I wish blogs had been around 7 years ago.  Maybe they were, but I wasn’t in the zone or aware or under the realization that any ordinary person like myself could have such a thing to call their very own.  If I had been blogging back then, I could have saved for posterity so many Princess Nagger baby moments to reflect back on at a later date.

But alas, those sort of updates were instead saved in hundreds of emails to friends and family that were ultimately lost in the Great Computer Crash of 2004 or 2005 when I lost so many of Princess Nagger’s digital photos from birth on.  See?  If I had been blogging, I would have been able to look up that little tidbit of information.  And still have all those stories and images.

As it was, I only posted extremely long-winded posts (obviously some things never change…) occasionally on random locations like TV.com and MySpace starting back at the end of 2007 and beginning of 2008, when I was part of a dynamic group of online individuals that were fighting to save the show that NBC killed off in infancy, Journeyman.

Along with the posts, I had fun partaking in weekly online chats and enjoyed the camaraderie on message boards with like-minded people.  It was so much fun interacting with the large fanatical group, conjuring up post cards and working on the Rice A Roni campaign.

I spent an inordinate amount of time online posting blog-like posts on the Hey! Nielsen beta site, commenting on similar blog-like posts and putting together specialty gift baskets for the executives at NBC and FOX that were attached to the show itself.

Even went so far as to design a DVD cover and unique Kahlua labels for the bottles of Kahlua included in the baskets for effect:

After all of that extensive participation, it’s understandable that when our fight had to end and we sadly disbanded with the incredibly interesting people scattered in the wind, I now had the ‘bug’ and wanted to find something similar.  That’s when I discovered other blogs – I’m not sure how I did, clicking through different places through boredom mostly, but then I discovered an eclectic mix of humor blogs and mommy bloggers and suddenly I was simultaneously hooked and rejuvenated.

So I decided to start a blog of my own – mostly to save myself the hassle of emailing pictures and antidotes about the Princess Nagger to my friends and family (and feeling bad if I accidentally excluded someone from the bcc list, or having to send different updates to different people depending on the level of inclusion of those different people).

It’s the perfect way to keep track of all those milestones that Princess Nagger would be racing through at high speed with every blink of the eye.   My own form of ‘Time Travel’, if you will, to be able to look back at any time, and especially from the future, to reminisce about her childhood.  And quite possibly to use as blackmail for her later when she reaches dating age.

Comments absolutely make my day – before I moved from Blogger to WordPress I was a lot more active leaving comments all over the place, but my commenting time was robbed has been severely lacking while trying to fix glitches and multiple issues.   Luckily most of those glitches are finally fixed and I’m starting to find my mojo again, which means the momentum will be picking back up – thanks to some very special bloggy friends who have encouraged me like nobody’s business to keep on keepin’ on.

But the best part of starting a blog?  The interaction from like-minded people.  I enjoy reading an eclectic mix of blogs:  Mommy Bloggers and Daddy Bloggers and Humor Bloggers and Bloggy Bloggers.  It’s so nice to have that camaraderie in comments and emails and while some people will shake their head in disbelief that you can actually become friends with some nameless (and in some cases faceless) person on the internet, it happens, people.

I am very grateful for the friends that I have made through this wonderful experience, and hope someday to meet many of them in person and add them to my “IRL” (In Real Life) friends.   I don’t blog for money or notoriety (though I’d be lying if I said it wouldn’t be cool if either of those things happened), I blog because it’s fun and I love the interaction with fellow bloggers.

This Insightful Spin Cycle was brought to you in part by Jen, who I like to think of as a Bloggy Friend and amazing as Sprite’s Keeper.  Head on over and check out the other spinners – make some new Bloggy Friends!

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  1. Blogging started for me mainly as an outlet, a digital journal of sorts, but soon evolved into a keepsake of all the wonderful (and the not-so-wonderful) experience of being a mom, a way to keep track of and to share tidbits with family and friends who live oceans away… 🙂
    .-= Buckeroomama would like you to read ..Smart Napper =-.

  2. OMGOSH! I had no idea there were blogs out there doing that to keep shows going! I LOVED Journeyman! One of my favorite shows!

    Glad you got your glitches fixed. 🙂
    .-= debi9kids would like you to read ..It’s in the Air. =-.

  3. I LOVE the creative extent you went to for the show! It actually reminds me of a work campaign I did back in 1999 when the powers that be allowed my imagination to run wild and I did a series of “small print” campaigns that confused the hell out of people. 🙂
    Great Spin and glad it led you here! Of course we’re friends! Here, on Facebook, and if the day ever comes where we get to meet? You’re getting the biggest hug! You’re linked!
    .-= Sprite’s Keeper would like you to read ..RTT: Showing my age one carrot at a time. =-.

  4. This is a wonderful post, full of passion for what you like to do and your love for your beautiful daughter. Like you, I blog for the enjoyment, the release of some stories and the above the top of the heap amazing bloggers I encounter. There are so many talented warm hearted bloggers with more talent than the people writing screenplays and movies today. You rock, Stacy, and I am so glad I met you.
    .-= Technobabe would like you to read ..Thank You, Mrs. 4444 =-.

  5. I like Journeyman too! I started with Facebook over a year ago. My blog is just coming up on a year old. I often wish I had started sooner but really I don’t think I would be were I am at today if I had. God knew the plan for me and I am thankful for having a blog. It has changed my life.

    I am a bit crazy about my photos. I have only had digital for like 7 years now. I send then all over to Kodak so I know that they will always be somewhere else beside my computer.
    .-= Debby would like you to read ..SO WHAT DID YOU DO LAST MONDAY? =-.

  6. Our “journey to blog” is similar – I started with bulletin boards, moved to MySpace and then decided to start my own blog after having one of the many people I’d email essays to on occasion suggested I find a place to “publish” my stuff.

    And I’m very glad you blog. Oh, yes indeed.
    .-= Jan would like you to read ..Guinness Braised Beef =-.

  7. Great post!

    I loved Journeyman. Loved it! I’m still sad that it’s gone. It was so much better than things that are on the currently on the air. They really didn’t give it a chance.
    .-= UnknownMami would like you to read ..I Have a Friend =-.

  8. Isn’t it crazy how much the world, the internet, and blogging have changed and become such a huge part of our world in such a short time?! Amazing!! I started blogging 2 yrs ago mainly b/c I was always sending out e-mails of pics and anecdotes to fam and friends of the kiddos. 2 yrs later and I am still blogging!!
    .-= LifeAtTheCircus would like you to read ..Filing this one under “Conversations I never expected to have with my little girl” =-.

  9. after 2 weeks of being analog I was considering giving up blogging, at least for a while. It didn’t happen. as soon as I started reading my regular reads I was re-hooked =)
    .-= rxBambi would like you to read ..Happy Hour Friday? =-.

  10. I knew you were creative but you had some great ideas for the show…I have actually not heard of Journeyman. I wanted to start blogging years before I actually did. I dont know why I waited.

    and this: But the best part of starting a blog? The interaction from like-minded people.

    AMEN. I couldnt agree more. The people you “meet” is one of the best unexpected byproducts of blogging.
    .-= JennyMac would like you to read ..Pour yourself some sex kitten =-.

  11. I am so glad you are keepin on keepin on! Your blog is one of my very favorites so I am SO glad you came across blogging when you did. You are classy, inspiring, funny, and entertaining! I adore you!
    .-= Pooba would like you to read ..Gettin Serious On Your Ass =-.

  12. Aww, and we’re glad you did start blogging. It’s true, the friends I’ve met are the best part of blogging.

    I also like having a record of the crazy things my kids have done or said but they probably won’t like it so much when they’re old enough to read it. Ha.

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  19. The scene where he rolls behind the live newscast is totally hilarious. Wish I lived in the UK so I could have had a chance of seeing that news show live.

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