Look at that…it’s Tuesday already!  The last Tuesday before we’re robbed of an hour of sleep thanks to Daylight Saving Time.  Why do we have to subject ourselves to moving the clocks back and forth?  It might be time to think about moving to where they leave well enough alone.  I don’t mind gaining the hour in the fall, but I sure hate losing it again in the Spring.

Speaking of Spring – it’s right around the corner!  The long, cold winter seems to finally be loosening its grip and we’ve been blessed with warmish weather the past few days.  Heaven! There are still piles of snow everywhere, but for the most part, the ground is finally showing through.   We’ve sure had a doozy of a winter, though – we’re hoping that we’ll be able to turn the parts of the grass that are now a muddy mess back into luscious green grass once again.

Having the freeze followed by a warm up followed by a freeze and massive amounts of snow followed yet again with another warm up which in turn was followed by another freeze wreaked havoc on the yard (and, apparently, my need to write a run-on sentence).  The dogs had a hand in that as well (the yard, silly, not the run-on sentence), but we’ll just blame Mother Nature for the mess (I could blame her for the run-on sentence too, though).  I’m looking forward to when it really warms up and dries out so I can get out in the yard and get to work cleaning up and making things pretty again.  Is it too early to have Spring Fever?

I know you’re wondering, so I’m going to tell you right here and now that my Christmas tree is still standing tall and proud in the living room.  Mother Nature is to blame for that, too.  First she thwarted my plans to remove the tree before Valentine’s Day by sending messy rain to not only flood the basement but turn the ground in front of the shed to a muddy bog-like area – which I really didn’t want to track into the house by multiple trips to and fro hauling Christmas decoration tubs out there and retrieving the Christmas Tree box.

Then she decided massive amounts of snow were in order, piling up several feet of snow in front of the shed doors so they couldn’t be opened.  Not to mention I have my work cut out for me to rearrange the items in the shed to clear a path to even get to where the Christmas decorations are stored thanks to hubby’s uncanny sense of non-organizational skills.  I’m kind of getting used to seeing it in the living room – I’m sorely tempted to just leave it up until after Christmas, but it’ll get in the way of impending Spring Cleaning, so it’ll be headed out to the shed as soon as the ground has dried up a bit.

I know you’re also wondering about the Dinosaur Princess and if she’s lost interest yet.  Not even close. It’s all dinosaurs all the time. She won’t go to bed without her stuffed Pteranodon each night.  She passed out fell asleep early one evening last week on the couch:

When we carried her upstairs to bed, she sleepily clutched at it like her life depended on it.  She takes it everywhere she goes, except to school.

Have you seen the latest Pepsi trend?  The Pepsi ‘Throwback’:

I had to do a double-take when I saw the case on the shelf at BJ’s – especially since it was the last one there, and it looked kind of old and beat up.  But since Wal*Mart didn’t have my Vanilla Coke in stock when I did my bi-monthly grocery shopping (still miffed about the empty spot on the shelf whereas the ‘regular’ Coke and the Vanilla Coke Zero were plentiful.  I can’t drink any diet soda or the ‘Zero’ versions because I’m allergic to the aspartame that’s in them.  Rats.)

Since my Coke addiction wasn’t going to be fed, I decided to try this out, even though hubby’s the Pepsi drinker while I’m the Coke fiend.  Cola.  In case you needed to have that clarified.  I was actually pleasantly surprised, it’s not bad.  But I do still prefer Coke.  Now if Pepsi were to ever bring back their lime version, I’d be loving me some Pepsi.

That’s it for me – head over to Keely’s place for some Real Random Fun!



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  1. I love that your tree is still up. You should hang some shamrocks on it!
    My son was so into dinos; I can still name them all and tell you crazy details about them, which is sort of sad and embarrassing.
    And I am a Coke girl all the way…
    .-= Maureen@IslandRoar would like you to read ..Trusting My Gut =-.

  2. I agree with Maureen, at this point, just leave the tree up and redecorate it for every holiday. Shamrocks for St. P’s, eggs and bunnies for Easter.

    BTW, if you liked the throwback, real sugar Pepsi, you should try a Mexican Coke (cola!). They’re real sugar too.

  3. It is nice to see the warm weather coming, but I am actually one of those people who like switching the clock around. It helps in the construction field.

    I hope that you have an artificial tree? lol

    I thought that the throwback sodas were just old can designs. Is the soda different?
    .-= Otin would like you to read ..Kristy’s Journal =-.

  4. I bought a case of Mountain Dew when the throwback stuff was on sale here for The Young One. He loved it – me, not so much. Peeling him off of the ceiling got tiresome after awhile.
    .-= Jan would like you to read ..Popcorn =-.

  5. I am so, so, so ready for spring. It can not get here fast enough for me. We are supposed to have great weather this weekend and I’m hoping to get out in the yard and do some work.
    .-= Jennifer would like you to read ..Talking with Baby Girl =-.

  6. I got stuck on the Change The Clocks bit. Seriously? Already? I can never remember if this one is the good one or the really bad one for screwing up my body. At least Sunday’s are CP’s days to get up with the kids 🙂
    .-= Blogging Mama Andrea would like you to read ..Can I bend your ear? =-.

  7. I work for an American company based in Boston and DST is just making the 12 or 13 hour difference harder for me to keep up with, it’s so confusing especially for us who don’t observe it…

    Whew! Mother Nature can be such a bitch when she wants to eh? 😀

    Aww. PN is so cute clutching at her stuffed dino like that, I remember when Chakai was like that with her doll, Chloe, who freaked me out cause she looks freaky.. 😀 and now Lucas is like that with Barney.. 😛

    I prefer Coke too… I feel like Pepsi doesn’t have that oomph Coke has, you know? 😛

    Happy Tuesday Stacy! 🙂
    .-= Ane would like you to read ..Wordless Wednesday: Damn Back Seat Drivers! *** =-.

  8. Hubby and I both like regular Coke and we also like root beer. Amazing that any soda would be out at Wal Mart! I thought they had stock for a year. I like to hear of your Christmas tree still up. Great picture of the sleeping little lady with the dinosaur. Cute.
    .-= Technobabe would like you to read ..Some Things I Cannot Speak Of =-.

  9. All Coke and Pepsi in Europe are made with sugar instead of sweeteners. I like it ever so much better. I even actually like Coke in Europe (which is a good thing because Pepsi is harder to find than Coke), but hate it in America. I don’t even know why they use sweeteners instead of sugar.
    The tree in Indy’s room is still up too, but mostly because I’m too lazy to carry it 4 flights down to the basement.
    .-= Mom in High Heels would like you to read ..RTT: Johnny still loves ME =-.

  10. I have no idea what you just wrote as I stopped reading at “daylight savings time”

    WHAT???? ALREADY????

    I even had to google it and make sure you weren’t lying to me. How come I don’t know this???? And then I look at my gigantic desk blotter calendar – it says the 14th is, in fact, daylight savings time!!!!


    i mean yay

    i mean… nevermind, I just had a meltdown
    .-= QandleQueen would like you to read ..Grilled Cheese =-.

  11. I cannot believe your tree is still up. And the excuses! There ARE no excuses if you have a damn man in the house. Why do YOU have to be responsible for it? Sheesh!

    PN and her dinosaurs. Too cute for words.

    I don’t drink much soda, but if I do my choice is Diet Coke, caffeine free.

    Justine 😮 )
    .-= Justine would like you to read ..Sunday Scramble: 3-7-10 =-.

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