My laptop finally bit the big one over the weekend, so I’ll be offline for a couple of days while I jury rig either my former laptop (which still functions but runs slow as molasses until I upgrade its memory and reformat and reinstall).

And I finally got hubby to take a look at the washing machine this weekend – for those that have a front loader, you might possibly know what I’m talking about when I say that the ‘spider’ part is broken.  Which means the whole entire washer drum needs to be replaced.

Since the washer is now 8 years old, it’s of course not covered under Sears warranty – nor is it covered under our specialty appliance insurance that we have.  Which means replacing the drum at slightly lower than the cost of replacing the washing machine, or buying a new one.

And since we’ve literally backed ourselves into a corner where we put the washer, if we replace it, we have to make sure the dimensions are exactly the same as the one we currently have, so the dryer can still stack on top and it’ll all fit into the wall.

Wish us luck.

Meanwhile, I really wish I had a SmartPhone so I could keep current while I spend some quality time at the laundromat.  I’ll be able to text tweets randomly, but won’t be able to see or respond to replies until I’m back online with an actual functioning computer.  I hijacked Princess Nagger’s dinosaur PC to post this quick post just to send up the white flag so my bloggy friends don’t worry.

I’ve already been experiencing severe online withdrawals being offline for a couple of days, though Mother Nature has been kind and gave us absolutely beautiful weather over the weekend so we could get outside and start the yard clean up from the harsh winter months.  Today it’s been raining and will continue to do so tomorrow, so what better day to spend at the laundromat than a rainy one?

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  1. My parents had a Kenmore washer, and they had the EXACT SAME PROBLEM that you’re having. The washing machine repairman says that Sears actually makes their products that way on purpose, so that the part doesn’t last long, and forces you to buy a new washer.

    They now have a Bosch front loader, and if my mother could marry it, she would.
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  2. Oh no!! I can’t imagine being without a computer!! How about the library! Being without a washer would be just as bad, but then again, I am without a dryer because I wanted a laptop more…LOL. I hope you are all up and running again soon!
    .-= LT would like you to read ..Quotable Sunday ~Sunshine =-.

  3. Oh, no…net the laundromat? So not fun. I hope you get the computer and washer woes figured out, soon.

  4. Isn’t it funny that you can post online using Princess Nagger’s computer? You have a lot going on right now. I hope things go smoothly with the washer. I don’t know which is worse, broken washer or broken computer. Those two items are on the top of my need/want/have to have list.
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  5. I hope you get back online again soon. It so sucks when your computer bites the big one.

    Good luck with the washer!

  6. Oh geez, you need to go out TODAY and buy two things. A laptop and a new washer! That SUCKS

    Justine 😮 )
    .-= Justine would like you to read ..Words To The Dog =-.

  7. I so understand the withdrawals. My Mac was in the shop but at least I had the kids laptops and the desktop…a smart phone is a must I do recommend my BB.

    Good luck with the washer, another evil necessity. hugs
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  8. You know I have written posts about how much I hate it when appliances break down. And computers are the worst. I certainly hope you are up and running and washing again soon:)
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  9. Good luck fixing the computer and washer. I bet that is tough. I can’t imagine what it would be like without my computer.

  10. Sorry about your computer problems and the washer too. I just managed to get MY laptop problems resolved, but it took the better part of 20 months to get Dell Tech Support to take me seriously and stick with the various issues until they were fixed. As for laundromats … I have NO positive memories of using them!
    Hugs and blessings,
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  11. Hey stranger. I know you are having technical issues. I’ve been having time management issues; haven’t been blogging, photographing, having fun or commenting of late! I hope you get everything resolved soon!

    Hugs to you and PN!
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  12. sorry to hear about the laptop. as for the smartphone, it’s better not to have one! trust me… i have 2. i’m constantly tethered to two offices!
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  13. Geez, if it’s not one thing it’s a thousand. Must be something in the air. I read someone else’s blog about hiking to the laundromat but I can’t remember who. Hope the run of bad luck stops now.
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  14. Are you STILL offline? Good Lord, woman. You must be seriously jonesing. Or maybe you’ve reached a new plateau of enlightenment and don’t need it anymore. Could happen?

    If you can’t get the laptop going, you might think of getting a little netbook. My husband has one and loves it.

    Good luck!
    .-= Gretchen would like you to read ..RTT: Drills, Studs, Screws and Bunny Ears =-.

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