d be tempted to yank out some of my teeth for that!

She suggested that the Tooth Fairy could leave the paper money on the tray itself, then put change in the little tooth holder part.  She thought two-cents would be a good idea.  I laughed because I knew that my reference of the Tooth Fairy giving PN her two-cents probably went over her head.  So I decided to give her a bonus in the form of a golden dollar coin just to make her day:

She was tickled pink with what the Tooth Fairy left her, and took great pleasure in chortling that I was wrong about how much the Tooth Fairy would leave, because there was the extra dollar.  I better make sure I have another five-dollar bill and golden dollar on hand so when she finally loses the loose top tooth I’ll be ready.  Apparently I’ve set a precedence.  But definitely not an $85.00 one.


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  1. She made out like a bandit! The tooth fairy must be making good money these days. 🙂

    I saw your comment about my drive! Thank you for offering to help! I wasn’t sure if you wanted to ship a Snuggie or just donate some money?
    .-= Kristina P. would like you to read ..Throwing in the Bowel =-.

  2. How fun! Sadly the tooth fairy doesn’t do a very good job in our household- forgetting even several nights in a row! It is just shameful…
    .-= Nancy would like you to read ..March already? =-.

  3. Crap! Times have really changed. I think that I got a dime for my tooth. I need to start selling body parts!
    .-= Otin would like you to read ..The cold =-.

  4. Very generous tooth fairy! We always did a gold dollar. My kids too, came home with stories of the apallingly ridiculous behavior of the tooth fairy in others’ homes.
    .-= Maureen@IslandRoar would like you to read ..Let It Snow… =-.

  5. Great tradition.

    When I was a little boy, I received 1 Crown (Money) in an Egg Cup.
    Why Egg Cup? You know, the teeth transformed to a Crown, like an egg to a chicken.

    At that time one crown was lot’s of money for a kid.
    We could buy 40 chewing gums for that amount.

    (To day 1 USD = ca 6,00 NOK)
    .-= TorAa would like you to read ..Wordless Wednesday – 2010-03-03 =-.

  6. Inflation…. My wife is going through a series of improvements at the dentist…thank God for insurance!

  7. It’s that time of life, when teeth are worth some moolah. I agree, for $85.00, I’d be yanking some teeth too. But I bet she’s tickled about the Lincoln.
    .-= Matty would like you to read ..Wordless Wednesday =-.

  8. Hi there and thank you for visiting my blog on my SITS day and leaving your sweet comment! Yes, you will have to try the victorian purse ornaments – and then let me see! My mom has a tree year round that she changes with the holidays and I put some on her tree, she has yet to take those off! LOL


  9. Michelle lost a tooth last night in the middle of the nights. Didn’t wake me up – just put it under her pillow. SO OF COURSE THERE WAS NO MONEY left under her pillow because THE TOOTH FAIRY DIDN’T KNOW SHE LOST A TOOTH!!!

    I just told her that she lost the tooth so close to the A.M. that the tooth fairy had already made her rounds for the night and would be back tonight.

    I SUCK!

  10. Holy crap, someone actually gave their kid $85 for a tooth? Inflation is bad but not that bad. Glad to see the tooth fairy was kind to PN. Ha.

  11. I love the lovely little tray and the tooth chest – both great ideas!

    I’m from the UK, and I remember getting 20p for my teeth (approx 35c), but I suppose that was a long time ago! LOL

    It’s going to cost us a fortune when our twins start losing their teeth!!….
    .-= Annette would like you to read ..Wordless Wednesday – Come Walk With Us! =-.

  12. 85 bucks?! Nope, I don’t believe it! The most I ever got was a dollar. My teeth must have been pretty crappy.
    .-= Pooba would like you to read ..I’m Bad =-.

  13. Congrats to PN! How exciting… her first tooth! And that tray is just the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. Her tooth looks SO tiny in the little tooth cup part.

    $85, huh? Cha, right!

    Justine 😮 )
    .-= Justine would like you to read ..Reflections =-.

  14. $85 for a tooth! That is insane!!!!! I need to get adopted by that family and then I’ll knock out all my teeth.

    My Little One hasn’t had a bit of a loose tooth yet. I’m not looking forward to it because he is SOOOOOO paranoid about things (like the huge drama that is a paper cut) that I know he is going to obsess over it.

    And geez … I didn’t know teeth were that big … or maybe it was just the way it was photographed!!
    .-= Jenners would like you to read ..Goal Update 2 =-.

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