1. Hi Stacy – greetings from Tokyo!! I made it and saw Mount Fuji yesterday – amazing stuff.
    Love the photo an caption here. I think if a criminal saw that he would probably stop running just to take a photo of the car and laugh…doesn’t look that ‘powerful’ does it?! haha
    .-= Aloha Toni! would like you to read ..Wow. Just, wow! =-.

  2. I don’t think that car could go fast enough to catch anyone – in fact, I think the perps could probably outrun those cars!! 🙂
    .-= Teri would like you to read ..dog gone monday =-.

  3. Following you back from friday follow. Thanks so much for stopping by. My husband actually test drove the “smart car” he said it rode nice but he wouldnt buy it….(they $25 gift card they were giving away for the test drive helped him decide to do it ;0))

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